It’s all about surrendering the sovereignty of Australia and Canada in the name of “global warming.”

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Weasel Zippers has the story:

Fort Hood Victims FINALLY To Be Awarded Purple Hearts


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(Pусский / Russian) President Putin visiting monks at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. He also talked to rabbis Berl Lazar and Adolf Shaevich 5:48.

Putin attended an early morning vigil at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Putin was met by Father Superior Isidore and Patriarch of Jerusalem Theofilos III at the entrance to the church.The Patriarch told President Putin, “Христос воскрес!”, which means, Christ is Risen! The Russian president answered back, Воистину воскрес!”, which means, Truly he has risen! Putin knelt and prayed at the Anointing Stone and visited the site where Jesus Christ is believed to have been buried. He also visited Calvary, the site of the crucifixion, as well as the Western Wall in the Old Town – a key place of pilgrimage and prayer in Judaism. He met with Berl Lazar and Adolf Shayevich, the chief rabbis representing the two main religious trends in the Russian Jewish community.

Различные планы: Путин посещает Храм «Гроба Господня», говорит с монахами. Различные планы: Путин говорит с Берлом Лазаром и Адольфом Шаевичем.

Российский президент Владимир Путин посетил утреннюю службу в храме «Гроба Господня» в Иерусалиме во вторник. На входе в храм Путина встретили отец-настоятель храма Исидор и патриарх Иерусалима Феофил Третий. Владимир Путин помолился у места помазания и посетил то место, где предположительно был захоронен Иисус. Российский президент также посетил Голгофу — место распятия, и Западную Стену в старом городе – ключевое место паломничества и молитв для иудеев. Его сопровождали представители двух течений российского еврейского сообщества Берл Лазар и Адольф Шаевич.

President Putin Venerates Shrines in Jerusalem and Bethlehem
Vladimir Putin’s Christian Faith – in his own words
Russian Faith
Russians Defend Christianity / защиту веры
Christianity Grows in Russia & Declines in the West
Putin Blessed by Patriarch Kirill
Easter 2012 President Medvedev & Prime Minister Putin
Putin Christmas, Jan 2012
Patriarch grateful to Putin and Medvedev at Easter
Putin, Patriarch Kirill and Archbishop Hieronymos
Russian Easter 2011
Russia’s Orthodox Church Today
Christian martyrs of Soviet persecutions – 1918 1939 †
Butovo, Christian Martyrs of the 20th Century
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Holy Light (Holy Fire) in Jerusalem: Proofs & Testimonies
West Demonizes Putin
FOX News Propaganda against Russia. America is the new Soviet Union
Zyuganov Communist Not Putin
U.S. Pushing for War – Pat Buchanan
Pat Buchanan – US Bias Against Russia & Christianity
The Unknown Putin. Part 1
The Unknown Putin Part 2
Putin Israel Peace Talks 2012 Путин призывает Израиль и Палестину
President Putin & Obama 2012 Путин и Обама
Putin’s Arms Race
Russia- World’s Largest Oil Producer
Putin, Exxon and Rosneft / Путин,Экссон и Роснефть 2012
Putin 2012 Iran (subtitles) / Путин 2012 Иран
Putin 2012 China (subtitles) / Путин 2012 Китай
Russian Democracy (English subtitles) 2012
Russia backs Putin with Victory!
Putin Supported by Russia / За Путина!
V. V. P. , (Putin) Saved the Country (English subtitles)
Why the West Fears Putin


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Kenji Goto was a Japanese video journalist who converted to Christianity in 1997. The media widely reported his death at the hands of Islamic State jihadists. But the story of why he traveled to Syria is a much deeper story of love and loyalty. Kenji laid down his life in an attempt to rescue his friend, Haruna Yukawa.


It seems Al Sharpton is upset that no African-Americans have made the list for this year’s Academy Awards.

Sharpton is particularly incensed that the actors in the movie “Selma” didn’t make it to the “Best Actors” Category.

This is a bit over the top, considering that “Selma” got a nod for the best original song and movie, so you can see that it wasn’t totally ignored.

You can view the entire list of Oscar nominees here.

Nowadays I don’t watch the Oscars with the enthusiasm I had years ago. It is quite clear to me that they are entirely political with respect to the voting, and the culture wars. Consider both Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911” and Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” Oscars, for example.

Even “Argo”, a 2012 winner, has political implications and themes. as does “The Monuments Men”.

