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Harry Richardson

Harry Richardson is a long-time student of Islam and author of best seller, “the Story Of Mohammed – Islam Unveiled’,


How tragically ironic that Tony Abbott was dumped as PM some two weeks after vindication of his bravest and most controversial policy.

His popularity rating had been on the nose among Australians generally and the Liberals in particular. In Europe however, he would have been guaranteed a walk in gig as Prime Minister in any one of a dozen desperate countries right now.

How quickly we forget his contribution to the viability of this nation. He had barely unpacked his budgie smugglers when he launched his attack. He blindsided not only the bloodthirsty people smugglers, but also the gigantic bloodsucking multicultural industry.

In one brilliantly executed coup, the entire “compassionate” Left were exposed. Suddenly we all saw that the hands which had reached out in welcome had blood dripping from them. Even John Howard, the perennial political survivor was left with his mouth open.

Sarah Hanson-Young would never again be able to claim that tragedies “happen all the time”. Everyone now knew that it was her stupid policies which had created this human wreckage. Everyone, that is except Angela Merkel. Her, and all of the Left wing diehards who still refuse to believe the evidence of their own lyin’ eyes.

Angela was clearly racked by guilt over what the Nazis did to the Jews. This is quite understandable given the circumstances. A professional counsellor might have explained however, that few Germans alive today had any part in this tragedy.

Unfortunately, she felt that she needed to assuage Germany’s collective shame by offering a home to 800,000 of the most virulently anti-semitic people that Europe had seen since….well, since the Nazis.

Clearly she hadn’t consulted with the Jewish community before formulating this policy.

She clearly hadn’t consulted with Tony Abbott either. Had she done so, she might have airlifted in the predominantly Christian and Yazidi victims huddled in camps in Turkey and Syria.

Instead she decided to make it a, “first past the post” marathon. The glittering prize was a shiny new German passport with a built in supply of endless welfare payments.

Not surprisingly, the first (but surely not last) wave of contestants were not the traumatised victims of Islamic aggression. They were the fittest, fastest, richest and most advantaged Muslims of the region.

They streamed across Europe’s porous borders just as fast as their Nike Airs would carry them.

The Press has so far failed to notice that these people also represent the exact same demographic that has been streaming into Syria for the last couple of years to fight for the Islamic State and other fanatical suicidal jihadist groups.

Whilst the events of the last couple of weeks have seemed astonishing, they were entirely predictable and resulted from two terrible ideas. Once you understand just how bad these ideas are, the coming European disasters are also entirely predictable.
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From the time of its founding, HP was the gold standard for quality and reliability in its products and its customer service. All that changed when Fiorina took over the helm. She squandered that legacy by forcing HP into a merger with Compaq (whose reputation was mediocre at best), and by outsourcing and offshoring much of HP’s operations. I never figured out how she got the job in the first place, other than the possibility that the board decided to hire a female to meet affirmative action guidelines.

I worked in IT for over three decades, much of that time on Hewlett-Packard equipment. HP equipment was once a pleasure to work with. I have owned many HP products myself, including computers and printers. The older HP printers were practically bulletproof – they kept working for years without a hitch. The last three HP printers cost much less, but weren’t worth the money I paid for them. They never worked for any length of time and kept going back to the shop for repairs. My next printer will be made by a competitor.

NYT has the story:

HER silver tongue honed by decades in corporate marketing, Carly Fiorina has used two debates, and a steely determination on the campaign trail, to climb near the top of the polls for the Republican nomination.

But Americans should pause on her biggest professional credential for our highest office: a short, disastrous stint atop one of America’s iconic technology companies, Hewlett-Packard.

The clearest measure of her performance — and the report card preferred by Wall Street — is H.P.’s stock price, which dropped by 52 percent during her tenure of almost six years.

Yes, Mrs. Fiorina served during the worst fall in technology shares in history. But she managed to underperform her key competitors; IBM’s shares declined by 27.5 percent and Dell’s fell by 3 percent.

The most ruinous aspect of Mrs. Fiorina’s tenure was her decision to acquire another “old tech” hardware company, Compaq Computer Corporation, instead of moving more heavily into services and software, as IBM did.

The proposed merger — Mrs. Fiorina pronounced that the two companies “fit together like a zipper” — bitterly divided directors and shareholders and was approved with just a 51.4 percent majority, a split I cannot recall seeing elsewhere during my 33-year Wall Street career.

To be fair, Mrs. Fiorina was saddled with a dysfunctional board. But that was well known, so taking the job with that added complexity was her eyes-wide-open choice.

