Astro the Sea Lion needs a home

by 1389 on May 15, 2007

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Astro at Long Marine Labs

Video of Astro as a baby

Astro, an orphaned Steller’s sea lion, was bottle-fed and became too accustomed to humans. So much so, in fact, that Astro joined an elementary-school walkathon and completed an entire lap. It’s no use taking Astro back out to seahe does not find enough food on his own and he keeps returning because he gets lonely for human companionship.

Updated 12/22/2007

The Marine Mammal Center – Astro Update

On August 7, 2007, Astro left The Marine Mammal Center at a whopping 252 pounds and was taken to UC Santa Cruz’s Long Marine Lab, where he is participating in training and metabolic rate and hearing research studies. Researchers at Long report that Astro is settling in well. He is eating almost 25 pounds of fish a day and seems to enjoy learning basic commands, responding to both verbal and whistle prompts. These skills will be necessary to ensure proper care for him as he has more contact with human caretakers in the future.

Astro will likely be transferred to Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut this fall. As one of only five facilities in the world where Steller sea lions can be viewed, Mystic Aquarium has the specialized experience to care for Astro. Not only will he be in an environment with other Steller sea lions, but he will serve as a great educational subject to many people as they learn about the threatened species through him.

Video of Astro leaving The Marine Mammal Center on his way to Long Marine Labs

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