Although “The Monuments Men” was never an Oscar contender, it was “based on a true story” and highlighted a very positive side of FDR and General Eisenhower, as indeed “Argo” highlighted a positive side of Jimmy Carter. (Yes, I know – hard to believe there ever was one!)

As far as I recall the FLOTUS even made an appearance at the awards when “Argo” won.

I have watched “Argo,” and also the documentary which was made about Tony Mendez, the CIA agent who rescued these people. Mendez had to get Carter’s approval for the mission. It was obviously granted. It is a bio-pic and we all know that poetic license is taken with each and every one of them.

It was somewhat amusing for me to see the left cheering on this win, when in actual fact, the story was not that dissimilar to what happened in Benghazi during Obama’s reign, with the efforts by his administration to totally discredit and hide any of the truth. The irony must have gone right over the top of Hollywood’s collective heads. But of course Ben Affleck is Hollywood’s sweetheart, and as far as movies go, I quite enjoyed it on that level.

Anyone who believes “based on a true story” really means it’s the truth should think again. Any of these movies should always be taken with a grain of salt. Do some further research if you are truly interested in the subject. I do this with any film I enjoy and it can be fun and enlightening, especially if “it is based on a true story,” as I have always been a student of history.

It should be noted that several bio-pics are up for awards this year.

For example, “American Sniper,” ”The Theory Of Everything,” and “The Imitation Game”. I am looking forward to seeing them all!

Last year, “Twelve Years A Slave” won. It won many awards, and was considered one of the best films of 2014 as most such lists have it at the top. It is also a bio-pic, and I have to admit I have not seen it as yet.

I am sure Mr Sharpton has seen it, but he seems to have forgotten about this achievement. He loves anything that will get him political mileage, publicity, and another chance to play the race card which is obviously his favorite card in a deck! Mr Sharpton should realize that Oscars, although political, are not given simply to show diversity. It demeans the whole institution.

Generally, the Oscars are supposed to be awarded for excellence, not skin color. Well…they seemed to be, once upon a long time ago. Of course we now know this isn’t the case.

As Kate Winslet once said, and I paraphrase: I did “The Reader” because doing a movie about the Holocaust usually gets you an Academy Award! She had a point back then, despite this utterly shallow remark regarding her choice of films to act in.

Consider “Schindler’s List” and “The Pianist”. Both Oscar winners. Both biopics.

Also consider that the former was directed by Steven Spielberg and the latter by Roman Polanski – another two Hollywood sweethearts. Both Jewish, and both possibly despised by Al Sharpton, who is a known anti-Semite. Crown Heights, anyone?

Besides, it seems that “Selma” is not that good a movie.

Considering the politics of the Academy, it will be interesting to see if Clint Eastwood’s “American Sniper” gets any awards. After all, Eastwood did a great job of mocking Obama during the last Republican Convention when he spoke to an empty chair. I always thought he should have had an empty suit on it also!

Apparently, “American Sniper” has done very well during its opening weekend. The success of that movie is making the left’s heads explode:

American Sniper Sniped: Why Hollywood Lefties Hate Eastwood’s Movie

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Jan 20, 2015 by PJ Media
“American Sniper,” the new Clint Eastwood film based on the real life story of Chris Kyle, has the Left jerking spasmodically in a puddle of their own vitriol. You see, Eastwood made a film where the American military man is a strong, masculine, good guy, not an ironic, sniffling, paste-bucket. In part one of this three-part Trifecta, Bill Whittle, Scott Ott and Stephen Green show why this is the worst thing that could happen to the left.

All that aside, I have another nomination for Best Actor.

This man appears not only on film and on television, but also on the world stage. And Al Sharpton will be dazzled! You can’t beat that! Of course Al will have to continue to overlook the fact that this actor is half white.

My nomination is Barack Hussein Obama for playing the role of American President, Keeper of the Constitution, Protector of the American People and Leader of the Free World.

He has done that so well, hasn’t he?   Sarc off!!!

Barack Obama grimacing


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Published on Jan 23, 2015 by TruthRevoltOriginals
The USA has, by far, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world. Progressives will tell you that this is what makes America the Murder Capitol of Planet Earth. But we’re not, and in this devastatingly effective Firewall, Bill Whittle shows why the center of Gun Nut Nation is in fact one of the safest places in the world.

Story here.

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Bob Hope on Democrats

by Gramfan on February 4, 2015

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Here’s his Iowahawk blog.