Investors were so down on her that H.P.’s shares jumped by almost 7 percent on the day of her firing. And in ensuing years, she appeared on several “worst C.E.O.” lists, including those of CBS News and USA Today.

In 2009, Portfolio magazine ranked her the 19th worst C.E.O. of all time and described her as a “consummate self-promoter” who was “busy pontificating on the lecture circuit and posing for magazine covers while her company floundered.” (That sounds like good preparation for running for president.)

Mrs. Fiorina tries to obscure these harsh realities with a blizzard of her own “facts.” On the campaign trail, for example, she speaks of having doubled her company’s revenues. However, most of that increase came from adding in Compaq’s sales, which is a misleading way to calculate revenue growth.

While some of the intricacies of Mrs. Fiorina’s performance may elude voters amid the dust storm that she has kicked up, her compensation won’t. She banked $21 million in severance payments as part of the more than $100 million in compensation she received during what one critic called her “destructive reign of terror” (which included pushing for H.P. to acquire five corporate jets.)

In the course of her losing Senate run in 2010, she was also attacked for the 30,000 layoffs that occurred at H.P. during her tenure. That’s not entirely fair — the entire technology industry was going through a downsizing and H.P.’s total employment ultimately climbed back up — but it was deadly effective politics that could doubtless be repeated in 2016.

Less attention has been paid to her time at Lucent Technologies, where she rose through the marketing ranks, learning the sales techniques that she is now putting to good use on the stump.

Soon after she left, Lucent veered off a cliff, and while she was never the chief executive, part of the company’s collapse stemmed from overly aggressive sales and loans to financially shaky customers made under her supervision.

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National Review has the story:

…Similar to Jews under Nazi domination during World War II, the Christians and other minorities in the Middle East today are facing, in addition to the wartime privations suffered by the general population, a relentless and deliberate extermination campaign being carried out in the name of Islamic purification.

In the summer of 2014, ISIS launched its caliphate from Mosul by marking Christian homes with the red letter “N,” for “Nazarene,” before confiscating them and exiling their owners. Since then, it has pursued Christians and the other minorities with a systematic intensity intended to delete every trace of their ancient presence. Solely for their religion, Christians and Yazidis have been beheaded, enslaved, abducted and sold, forcibly converted to Islam, and stripped of all their property. Their houses of worship and their cultural artifacts have been expropriated or demolished, including the fifth-century monastery in Qaraytain and Nineveh’s fourth-century Mar Behnam monastery.

Those driven by ISIS from Qaraqosh, the largest Christian town on the Nineveh plain, fill the Mar Elias camp in Erbil, Kurdistan. Every Christian family had a personal story to tell Hudson Institute researchers last week: A dentist tells of her colleague, another dentist, who was kidnapped and is thought now to be either dead or forcibly converted to Islam. Another friend was captured and is feared dead because he once worked for Coalition Forces. After a sibling was captured, her family says, they spent thousands of dollars in ransom scams and have now come to believe that she is an “ISIS bride.” A 14-year-old cousin of another family is also thought to be enslaved.

More than a year after it began, ISIS’s persecution continues. Some 3,000 Yazidi women and girls and smaller numbers of Christians remain enslaved by ISIS for sex. The practice of sexual enslavement, explicitly directed against Christians and Yazidis, is now institutionalized by the Islamic State. It was revived last year by ISIS head Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi himself when he took captive and serially raped American humanitarian Kayla Mueller.

Hundreds of other Christian civilians remain ISIS prisoners, including 460 taken during the spring and summer from northern Syria. Others have been slaughtered. Catholic priest Father Jacques Mourad was captured in Syria in July and has disappeared. Another Iraqi priest was killed and returned in pieces to his family, despite a payment of $120,000 in ransom. This seems to be a new trend: Recently other Iraqi Christian hostages have been killed despite ransom payments.
Only after the migrant crisis in Europe began making daily headlines did the State Department, following Europe’s lead, announce that it would accept limited numbers of “Syrian refugees.” This anodyne measure will not help the victims of genocide, and not only because the measure fails to include Iraqis. In fact, this action will de facto exclude Christian and Yazidi refugees who have fled both Syria and Iraq, because virtually every non-Muslim, fearing the presence of extremists, eschews the U.N. refugee camps, the only source from which the U.S. will accept refugees. The non-Muslim refugees instead cluster in informal encampments, typically around churches, in Kurdistan and neighboring regions.

