Voting machines versus slot machines

by 1389 on May 11, 2007

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The implications here are just too (perhaps unintentionally) funny to pass up. The Backslash section of Slashdot offers a discussion of e-voting vulnerabilities in Voting Isn’t Easy, Even if Cheating Is.

One reader, Animats, pointed out the lax security standards for voting machines as compared to Vegas slot machines. Apparently, the Nevada Gaming Control Board has encountered enough fraud over the years to know how to set rigorous technical standards for slot machines, and the Slashdot article does not disappoint. It offers highlights from the standards, showing how they’ve thought of every conceivable way to keep tamperers out, plus a link to the standards document itself. Their aim is to ensure that the machines pay out in a truly random and unpredictable manner, and it looks as though the Nevada Gaming Control Board and the casinos are doing an effective job.

Food for thought

1389 asks, not entirely in jest:

What if the voting machines were even more like gambling machines; i.e., completely random and unpredictable? Suppose that the machines were designed to select a legislator by lot from among the eligible adult citizens in each district? Do you suppose we would be better off than we are now?

You might want to take some time to think about this one! Comment here if you have any ideas!

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