Click here for a closer view of the photo above.


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Published on Feb 2, 2015 by Coffee with Sr. Vassa
Subtitles: ENGLISH. A brief, weekly catechetical program hosted by Dr. Sr. Vassa Larin, a liturgiologist of the University of Vienna, Austria. This episode discusses the reading of the 5th Sunday of Pascha, of the Paralytic (in John 5) according to the Byzantine Pentecostarion.

Now there is in Jerusalem by the Sheep Gate a pool, which is called in Hebrew, Bethesda, having five porches. In these lay a great multitude of sick people, blind, lame, paralyzed, waiting for the moving of the water. For an angel went down at a certain time into the pool and stirred up the water; then who-ever stepped in first, after the stirring of the water, was made well of whatever disease he had. Now a certain man was there who had an infirmity thirty-eight years. When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?” The sick man answered him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.” Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked. And that day was the Sabbath (Jn 5: 1-9).” – So the Jews said it was unlawful for the man to carry the bed. Let’s note several things about this reading. First of all, it involves the topic of water, which is closely related to thirst or desire, and these topics, of water and thirst, will repeatedly be thematized in the weeks leading up to Pentecost: on the feast of mid-Pentecost, and on the Sundays of the Samaritan Woman, the Blind Man, and the Fathers of the 1st Ecumenical Council. Because you see, in order to prepare for Pentecost, the reception of the Holy Spirit, we need to revive our sense of thirst for the Spirit; our desire for salvation. Because we easily fall into apathy or defeatism, or self-sufficiency, about our relationship with God, thus shutting the door on the grace of the Holy Spirit. We need to want His grace, to feel the need for Him, to feel our powerlessness with-out Him, for His grace to enter our lives. This is why Christ asks the man at Bethesda, Do you want to be made well? And the man‘s answer shows us that he has tried, year after year, but has also recognized his powerlessness. Because his own efforts could not bring about his healing. What he did not yet realize is, Who could restore his health – but he‘s soon to find out, now that Christ has walked into his life. Now, we don‘t know anything about this man‘s previous life and what he was like before he was paralyzed. But it evidently took 38 years of a very serious illness, for reasons known only to God, for this man fully to recognize his powerlessness and to be ready to be healed by God‘s word, telling him to take up his bed, and walk!

Just between you and me, zillions, I always found it particularly striking that Christ has the man take up his bed, and he carries it off for all to see. One might think that, having been stuck in this bed for 38 very difficult years, he would be eager to leave this reminder of his past behind. But no, Jesus tells him, take it up. Take it with you. Similarly, I think, we are also called NOT to esc-ape our past, nor shut the door on it, if we have a painful past, due to our own actions or those of others. As we experience healing, either suddenly and dramatically, as did the paralytic, or gradually, in small steps, we can actually benefit ourselves and others in different ways through our past. Because the ways in which God has healed us, or the dangerous situations in which he has steered us toward safety, or given us wisdom or courage – all this, while being part of our own cross, also bears witness to the grace of God in our lives.

And those experiences make it possible for us to have compassion for others in similar situations, and also remind ourselves to have gratitude. So, let‘s not wallow in the bed of our past, but take it up and walk, to the greater glory of God.


What is darura?

Canada is not governed by the Islamic Sharia laws, not yet.

But will Canada become governed by Sharia laws one day?

And if Canada were to become governed by Sharia laws, HOW would that take place?

Many countries have been taken over by Muslims who follow the teachings of Islam, which of course, include Sharia laws.

Countries like Egypt and Turkey were at one time strong Christian communities. But Muslims today claim to have gradually taken them over, and so eventually they became Islamic. And, while their own official (Tabari) histories reveal these false scenarios to be lies, (because in reality those countries were openly and quite violently invaded and conquered by the Muslim hordes,) certain other countries like Somalia, were indeed tricked into gradually becoming Islamic.

So, how did it happen?

Perhaps when Muslims moved into Somalia, as they have done in Canada, the first few generations of Muslims would have very few demands. A Mosque here and one there. Then perhaps they demanded prayers 5 times a day in the work place.

Then came the demand for halal meat which must be sacrificed with special Islamic rituals to the god of Islam called Allah.

Perhaps many of the Non-Muslims in that day and age, along with the Christian community, were told that the Muslims worshiped the same God as the Christians and Jews do. Many non-Muslims and Christians of our day and age certainly have been deceived by Muslims into believing that we as Christians, Jews and Muslims worship the same god. The truth of course is that the false god of Islam is not the true God of Israel whom the Christians and Jews worship.