(Bishop Sarhad Jammo of the Chaldean Catholic Church for the western United States told me that fewer than 50 Chaldean Catholic families, Iraq’s largest Christian community, are known to have taken part in the great European migration. Not only are most Chaldean Catholics too poor to leave after ISIS robbed them, but they fear other migrants, who are mainly Sunni men. In April, Italy reported that twelve Christian migrants en route to Europe were thrown overboard by Muslim migrants and drowned. At least 6,000 Yazidis joined the migration after being driven from refugee camps in Turkey.)

A similar announcement by the U.K. government stirred a parliamentary firestorm over the question of how such programs will fail to help the minorities stranded in the region. Both the current and the preceding archbishops of Canterbury voiced protest. The latter, George Carey, expressed outrage that the Christians would be “left at the bottom of the heap,” explaining that a policy of accepting only those from U.N. camps

inadvertently discriminates against the very Christian communities most victimised by the inhuman butchers of the so-called Islamic State. Christians are not to be found in the UN camps, because they have been attacked and targeted by Islamists and driven from them. They are seeking refuge in private homes, church buildings and with neighbours and family.

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US-bound Muslim migrants and asylum-seekers are not screened for jihadi connections:

On YouTube:

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Published on Sep 17, 2015 by securefreedom
The current policies and systems do not address the potential threats from Syrian refugees sufficiently.

Australia is doing it right:

Some of Europe’s marauding raiders who can forget about help from Australia

The Australian Government has made it clear that anyone who gets to come here under our generous new refugee placements will be:

  • character checked
  • criminal history and security checked
  • given preferential treatment if from a persecuted minority in Syria, e.g. Christians
  • in a country adjacent to the situation they’re fleeing and not country-shopping
  • automatically excluded if they’ve used the services of people smugglers

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Here you go…these are your ‘refugees’!

Blonde girls lure Arab migrants to Sweden has the story:

A tax-financed luxury living with free housing, sky high welfare benefits and their own “blonde beauty” as a girlfriend. These are some of the promises that immigrants from the Arab world currently are receiving to make a pilgrimage to Sweden, according to a investigative report in Dala-Demokraten.

Right now, over a thousand immigrants a day, most of whom are men, are seeking asylum in Sweden.

Many people have asked themselves why so many Arabs choose to go through Europe to get to the little country far up north, where the summer is autumn and the winter lasts until summer.

In its report, Dala-Demokraten states that most of the so-called refugees are already residing in Syria’s neighboring countries, where there is no war, but takes to northern Europe for economic reasons.

Expectations of Sweden in particular are soaring, according to the newspaper. On the sites where smugglers go out with information, Sweden is singled out as the best country to go to: You get asylum quickly and you can soon get a family reunion.

On the sites, the migrants are also promised a tax-funded life of luxury. They are told that they must stay in luxury hotels until the government has found a free accommodation to them. Then they can sit back and let the Swedish taxpayers bear all their costs of living.

There is also sexual content in the advertisements, according to Dala-Demokraten. Among other things, the Arabs are promised their own free young willing blond Swedish girlfriend if they manage to illegally get all the way to the promised land in northern Europe (article picture).

“In reality one can say that the young Syrian men are lured to Sweden by the oldest trick in the book – money and girls. Pictures of blonde beauties are published, and that Swedish women require real men,” writes Dala-Demokraten.

Nobody asked the blonde girls whether they were, in fact, ‘willing’:

Gatestone Institute: Sweden: Rape Capital of the West

by Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard

  • Forty years after the Swedish parliament unanimously decided to change the formerly homogenous Sweden into a multicultural country, violent crime has increased by 300% and rapes by 1,472%. Sweden is now number two on the list of rape countries, surpassed only by Lesotho in Southern Africa.
  • Significantly, the report does not touch on the background of the rapists. One should, however, keep in mind that in statistics, second-generation immigrants are counted as Swedes.
  • In an astounding number of cases, the Swedish courts have demonstrated sympathy for the rapists, and have acquitted suspects who have claimed that the girl wanted to have sex with six, seven or eight men.
  • The internet radio station Granskning Sverige called the mainstream newspapers Aftonposten and Expressen to ask why they had described the perpetrators as “Swedish men” when they actually were Somalis without Swedish citizenship. They were hugely offended when asked if they felt any responsibility to warn Swedish women to stay away from certain men. One journalist asked why that should be their responsibility.

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Meanwhile, in neighboring Norway:

Norwegian MP – Blondes Dye Hair Dark to Avoid Harassment From Immigrants

YouTube Preview Image

Uploaded on Sep 9, 2011 by No Muslim Immigration
Norwegian MP Christian Tybring-Gjedde FRP (Norwegian Hard Right). In the Grorud Valley in Oslo, blonde girls are harassed into dying their hair dark. Children are threatened with beatings if their lunch box contains salami….

