ABC News on the cyber-riot and other troubles at Digg

by 1389 on May 3, 2007

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ABC News reports not only on the cyber-riot at Digg, but also on other serious troubles at the site, including the infamous “bury brigade.”

This ABC News article correctly points out that Little Green Footballs has been especially targeted by the self-appointed censors on Digg’s “bury brigade,” along with other political websites, especially conservative ones.

Unfortunately, the ABC News article omitted to mention that LGF is primarily a site that displays terrorism-related news items. Nor did the article note the revealing fact that antijihadist articles, from any source, are being targeted for burial on Digg with especially relentless vigor.

Apparently, Digg is perfectly satisfied with this coverup of everything that might alert the public about the jihadist threat. Isn’t it time to ask why Digg has never made even the slightest attempt to put a stop to this pro-jihadist censorship?

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