And while the Christian laws were being replaced by the demands of the Muslims, other Muslims started to get into politics. As the Muslim population demanded changes which had to do with their religion or Sharia law, the politicians, who were Muslims, made sure the Muslim population got what they wanted and laws were changed by Muslim politicians for the minority Muslim population by the now elected Muslim politicians.

Slowly, but steadily, the lower Muslim politicians became elected in the higher ranks of politics, and the newer Muslims, were then elected in the lower ranks and appointed by the Muslims in the higher ranks.

This of course did not happen overnight, but was a planned attack to take over places like Somalia and then all the other Christian nations.

Immigration of many thousands of Muslims into Somalia made sure that the towns and cities continued demanding Sharia laws, and with the higher and lower politicians being Muslim, it was easy to change laws to accommodate the Muslim population.

As time marched onward a Muslim president was elected and he changed the democratic laws that governed the majority populace, which was the Christians whom had governed Somalia, to Islamic Sharia Laws which made mandatory that anyone posted to a high position in government must be a Muslim, including the president of Somalia. Such is the Islamic way. So now no Christian could become head of his own nation and soon Christians became slaves rather than citizens and treated as such because Islam teaches that Muslims are a better people, in fact the best people in all the world.

So, to address the question I asked at the beginning:

Will Canada become governed by Sharia laws one day?

The answer may well be ‘Yes,’ especially if we continue to follow what has proven to be disastrous for other countries in the past such as Somalia and many other Christian nations that may have been taken over in the same way: by what is commonly termed “Stealth Jihad.”

Look what is currently taking place today in Canada. We are eating halal food, and we are not even being told of its implementation.

Our public school system is being used as Mosques were Muslim students are allowed to pray in special class room set up to resemble a Mosque, and these Islamic prayers are being allowed DURING REGULAR SCHOOL CURRICULUM.

And while these prayers are being practiced in the school it has been said that no non-Muslim is allowed to use the washrooms on the floor because they become washrooms for Muslims only. No other religion is allowed to have these special privileges.

Were you aware that there are books being handed out on the streets of down town Toronto to non-Muslims and Muslims that teach how to properly beat your wife?

Work places are being told that they must set up prayer rooms for their Muslim employees so they can pray 5 times a day.

Now all Non Muslim Canadians are being told not to insult the religion of Islam because it is against the Islamic Sharia law.

Our freedoms are being eroded away because of the Muslims who are demanding that we follow their laws, and many of the Muslims tell us that they do not care about our laws and that they will not follow our laws if they contradict Islamic laws.

Further more, immigration’s of more Muslims from Islamic societies like Syria are to increase.

We have government officers in positions, like Immigration officers, who are Muslims, and I have heard from many friends who are Christians and are trying to get refuge status in Canada, because of being persecuted in Islamic societies, that the Muslim immigration officers would refuse their claims saying that there is no persecution in the lands from where they are running (like Pakistan).

So Muslim Immigration officers would not let these Christian Immigrants in to Canada and are sending them back were they came from knowing full well they will be killed and their families with them.

All of these facts are perhaps a carbon copy of what has taken place in other societies around the world in the past. To ignore these Islamic situations which have occurred in history is in my opinion, madness.

If we follow the current trajectory, we most certainly will lose our nation and life as we know it.

But what can be done?

Of course stopping the flow of Muslims into our nation, though immigration, would be a good starting point. However the reality is that we seem to be getting more and more Muslims each year through immigration standards that seem to increased each year.

And our laws are steadily being changed each year as well to accommodate them. In Europe there are Sharia laws that have been introduced to help many Muslims sort out marriage arrangements. Halal meat is a big problem for many Non-Muslims living in Europe, Canada and the USA today.

Here is a story regarding halal in Australia that you should know about.

The web site can be found here:

We believe in giving farmers a fair price for their milk.
Queensland’s Maleny Dairies has come out against the halalscammers and declared they will keep prices down and will refuse to be bullied into paying a halal tax on their product. Their stance has had overwhelming support from everyone except the regularly-out-of-touch Brisbane’s Courier Mail newspaper.

The move by the Maleny dairy farmers is an important one because the Halal protection racket that supports dubious anti-Australian and overseas causes can only be stopped if the Government makes it illegal for companies to comply with threats from halal certifiers.