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Says one of our correspondents…

Crucifixion in XXI century…..and, at that, by our old and trusted ally….. what a surprise and shock this must be for our foreign policy experts !

We suggest that too many of our foreign policy experts are amoral and incapable of being shocked.

The Atlantic has the story:

For Saudi Arabia, sometimes it’s not enough to simply behead a person who has run afoul of the government: On some occasions, there’s nothing like crucifixion to make your point:

A group of U.N. experts has joined rights groups in calling on Saudi Arabia to halt the execution of a Shiite man convicted of crimes reportedly committed as a teenager during protests inspired by the Arab Spring.

Ali al-Nimr, the nephew of firebrand Shiite cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, faces execution by beheading and an additional rare punishment of “crucifixion,” which means publicly displaying the body after death as a warning to others, according to Saudi state media.

Saudi Arabia, of course, is a world champion of human-rights abuse. Freedom, in all of its manifestations, is absent from the country. For an accounting of Saudi Arabia’s dismal human-rights record, please see Amnesty International’s latest country report. (I would direct you to Human Rights Watch’s work, except that Human Rights Watch has a history of—believe it or not—fundraising in Saudi Arabia. It should not, of course, fundraise in any non-democratic, primary-target country, particularly one in which giving to a human-rights group could land the donor in terrible trouble.)

Naturally, Saudi Arabia’s human-rights record makes it, in the eyes of the United Nations, an expert on the subject: Saudi Arabia sits on the UN Human Rights Council and is even part of the committee that helps choose the council’s human-rights experts. The UN Human Rights Council is already a debased body, whose members include Cuba, Venezuela, China, Pakistan, Qatar, and Vietnam. Providing Saudi Arabia with a leadership role in this group is an affront to morality and good sense.

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Published on Sep 20, 2015 by Political Islam

Love is not a frequent topic of Islam, but it mentions negative and positive love. An example of negative love is – don’t love money. A Muslim should love his Muslim brothers, but not his blood relatives who are Kafirs. Allah does not love Kafirs.

Allah loves Muslims. Koran says that you not truly righteous until you give what you love to charity.
The saddest part of Islamic love is that there are twelve verses in the Koran say that a Muslim is never a true friend to a Kafir. A Muslim can be friendly to a Kafir, but must always favor other Muslims.


From one of our correspondents:

The food and water were provided by the Red Cross and was not acceptable because – the Cross is a “Christian” symbol.

Why was it not on TV? They discard food and water and there is predominance of young men?

Bicske: a rendőrség intézkedik

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Published on Sep 5, 2015 by PoliceHungary


“Notably absent was any reference to the dignity of human life from conception, the meaning of marriage and human sexuality, or the foundations and meaning of true freedom.”

Not a word about oppressed Christians in communist Cuba.

Not a word about persecuted and martyred Christians in Islamic regions.

“‘And yes, he does believe that global warming or climate change is a major moral issue, why, because he’s believed the consensus of scientists, of public scientists.’ Result? The religion that gets most promoted is the President’s neo-pagan own…”

Scientific American headline: Pope Francis Supports Pres. Obama's Message on Climate Change

Andrew Bolt has the story.


On YouTube:

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Published on Jul 18, 2012 by Animal Planet
This feline stares down gators and slaps them in the face for good measure.


WASHINGTON, Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Jim Jatras, a former U.S. Senate Republican staffer and former U.S. diplomat, today announced his availability as running mate for whichever of the GOP candidates secures the 2016 presidential nomination.  His announcement follows:

“As of today I have notified all the declared Republican presidential candidates of my availability and qualifications to join them on the 2016 ticket as their vice presidential running mate.  The only exception is my fellow Virginian, former governor Jim Gilmore, in accordance with Article II, Section 1, Clause 3 of the Constitution of the United States.  This announcement is an expression of interest only and does not constitute a declaration of candidacy for any federal office pursuant to 52 U.S.C. 30101(2) and (3).  At such time as I may be selected by the eventual GOP presidential nominee I will file a “Statement of Candidacy” FEC Form 2 with the Federal Election Commission.”

Jatras also released the following information concerning his announcement:

Qualifications: “I have attained to the age of 35 years and am a natural born citizen of the United States.”  [Art. II, Sec. 1, Cl. 5 of the Constitution]

Strengths:  “As I have informed the GOP presidential candidates, I am a lifelong Republican with a wealth of experience in the public sector (both Executive and Legislative branches) and in the private sector.  To sum it up, I know how things work ‘in the trenches,’ ‘where the bodies are buried,’ and how to avoid the pitfalls that have ruined the last few presidencies.”

