The Conservative Ghetto

by 1389 on May 5, 2007

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By Orlando

Being a Conservative on Digg is analogous to living in the Warsaw ghettos of Nazi Germany. We have been relegated to one section of Digg (the upcoming stories) and any resistance is met with extreme counteraction.

As a regular contributor of Conservative articles to Digg, I have been repeatedly buried. I’ve been keeping records for weeks and average 25 “bury hits” per day. Obviously, there is a systematic and organized group who bury Conservative article. If my submissions are not being buried, Conservative comments outside the ghetto are dugg down at the speed of light. Any attempt to move articles or comment outside the ghetto is met with provocation.

If one disagrees to vehemently they are sent off to the gas chamber-banned forever. Not even their remains (i.e., comments, submits) are visible. I can’t even begin to count the number of Conservative friends who have met this fate.

In studying the bury brigade, the bury rate is approximately 5-to-1. One bury is worth 5 diggs. So, for every bury one gets, subtract 5. Consider (LGF). They are the ghetto resistance. As a result, they are also hit the hardest. They will get upwards of 50 buries for ONE article. I’ve seen as many as 276 buries for LGF over the course of 3 hours. Truly amazing! I did a comparative study of LGF to (KOS) one day. It was a 70-to-1 ratio. For every 70 buries of LGF, there was 1 bury of KOS.

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe I should accept my ghetto status. That means we then have to accept that Conservative news will rarely, if ever, make the front pages of Digg and will, therefore, never be seen or discussed openly. Should Conservatives be the muted minority on Digg relegated to the “upcoming news” ghetto? Is that what we truly want to accept?

It is interesting that liberals are quick to espouse free speech and minority rights but when given the power, they become like Nazi Germany. Grant it, most Diggers do not bury but they also don’t do anything about it. They are the vast majority of willing accomplices who accept the “rules” without thought. Power in the hands of liberals (at least at this micro level) is dangerous and oppressive. Imagine if they had power at the national level?

Maybe it is time for a ghetto uprising.

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1 May 9, 2007 at 5:38 pm

This article is very much to the point, especially considering an ominous pattern that I have observed on Digg. I have noticed that articles that defend or speak positively about the Jewish people, the Jewish faith, or the State of Israel, are especially targeted for ugly ranting comments and rapid burial. The same is true of articles by Jewish authors with a conservative viewpoint, such as Debbie Schlussel.

As I have mentioned elsewher, another category of articles that are buried instantly are those that might alert the public to the dangers of jihadism.

The activities of Digg’s bury brigade are the electronic equivalent of the Nazi book burnings. I think it was Heinrich Heine who warned that if books are being burned, then people will be burned next. And so it was.

2 June 9, 2007 at 1:47 am

I don’t think it’s an organized conspiracy. I just think that “conservative thought” doesn’t come off very well when vocalized, or typed, or video-taped, or pretty much recorded in any form.
It’s funny that you complain about a liberal bias, but I’ve noticed that the conservatives out there are quite eager to bury posters who offend their sensitivities about say, bigoted loud-mouths like Glen Beck. I saw a post that had 80-something buries, which suggests that the conservative minority is pretty bury happy about what they don’t like.

3 June 9, 2007 at 1:57 am

I’ve noticed that “supporters of Israel” are perfectly fine with hating Jews, so long as they don’t follow the party line on Israel’s occupation and human-rights abuses.

In my mind “support for Israel” is anti-semitic in the way it divides Jews into “good jews” – the minority that supports our misadventures in the middle east – and “bad jews” who hold a different opinion. In other words “support for Israel” allows anti-semites to wish for the deaths of the “right kind” of Jews while merely hoping for the conversion of the rest.

4 June 9, 2007 at 4:19 pm

I will address all of your points, in no particular order.

For a very long time, there has been plenty of credible evidence that Digg is riggged–with the approval, and most likely the active participation, of Digg staff members, owners, and investors. Just for starters, check out this and this. Suffice it to say that Digg’s owners and admins can, and do, slant the mix of stories to suit whatever personal, financial, or political agendas they please.

One of Digg’s primary investors, Pierre Omidyar, has made no secret of the fact that he intends to use (or, rather, abuse) his investments in Web 2.0 to influence public policy. Web 2.0 is meant to be “grass roots,” and Omidyar, who seems to want to be the next George Soros, is busy trying to turn it into “astroturf” behind our backs. In so doing, he has succeeded only in obliterating whatever credibility Digg had to begin with, and in rendering Digg unusable as a medium of civil discourse.

Your statement that conservative thought comes off badly in any recorded medium is not substantiated by any facts or logic. It appears to be an expression of your own purely emotional reaction when you are confronted with something that you don’t like to hear, that goes against your preconceptions, and that your peer group would noisily disapprove of.

I have been acquainted with a fair number of conservatives on Digg and other social news venues. Difficult as it may be for you to imagine, I can assure you that conservatives have far better things to do with their time than sitting around on Digg burying stories.

On the other hand, people everywhere, and not just conservatives, are getting mighty tired of the practice of smearing anybody that one disagrees with as a “bigot.” I haven’t seen or heard any evidence that Glenn Beck is a bigot. If you claim that he or anybody else is a bigot, you’d better come up with some hard evidence to back it up before you start calling names–otherwise, your story WILL be buried as a puerile waste of the reader’s time. You won’t know who will be involved in burying the story, so you cannot assume that those who bury it are necessarily “conservatives” in any sense of the word. They may just be people who are bored with seeing articles that rely on incivility and name-calling instead of content.

Finally, there are some strong arguments why anti-Zionism truly IS the same thing as anti-Semitism. Those arguments have nothing to do with defending the Bush administration or its policies in the Middle East or elsewhere. They’re about a close examination of the historical record of the Jewish people in the Middle East and beyond. They’re about a clear understanding of the evidence that shows the real motives behind both anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. They’re also about understanding why the survival of the State of Israel is inextricably bound up with the fate of the Jewish people.

Do you expect to be taken seriously, or are you merely venting hostility? Before you throw around any more allegations, it behooves you to examine your own assumptions, reflect upon your own motives, do a lot more research on your own, and give some careful thought to the evidence being offered by the defenders of Israel and of the Jewish people, and not just to the claims of their opponents.

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