The Maleny Dairies’ Facebook page which has 24,000 likes and 3,000 shares since yesterday indicates the strength in the groundswell of angry objections from regular Aussies to a tax on Australian food from Muslim opportunists who are demanding certification fees for everything from milk to plastic containers.

A brief look at their site showed thousands of comments supporting the dairy farmers’ stand with a couple of comments suggesting it was silly because, “milk was halal anyway”.

The Courier Mail stupidly took this to mean these comments were objecting to the dairy farmers’ stand and falsely claimed, “others had accused the farmers of promoting xenophobia” with this ridiculous on-line headline:

HALAL: “Maleny Dairies’ Facebook post on Halal certification sparks customer backlash” Well, the backlash is on all right, but not from the dairies’ customers … they seem in full agreement.

The Mafia-style halal extortion racket was up in lights in Perth when police recently arrested a Dr Ratab Jeneid, Chairperson of the WA Halal certification Committee, with $8million worth of methylamphetamine and $380,000 cash in his possession.

Janeid was also charged with illegally carrying unlicensed firearms. Five of his associates from the Muslim Halal organisation, run from the same mosque, were also charged with various drug and firearm offences.

Brisbane’s Courier Mail was obviously too spineless to carry this story.


There are many Canadians who believe that a full investigation into Canada’s halal milk program and other halal products and programs should be instantly activated.

But once these programs get started it is very hard, but not impossible, to put the brakes on.

However, one great way to make sure these type of Islamic nuisances never get started in the first place, is by knowing something in the Islamic faith which is called DARURA.

DARURA can be used in a practical and diplomatic manner, but every Non-Muslim politician and decision maker in Canada must be made aware of it.

First of all we must start to understand that we are not an Islamic state, we are, what Islam would call, “a “Kafir” state.

The Arabic word “Kafir,” used right in their Qur’an itself, as the chapter title for Sura 109, literally means “The Dirt” (that covers up the shiny Truth of Islam); we non-Muslims are literally called “The DIRT” by them. And “Kafir” states remain part of the Dar-al-Harb (“War Zone”) to be violently invaded and enslaved by the Muslims from the Dar-al-Islam (“Already-Pacified Zone”).

As such, Kafirs, in a Kafir state, do not – yet – have to accommodate any Islamic demands.

The Sharia teachings themselves have teachings that give us guidance in these situations when Muslims cannot practice their Islamic laws under Sharia because they live in a Kafir state.

The first principle is called “tayseer”, which means “lightening one’s burden” or “making it easy”.

It’s found in the Quran 4:28: “Allah wishes to lighten your burden, for man was created weak.”

When the Sharia law is not in force, a Muslim’s burden is lightened.
Under Sharia law for example, Muslims are told they must pray and are not to handle pork. But, if these requirements are difficult to do, then the requirements are lightened, which leads us to the concept of DARURA, or necessity.

If circumstances are difficult, what is forbidden, in Islamic Sharia laws, is now “permitted” under DARURA. In other words, if Sharia law has not been implemented, then a Muslim may handle pork, with no consequences.

Another example, if a Muslim is hungry and there is no halal food, then they may eat any food, in fact if they are starving they may even eat pork.

Another example, if a Muslim is in a place where they cannot pray, then these same prayers can be held at another time.

The current demand for Sharia laws to be established in Canada, including Muslim prayers in our public school system for instance, is strictly a political move, but is not a “religious accommodation” that “must” be permitted, nor is it required by the Islamic religion.

The prayers themselves are religious, but if the Kafir state refuses to allow these prayers, then, according to DARURA, their (the Muslims) burden is lightened and they can say these same prayers at another time with no consequences.

The demand for prayers is simply a political result. It is a demand for submission of the Canadian government (in this case the public school system) by an ideology that is opposed to the Canadian laws, cultures and traditions of all Non-Muslims, or Kafirs, living in Canada.

It is an assault against our democracy and a step in a war that is taking place called Jihad to make Canadian Kafirs obey Islam and to eventually make Canada an Islamic state like Somalia is today.

Kafirs, in a Kafir state, like Canada, do not have to accommodate any Islamic Sharia demands.

In fact DARURA can be used to stop us from becoming an Islamic state driven by Sharia laws. DARURA protects us from Sharia laws, BUT, we must start using it.

We have all been deceived.