Seriousness of this announcement:  “It is every bit as serious as the bids of about half the declared presidential candidates, some of whom probably are really running for Veep anyway.  Since no other Republican has stated publicly an interest in the second spot on the GOP ticket, I may turn out to be the default choice.  Frankly, our ‘Stupid Party‘ could do a lot worse.”

Issues:  “I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-traditional marriage, pro-immigration control, anti-war, pro-privacy, pro-tax reform, anti-phony ‘free trade’ deals.  We need to feel like Americans again!”

Campaign activities and FEC compliance:  “To the best of my knowledge, there are no vice presidential primaries and no pre-nomination forums to campaign for that office.  Essentially, whoever finally gets the GOP nod will pick whomever he or she wants as his or her running mate, so I am stating my interest in serving.  I am not making any formal filing until such time as I may be selected by the Republican presidential nominee and only after that will declare my candidacy.”

Contributions:  “I am not now a declared candidate, am not forming or authorizing any campaign organization, am conducting no campaign activities, and am neither soliciting nor accepting any campaign contributions.  I am more than pleased to answer non-frivolous media questions about issues of public interest as I continue my substantive private sector work as a media and government relations specialist.  Non-deductable contributions to my online publication and purchases of my innovative phonetic conversion font will facilitate my ability to speak out on the daunting challenges facing our great country.”

Se habla español.

Contacts: Jim Jatras, telephone +1.202.375.1007. Email, Twitter @JimJatras, Skype JimJatras13.



SOURCE Jim Jatras


The American Scholar: The Well Curve

Tropical diseases are undermining intellectual development in countries with poor health care—and they’re coming here next
But last year, Yolken found a microbe that seems to sap intelligence, not sanity. In the October issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, he described a study that included mental tests followed by physical screenings. Investigators from Johns Hopkins, Baltimore’s Sheppard Pratt Health System, and the University of Nebraska–Lincoln were startled to find a previously unsuspected virus,Acanthocystis turfacea chlorella virus 1, or ATCV-1, lurking in the throats of two of every five of their Baltimore research subjects.

Despite the decades Yolken has spent analyzing microbes and mental health, this finding astonished him. “It’s something that we wouldn’t have suspected would actually have any effect on humans or animals,” he told me. For one thing, ATCV-1 is a chlorovirus, which infects algae, and viruses that transcend species usually do so in modest increments within their kingdom. Yet this pathogen scaled the evolutionary ladder in a single bound as it jumped from algae to humans.

But the study’s baseline cognitive tests unveiled the true shocker. When compared with those who did not harbor the virus, those infected were about 10 percent slower to make calculations and had a reduced attention span, suggesting that the virus compromised their ability to calculate, to focus, and to process visual information—disadvantages in the classroom, on the job, and in other familiar learning situations. “American Researchers Discover ‘Stupidity Virus,’ ”Newsweek trumpeted when the news got out; a more measured Wired UK headline read, “Human cognition-affecting virus discovered.”

The lowered mental functioning was independent of potentially confounding factors, including age, socioeconomic status, education, place of birth, or smoking status. Gender and race made no difference. Repeating this experiment in a larger population yielded the same results, and when the research team tested mice before and after exposing them to the virus, they found 1,000 gene changes in brain regions known to be important to memory and learning. These infected mice also took 10 percent longer to navigate a maze and showed reduced attention spans, compared with the uninfected controls. Although critics suggested that they had found not an IQ-lowering microbe but rather sample contamination, Yolken refuted this suggestion in an article in the February Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Infection and Intelligence

Pseudo-nitzschia and ATCV-1 join a panoply of microorganisms that have long been suspected, and sometimes known, to change how well we think. These newcomers are getting attention because they struck in the West, where a functional public health infrastructure allows for disease surveillance and the investigation of mysterious sources of disability. But pathogens that affect cognition have traditionally infected poor people of color in the developing world, so their ravages and long-term effects have been more likely to go unanalyzed and untreated. In developing countries, points out Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, infection by such pathogens is the norm, not a headline-worthy exception.

The mental effects of pathogens, including worms and other organisms that cause schistosomiasis (or snail fever), leishmaniasis (caused by sand flies), and dengue fever, have cast a long shadow over the heavily political and seemingly endless debates over race and intelligence. Studies like a 2010 report from Randy Thornhill, an evolutionary biologist at the University of New Mexico, and a 2011 research study from Carleton University in Ottawa, have strongly correlated low average IQs from various nations with high rates of infectious disease. A 2011 article Thornhill published in the journal Intelligence calculated that, in the United States, allowing for education and wealth, “Infectious disease was the best predictor of average IQ.”

