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Readers are free to comment on this blog, subject to comment moderation.

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We invite readers to participate and interact. Comments are moderated to exclude incoherent rambles, obscenity, inappropriate ad hominem attacks, commercial spam, and other material that would compromise the quality of this blog. We make an effort to attend to the comment moderation queue frequently, but the process does take some time. We ask that you be patient.

Blog moderation is not censorship.

This is our blog. Were we to allow inappropriate material to be posted, we would face the negative consequences.

We support your right to post what you want on your own blog, and to decide for yourself which comments you want to display on it. If you do not already have a blog, Blogger.com and WordPress.com offer blogs for free, or you can set up a Facebook page. (In case you are wondering, the admins of 1389 Blog have never had Facebook accounts.)

1389 Blog is a counterjihad blog.

We take a conservative stand on other issues as well. We are under no obligation to give “equal time” to any of our opponents, including jihadis or leftists of any stripe.

1389 Blog is a blog, not a forum.

A blog focuses primarily on the articles written by the blog’s owners and team members. A forum focuses primarily on discussion and debate among its members. If you are interested in joining a forum, there are plenty of forums and newsgroups throughout the Internet that cover a broad range of subject matter. We do welcome comments, but if your contribution is article-length, please post it elsewhere and link to it in the comments.

Please take the time to organize your thoughts.

Think through what you want to write before you submit your comment. Organize your thoughts into properly constructed sentences and paragraphs, making sure that each sentence expresses a complete thought. Attempting to post a stream of unedited and unstructured verbiage shows disrespect to the blog admins and to our readers, and it also indicates that you most likely do not know what you are talking about. It takes too much effort to pick through a garbled stream of consciousness to figure out what you are trying (and failing) to say. We have other uses for our time.

That said, please be advised of the following:

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  • 1389 Blog is not a bathroom wall! Comments containing incoherent or unreadable text or data, unjustified personal attacks, unfounded allegations, egregiously vulgar or abusive language, bigoted or racist remarks (especially anti-Semitic remarks), anything xxx-rated, or external links to such objectionable material, will be deleted. If you want your comment to be published, then please refrain from swearing, and express yourself in a civil and cogent manner. If we cannot figure out what you are talking about, we will not post your comment.
  • Don’t dare defame the Serbian people. The lame-stream media has done a good job of vilifying the Serbian people. So, don’t bother to tell us your theory on why the Serbs are bad or why Kosovo is not Serbia or how it was a Serb, not a snake, temping Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. If you do, it won’t be printed and you will likely be embarrassed by what we do print. So, take your anti-Serbian bigotry elsewhere.
  • No accusations of racism will be published. We don’t care what the accusation is about, who it is against, or even whether or not it has any validity. We will either redact it out of the comment, or delete the comment entirely.
  • We do not waste our readers’ time with trolls. If you come here merely to stir up enmity, or to heap contempt upon us, our readers, and our work, your comments will be deleted with no further explanation.
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  • Please make an effort to keep your comments on topic. This is not a general-interest discussion forum. If you wish to communicate with us about something not having to do with a specific blog post, please click here to email the admins. Comments containing links to websites having nothing to do with the article topic will be deleted and reported as spam.
  • Please stick to one topic per comment. In other words, please keep each comment coherent and don’t ramble all over the place! If you have more than one issue to address, feel free to leave more than one comment. This will make it much easier for us to reply to your comments in a timely manner.
  • If your comment is not displayed immediately, please do not post it repeatedly. Duplicate or repetitive comments are treated as spam and will be deleted.
  • Comments that raise complex questions or issues may be kept on hold to be answered later. Some issues deserve to be addressed in a separate blog post, rather than in a comment submerged deep within some other thread. It takes time to prepare such a reply. To display the comment without an answer during that time would make it look as though we were unable or unwilling to address difficult issues. The fact that a comment is held for future reply should not be taken to imply that the comment is being “rejected.” Check your email – we may contact you to let you know that a reply is on its way.
  • You need not reveal your real name, but please identify yourself in some manner.
    • Your usual nickname, screen name, logon ID, or other identifier is just fine.
    • You are required to enter an email address, which will not be displayed on the screen. Please give a valid address so that we can contact you if there is an issue with your comment.
    • We also encourage you to enter a website URL, though this is not required. This URL will appear in the comment, and it allows you to promote your own website, Facebook page, Twitter account, or favorite forum.
  • Never post anything that you wouldn’t want the entire world to see, perhaps many years from now! Comments are visible to the public without restriction, and, once posted, they remain online indefinitely. Copies of comment text may exist in places that none of us could possibly know about. This blog cannot be responsible for any unwelcome consequences.
  • Comments that waste bandwidth or server resources, or that contain anything that interferes with the hosting provider, the blogging software, or other system users, will be deleted.
    • Comments are for text, not pictures. If you want to post ASCII art or the like, please get your own blog. If a picture, video, audio file, program, or other non-text element is relevant to the subject matter of the blog post, you may upload the file elsewhere if need be, and post a link to it in your comment.
    • Do not paste text directly into the comment box from a WYSIWYG editor, such as a word processor. This can introduce special formatting characters that the comment editor cannot accept. Instead, paste the text into a text-mode editor, such as Notepad, and then recopy and paste it again from there into the comment editor.
  • Comments containing anything that violates, or appears to violate, U.S. law will be deleted and the authorities will be notified.This includes, but is not limited to, the following examples:
    • Threats against the 1389 Blog team or anyone else
    • Material associated with fraud, malware, plagiarism, software piracy, child porn, or identity theft
    • Material that violates anyone’s privacy or that reveals material not authorized for public viewing (with the exception of investigative reporting that is intended to expose wrongdoing)
    • Material that promotes jihadism
    • Links to external sites containing anything of the above nature.

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  • Finally, if you think you might be too drunk to comment, you are too drunk to comment! But then, if you are too drunk to realize that you are drunk, you’re on your own with that one.

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