There is another Sharia law taught in Islam, called TAQIYYA. This law commands Muslims to lie and deceive Kaffirs whenever Muslims feel it necessary to defend Islam or “advance” Islam. This is known as a “Jihad”, or a form of Islamic holy war.

Their ‘Taqiyya’ rules even allow Muslims to eat pork and drink alcohol in order to pretend they are not Muslims, to trick all the non-Muslims.

Let’s look at some examples. Whenever a Muslim demands prayer space in schools or at the work place because, “he claims” he needs to pray five times a day, he is practicing TAQIYYA, for he or she does not “need” to pray at specific times five times a day “in a Kafir state.”

However if they were to live in an Islamic state then they must pray at such times, but because of “DARURA” and because they live in a Kafir state, he or she may say these prayers another time during the day or night when he or she can, DARURA lightens their burden and allows them to “legally” do this.

In fact, it’s an inherent condition of Sharia that any Muslim can get any other willing Muslim to say his designated prayers for him, if he, for whatever reasons, cannot himself say them at the appointed times!

They may want to pray and demand to pray, but if we give in to their demands, he or she wins another Jihad victory over the Kafir, and that is what these wants and demands are quite officially really all about.

If a Muslim demands Halal meats in stores or cafeterias, or demands the need to wear a hijab or a burka or some other face covering when voting or having a photo taken or wearing one at work, say as a school bus driver, then he or she is practicing TAQIYYA, and again if they are allowed to do so it is another victory over the kafir in their holy Jihad against the Kafir nation.

All are “proclaimed religious needs”, but, are all TAQIYYA, “false claims”, meant to win an Islamic war against all western democracies.

Their “needs” in fact, are really “wants” and this is why we must start to diplomatically use their Sharia law of DARURA when dealing with their demands.

Along with information that has been kindly sent to me regarding DARURA, an example of how to use this law has also been included, and I pass this on to you.

When the local Imam and his delegation approach you, as the politician or the decision maker, for special religious accommodation, do what you would do for any Canadian citizens request, simply say: it sounds like a good idea, but, let me first discuss it with others and I will get back to you. In the usual six week time frame, respond by letter and quote the Sharia law of DARURA:

“Dear Imam Hussain Amani; our committee, cabinet or council etc. has looked carefully into the matter and we find that it is not possible to accommodate your religious ‘needs’ (wants).

In fact, we are informed by an Islamic authority that the Quranic law of DARURA applies. We are certain you will be pleased to know you can pray at another time or any other place consistent with our city’s bylaws, provincial laws and federal laws.

It was a pleasure meeting you and realize that when you became a citizen of Canada you swore an Oath of Allegiance to our Queen and promised to uphold all our laws.

Yours in friendship as a fellow proud Canadian,

Jim Smith M.P.P.”

My friends please do not just read this and put it out of sight. Send this to all politicians, and decision makers. Send it to work place management and the media.

This will work if we use it to challenge Muslims who are waging Jihad against us Kafirs in our own Kafir state.

We want everyone in Canada to enjoy the Canadian experience of freedom for all, including the Muslims.

Our laws today, for the most part, are suitable to give everyone an opportunity to live a wonderful life where everyone has equal rights and privileges.

Know one religion should have more rights and privileges than any other; all religions should have the same rights and privileges.

But, as a Christian, I say that Islam is a deception. Islam teaches that the Muslims and the Christians worship the same deity and this is a deception. Muhammad said that he was a prophet sent by the God of Israel, this too is a deception.

The Holy Bible makes clear that Muhammad was a liar and an Antichrist. This has been proven to be true. The Holy Bible says that the god Muhammad was worshiping was not the God of Israel our Father in heaven, this also is the truth.

As a Christian I believe that Christians follow the truth and God will be our protector against all other religions including this false religion called Islam.

As Christians we must be allowed in Canada to tell the truth as our faith guides us, for example to believe that Jesus died on a cross, Jesus is the Son of God, even if Muslims believe what Muhammad said is true, that Jesus did not die on the cross and Jesus is not the Son of God.

All religions in Canada have the same rights to follow in what they believe to be true.

However, if we believe we have the truth, then we do not need be afraid to say it loud and clear from the roof tops if need be.


But remember this my friends:

Kafirs, in a Kafir state, do not have to accommodate any Islamic Sharia demands.