Thornhill’s “parasite-stress” theory maintains that parasites sap the brain’s energy in several ways. The newborn human brain uses fully 87 percent of the body’s “metabolic budget,” an amount that diminishes with age and maturity, and if a young brain cannot meet these initial high-energy requirements, its growth and development suffer. Microbes and larger parasites drain this energy by feeding on tissues and lodging in the digestive tract, where they siphon off nutrients and iron. Additionally, viruses divert energy from their hosts to crank out copies of themselves. This stolen energy normally would fuel brain building and other metabolic needs of the child.

The result, said Thornhill’s 2011 article, is that across the United States, “there is a negative association between infectious-disease stress and average intelligence” as measured by IQ score. To calculate the effects of disease on intelligence outside the United States, Thornhill used data from Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen’s 2006 book IQ and Global Inequality, which listed average IQ scores for more than 113 countries. These ranged from a high average of 107 in Hong Kong to a low of 63 in Ethiopia. The lowest IQs were found in the poorest countries of Africa, and the authors suggest that the differences were heritable but partly due to variations in the wealth of nations.

Scientists who, like Lynn, believe in heritable racial difference in cognitive ability talk of intelligence, but they measure IQ. Moreover, they tend to conflate the two,  even though many cultural and socioeconomic factors separate them. No consensus on the definition of intelligence exists: valuable intelligence varies with culture. IQ tests assess only some components of mental ability and achievement, those that are highly valued and frequently practiced in affluent Western culture, and they do so inconsistently.

Brink Lindsey, the author of Human Capitalism: How Economic Growth Has Made Us Smarter—and More Unequal (2013), cogently argues in a May 2013 web article from The Atlantic, that whatever aspects of intelligence IQ tests measure, these factors are not universal. They are assessed more accurately for affluent Westerners than for others. However, Thornhill’s analysis revealed that IQ is more closely correlated to the health of nations than their wealth.

A Panoply of Disease

One dramatic health difference between rich and poor countries is the prevalence of neglected tropical diseases, or NTDs, which afflict a billion people worldwide, most of whom live in the kind of extreme poverty that characterizes the Global South.

Apocalyptic images of dramatic medical crises such as AIDS and Ebola captivate the West and spur altruism, but when it comes to the NTDs that chronically compromise health and challenge mental abilities, our myopia has been profound. Ebola-racked Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone also harbor the highest-known concentrations of hookworm victims. Since 2013, 11,000 people have died from Ebola in sub-Saharan Africa, but 10 million people—nearly half the population of these countries—suffer from at least one NTD or malaria or both. And NTDs plague extremely poor denizens of the subtropics not only of sub-Saharan Africa, but also of Saudi Arabia, Brazil, India, China, Indonesia, and Mexico. They are, in the words of Peter Hotez, the dean at Baylor, “great disablers rather than killers.”

Yet the HIV disease prevalent on the African continent and throughout the developing world deranges thinking, too. Children who acquire HIV prenatally from their mothers risk central nervous system disease that can cause a spectrum of brain dysfunction from encephalopathy to subtle cognitive impairment. Language disorders and developmental delays can result because HIV crosses the blood-brain barrier to contribute to various types of neuronal injury. A 2010 longitudinal study published in the journal AIDS examined more than 300 HIV-positive children with an average age of 12 and found that they fell into the low-average scale for memory, speed of processing, and verbal comprehension. The researchers suggested that neurodevelopmental problems in children and adolescents with HIV might be linked to “changes in proinflammatory monocytes”—immune-system changes that the virus provokes.

Cognitive delays plague many people who are infested with parasitic worms, including 807 million–1.2 billion people with ascariasis, 604–795 million suffering from trichuriasis, and 576–740 million with hookworm infection, concentrated in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Each of these diseases hinders economic prosperity by decimating the workforce.
Such disastrous cases are only the most dramatic manifestation of an epidemiological sea change: tropical diseases—and their neglect—are not limited to the tropics any more. They’re now very much at home in the United States. The Big Five diseases—Chagas disease, cysticercosis, toxocariasis, toxoplasmosis, and trichomoniasis—are quite common here among the poor, Hotez says. “While sub-Saharan Africa accounts for many of the world’s NTDs, somewhat paradoxically, most of the world’s NTDs can be found among the poor living in wealthier countries, including the ‘Group of 20’ nations. Houston and Texas … represent ‘ground zero’ for many of America’s neglected tropical diseases.”

