28 Pages by Allen Mitchum – a counterjihad novel

An investigation of a woman’s gruesome murder uncovers a shocking Saudi conspiracy against the United States…

Cover of '28 Pages' by Allen Mitchum

  • What is the United States government concealing in 28 classified pages of the 9/11 Commission Report?
  • Who are they protecting?
  • Why are they doing it?

Heather Grahl, a young Washington, D.C. lawyer, receives a call one morning bearing devastating news: police in the Bahamas discovered her sister’s decapitated body. With no apparent suspects or motive, the authorities offer little help in solving the crime.

Determined to find her sister’s killers, Heather sacrifices her career and risks her life pursuing the murderers. Through her investigation, she uncovers evidence linking the Saudi Arabian Ambassador to the U.S. to the gruesome killing and learns of a shocking Saudi conspiracy against the United States that her sister died trying to expose. Together with a mysterious ally, Heather races to reveal the deadly Saudi conspiracy before she shares her sister’s fate.

Inspired by true events.

Here are some testimonials/reviews the book has received (there are more on the Amazon page):

  • “Debut political thriller you can’t put down” – Douglas Dorow, author of The Ninth District
  • “Readers who enjoy the thrillers of Berenson, Silva, Flynn and Thor have another author to add to the list, Allen Mitchum” – Anne, Amazon Vine Voice reviewer
  • “Murder, conspiracy, jihadists, politics – What more could one ask?”
  • “28 Pages is what you’d get if Robert Spencer teamed up with Vince Flynn to write a novel”
  • “Timely and provocative”

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1 Todd Walters September 12, 2012 at 5:16 pm

I picked up a copy of 28 Pages and it’s a solid read – interesting, informative and most important for a thriller, entertaining. Some of the scenes in the book are ripped from headlines that I’m sure appeared on this blog at some point in time.

I agree with the above quote that the book reads like a collaboration between Robert Spencer and Vince Flynn – a standard political thriller with a counterjihad flavor. I’m not aware of another novel that does that, so for that alone, I recommend grabbing a copy.

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