Mark Harding
Mark Harding’s Evangelists Of Canada
50 Gervias Dr.
Toronto ON M3C 1Z3
416.391.5000 ext 277

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Published on Jan 30, 2015 by larasdvatri123
A distressed teacher from Donetsk is pleading God and the world to pay attention to the suffering of Donbass people (the former Ukraine). The whole world was outraged by the killing of journalists of Charlie Hebdo in Paris. Why the world doesn’t want to look at Russian and Ukrainian people of Donbass who die every day from bombing and shelling? The Kiev junta leads aimed fire on residential areas of Donetsk. Day after day, month after month. Why the bodies of civilians – women, children, elderly are not on the front pages of western newspapers every day? Why the man, who gives orders to continue genocide of his own people was allowed to march with the world leaders in Paris against terrorism? Isn’t he terrorist himself?

Dear West, you are the biggest hypocrite ever. You live by double standards. Listen to this lady – this is the voice of your conscience.


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Published on Jan 26, 2015 by Coffee with Sr. Vassa
A weekly, brief reflection on the church calendar, hosted by Dr. Sr. Vassa Larin of the University of Vienna, Austria. This episode is on St. Simeon’s Canticle.

So, zillions, let‘s get right to the point and look at the text of the Canticle of St. Simeon: “Now You dismiss Your servant, O Lord, according to Your word in peace;” (Here Simeon says that God is ”dismissing” him, that is, letting him depart from this life, because as it says in the Gospel of Luke right before these words, he had received the assurance, in the Holy Spirit, that he would not die until he saw Christ). And he continues: ”For my eyes have seen Your salvation,” (he’s referring here, of course, to the baby Jesus Christ, Whom he‘s now holding in his arms), “which You have prepared before the face of all peoples: a light to the revelation of the Gentiles, and the glory of Your people Israel” (Lk 2:29-32).

Now, I’ll remind you, zil-lions, that this text is chanted every evening at the church-service called Vespers, so our liturgical tradition considers it somehow relevant to every evening of our lives. Why is this, you ask? That‘s why I like you, zillions, because you ask such good questions. Because – and I need you to listen carefully now, so if you‘re checking your text messages or emails right now, stop it and listen – because the words of St. Simeon fit, in a certain poetical way, in an allegorical way, to the time of day, the evening. I will come back to the word “allegorical“ in a minute. Simeon is contemplating his upcoming death, his transition to the afterlife. And the evening, with the setting of the sun, which is the source of light in this world, is also a transition to nighttime, and other God-given sources of light, like fire and electricity, and ultimately to the next day. And all this, along with us going to sleep at the end of our evening, reminds us of our death, which is not simply the end, but our transition to the next phase of our existence in the afterlife. So the end of Vespers is all about transition. It also signifies the transition of the Old Testament to the New, because the elderly Simeon is beholding the incarnate God, the good news and glory of his people, Israel. And he looks with hope toward this glory being reveal-ed as light to the Gentiles as well. All this reminds us that our every evening, however we spend it, is a transition and thus the foundation for our next day. So we should spend it wisely, obviously. It‘s a poetic image, but it has very practical, everyday implications.

This use of poetic imagery called allegory in our liturgical tradition reminds us that liturgy is an art form – that is, a different, elevated way of seeing and expressing everyday reality. The word “allegory“ comes from the Greek words “allos“ and “agorevein,“ which mean “to explain in another way.“ And the use of allegory in the liturgical tradition teaches us that there is a different way of see-ing everyday reality, in-spired and instructed by faith and love. So we see the setting sun, and at the same time see Christ, the “gladsome light“ of which one of the hymns of Vespers speaks. Just like a per-son in love might be re-minded of his or her be-loved, and see the face of the beloved in the blue sky, or be reminded of the beloved in a beautiful melody. The Byzantine hymnography of the feast of the Meeting of the Lord makes a big deal of Simeon‘s vision; of his way of seeing. He physically beheld a baby, Jesus. But, as he says, his eyes saw salvation and light and glory.

And our church tradition, in its liturgical texts and customs, opens our eyes on a deeper level, more wholesome level, which unites that which we see physically with that which we know through faith. That is what the mystery of the Church is all about: the union of the visible and invisible; heaven and earth inter-mingling, as the very insightful theologian N.T. Wright likes to say. This is what Christ says to His followers in the 14th chapter of the Gospel of John: “In a little while the world will no longer see me, but you will see me; be-cause I live, you also will live (Jn 14:19).“ So let‘s live see, on an everyday basis, also every evening, with eyes focused on, and inspired by, Him.

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