In addition to life-threatening heart and respiratory devastation, this suite of communicable neuropsychiatric conditions saps the brainpower as well as the strength of poor people of color at home, just as it does abroad. Yet many doctors in the United States remain in denial. When the patient of a doctor at the Baylor College of Medicine received a letter saying that blood he had donated was being rejected because of a positive test for Chagas disease, the doctor exploded, “The test is wrong. That disease doesn’t exist in the United States!”

But it does, and this troubling scene is replayed across the country as American blood donors learn that they have a Third World disease. Tropical medicine experts agree that at least 330,000 U.S. citizens have Chagas disease, the most common parasitic disease in the Americas, and estimates range as high as one million. It infects six million to seven million more people in Latin America. This chronic, silent parasitic infection leads to fatal heart or intestinal damage in two of every five sufferers, and it also causes intellectual slowing. It can be treated, but the lack of awareness by doctors in the United States means that it often isn’t.

The insect vector for Chagas is an unwelcome immigrant—the triatomine or “kissing” bug, which lives in the cracks of substandard housing and passes on the parasite to people by defecating while sucking their blood. Chagas causes as many as one in 10 neurological problems in Mesoamerica. In the United States, it mainly affects poor Hispanic communities, but taken altogether, the infections that ravage the developing world now imperil the bodies and minds of at least 14 million U.S. residents.

Blame the Climate

Why are tropical diseases flourishing here? Xenophobes may indict immigrants who bring microbes north with them, but the real culprit is the U.S. climate. Many microbes function only within a narrow temperature range, and the life cycles of the parasites in question often require heat. This country obliges with temperatures that are considerably warmer than those in much of the affluent West, particularly those in northern Europe. “The U.S. is somewhat unusual in being a wealthy nation much of whose population lives in very warm, humid regions,” Stan Cox, a senior scientist at the Land Institute, told The Washington Post in July.
Much more here…

Call us xenophobes if you will, but a successful fight against epidemic disease requires enforcing vigorous quarantine measures to stop the contagion from spreading to new regions. Once the borders have been secured, then it makes sense to take the fight back to the home territory of the epidemic by improving sanitation, curtailing nonhuman disease vectors, treating active infections, and developing vaccines. Those who carry communicable disease should be treated in their home countries, and not be transported around the world to become disease vectors themselves.

The above article came out at the same time as the Daraprim price-gouging scandal hit the news. For those who haven’t heard, Daraprim is used to treat infestations of tropical parasites such as malaria and toxoplasmosis – diseases that can be especially dangerous to unborn children or to persons with HIV. It has been available for sixty years and its manufacturing cost is roughly $1 USD per dose. Now it’s been marked up to $750 per dose, making a course of treatment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. It seems that failed former hedge-fund manager Martin Shkreli took some of his ill-gotten gains, founded a new company called Turing Pharmaceuticals, and bought the North American marketing rights to Daraprim. With the regulatory climate in the US being what it is, there are few if any financial incentives for another company to go to the expense of bringing a generic equivalent to market. Shkreli offers various excuses for his price-gouging, but as far as I am concerned, he gives the entire human race a bad name.


NBC News: Drug CEO Will Lower Price of Daraprim After Hike Sparked Outrage


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Cat Proximity

xkcd 231: Cat Proximity

In Ur Reality

xkcd 262: In Ur Reality


xkcd 325: A-Minus-Minus


xkcd 1056: Felidae

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Donald Trump is the only non-establishment candidate who can win the nomination under our rigged system.

“GOPe” means “GOP Establishment” … those who betray the voters and taxpayers at every turn.

Oh, and by the way, unlike many other Republicans, Trump doesn’t hate Russia or Orthodox Christians.

The Conservative Tree House explains it all:

The Modified GOPe Strategy (Road Map) – The Full Monte…

Now that Donald Trump has thrown a monkey wrench into the GOPe Splitter Strategy, we are able to look at their modified objectives.   Keeping in mind the overall Road Map, and the commitment of all the interested parties therein, we can now see the goal:

…If you remove Donald Trump from the current equation – Ben Carson becomes Herman Cain 2012, Ted Cruz becomes Newt Gingrich and Jeb Bush slips right back into the role of Mitt Romney, exactly as planned..

….Toward that end an understanding of a few things are needed:

  1. An understanding of the National and State RNC rule changes
  2. An understanding of how the primary delegate distributions fit within the plan.
  3. An understanding of how the architects always planned to eliminate Cruz

All current key state polling, including the releases yesterday from Florida, showcase and confirm the viability of the GOPe Road Map “splitter strategy” as it was designed in 2014.

So lets begin first with the rule changes.

In 2014 the RNC/GOPe apparatus made modifications to the 2016 presidential primary specifically because the chosen candidate, Jeb Bush, would need more structural support in 2015/2016 than Mitt Romney 2012.

Whereas Romney’s Road Map garnered 25-30% electoral support, internal polling (2014) showed Jeb around 15-20% support.  As a consequence of Jeb’s weakness the RNC rules needed to compensate.
Read it all here…it’s complicated, but well worth it.

Why the GOP Establishment is every bit as evil as the Democrats:

Rush Limbaugh: The Washington Establishment Hears You, Folks — But They Just Don’t Care


RUSH:  This is Ken in Livonia, Michigan.  Great to have you.  You’re up first today, sir.  Hello.

CALLER:  Yes, sir.  Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH:  Yeah.

CALLER:  I’m calling to bring up a very important topic, and I believe I represent a large number of voters out there in your audience.  I want to address why I’m supporting Donald Trump and why others are supporting Donald Trump.  I happen to be an independent conservative, a Constitutionalist.  I identify myself as a Christian who’s pro-life who holds to traditional biblical view of marriage, and I just want to say: The reason why I’m supporting Trump is because the establishment of the GOP, the leadership of the GOP, despises people like me.

They do not represent people like me.

They are doing everything they can to get people like me out of the party.  They are against candidates that share my values, my views.  Also the establishment, the leadership of the GOP clearly believes in big, bloated government.  The leadership of the GOP, Rush, is becoming the opposite side of the coin with the Democratic Party.  They don’t show opposition to what Obama and the Democrats are doing.  And so here comes Donald Trump.  Is he a conservative, Rush?  I don’t believe so.  But he is the only candidate, Rush, that I see can stop the establishment of the GOP’s preferred candidate, Jeb Bush.  And this is something I believe you could say this is —

RUSH:  Okay, let me take this a different direction, because we’ve nailed why people supporting Trump.  I spent the first hour yesterday explaining all this, and you’ve repeated it here in three minutes.  There’s one other aspect to it.  Trump has no fingerprints on anything that is happening in Washington.  People inside the Beltway, both parties — I talked about yesterday — a lot of people think they’re tone deaf or they’re out of touch.  They’re not out of touch.

They know exactly how much you hate what they’re doing.  They know how much everybody hates what they’re doing.  It doesn’t matter anymore.  It used to matter what voters think.  It’s relatively new that it doesn’t matter at all what voters think, other than at election time. That’s where they care to make you think that they are going to accede to your wishes during the campaign.  They get elected, and they never do anymore.  They don’t even pay lip service anymore to public opinion, voter opinion or what have you.

It is clear a new set of rules is governing the establishment, and it’s money.  It’s called a donor class or whatever.  And people on the Republican side are simply fed up.  They figured out they’ve got two landslide midterm elections giving the Republicans everything they said they needed to stop Obama, and they haven’t made move one to stop Obama, and in many cases are going along and trying to assist Obama.

So here comes Trump.  It’s not about conservatism. It’s not about conservative principles. We’re so beyond that.  This is about drastic emergency steps needed to save this country as founded, and Trump has no fingerprints on anything that’s happened.  Whatever has gone on in Washington, he hasn’t had a thing to do with it, and is also voicing his opposition to it and claiming to have fixes.


RUSH:  That’s right.  That’s why I don’t think the inside-the-Beltway establishment gets this, even though they think they do.  I’m gonna maintain to you again: They are not out of touch.  It’s not that they don’t know how you feel.  It’s not that they don’t know you’re mad at ’em.  They just don’t care, folks.  They have other masters to serve here, and those masters are providing them with the money that keeps them where they are.  You aren’t.  It’s very simple.  They don’t think your ideas matter a whit to their reelection.
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Finally, James George Jatras offers this:
Trump: ‘How much worse could he do than we got now?’


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Migration is part of the doctrine of jihad. Migration is so important that the Islamic calendar is based upon the Hijra, Mohammed’s migration from Mecca to Medina. Why? Because it was migration that lead to the creation of jihad in Medina. And it was jihad that made Islam triumphant.

In the past Muslims tended to stay in Islamic countries. Today, the new politics is to migrate to Kafir lands and immerse themselves in local politics. This is the jihad of money, writing and speech. Their politics is to bring the Sharia to Kafir culture. An example is using Islamic money is to build departments in universities that will support Sharia and never criticize Islam.