Event notice: The Art of Da'wah

Adelaide Now: Melbourne university hosts extremist Muslim group in the wake of Sydney shooting

AN EXTREMIST Muslim group held a conference at a Melbourne university over the weekend as the country reels from the shooting of a NSW police worker by a radicalised teenager.

Just a day after Friday’s fatal shooting, a controversial conference organised by fundamentalist Islamic group, the Islamic Research and Educational Academy, was held at Deakin University, The Australian reports.

The IREA’s two-day workshops were based on the teachings of Islamic scholars who have recommended the death penalty for homosexuals and apostates, promoted terrorism and preached hatred of Jews and Christians and violence against women.

Media gathered at Deakin’s Burwood campus on Sunday, but the IREA says on its Facebook page they were not allowed inside the venue as “the event was pre-registered”.

The event, dubbed ‘The Art of Da’wah’, was hosted by the ultraconservative Salafist organisation’s president Waseem Razvi.

The workshops promised to use the teachings of “legendary” scholars Zakir Naik and Ahmed Deedat to help attendees “learn the art and gain the confidence to talk about Islam to anyone, anywhere and at any time”.

Dr Naik, an Indian Muslim preacher who is a medical doctor by education, has been banned from countries including Britain, Canada and parts of India for his rhetorical support for terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

Sheik Deedat, who died in 2005, was a South African Muslim missionary of Indiadescent whose books have been banned from sale in France since 1994 for being “violently anti-Western, anti-Semitic and inciting to racial hate.”

Deakin corporate communications director Sarah Dolan yesterday told The Australian that there were no clear grounds to cancel the event at the last minute — adding that the university will closely watch on how the group conduct themselves.

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Sacramento Bee: Australia to deport American anti-abortion activist

Troy Newman - Operation Rescue
Troy Newman – Operation Rescue

SYDNEY – An American anti-abortion activist is expected to be deported from Australia, after the nation’s highest court ruled Friday that he posed a threat to public order amid concerns he could incite violence against women.

Troy Newman, president of the Kansas-based anti-abortion group Operation Rescue, was detained at Melbourne Airport on Thursday after trying to enter Australia even though officials had already canceled his visa.

The battle to prevent Newman from coming to Australia for a speaking tour began earlier this week, after a lawmaker sent a letter to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton saying Newman could pose a threat to community safety.

“I am most concerned that Mr. Newman’s call for abortionists to be executed could lead to threats or the commission of acts of violence against women and medical professionals,” wrote Terri Butler, a member of the opposition Labor Party.

Immigration officials then revoked Newman’s visa.

Newman, who co-authored a book that suggested doctors who perform abortions are committing a crime egregious enough to warrant the death penalty, denied that he posed a threat to anyone.

“The revocation was based on a pile of lies, including the idea that I promote violence,” Newman wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday. “My 25 year history of peaceful, prayerful action speaks for itself.”

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Why do they feel the need to engage in such dhimmitude? What is the payoff for appeasing the Fakestinians? After all, Iceland is one of the few places in the world with no real danger of Islamic invasion. Go figure…

Planck’s Constant has the story:

(h/t: Pirate’s Cove)

Reykjavík city hall
Reykjavík City Hall – The City Council approved a motion to boycott all Israeli goods. Photo/GVA

On 16 September 2015, Iceland Magazine reported that the Reykjavík City Council voted the day before “that the city would not purchase any goods manufactured in Israel as long as the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories continues.

The boycott’s purpose was intended to condemn “the Israeli policy of apartheid” in the occupied Palestinian territories. I would like to point out to the idiots who voted for this act that there were Jews in Gaza for thousands of years, however there are zero Jews present in the Gaza Strip today while in Israel there are almost 25% Arabs, non-Arab Christians, non-Arab Muslims and residents who do not have an ethnic or religious classification; in addition there are 16 Arabs as members of the 120-body national legislature of Israel (the Knesset).

As well, according to an annual study on democracy, the majority of Arabs in Israel are proud to be citizens of the country, trust the Israel Defense Forces, the President of Israel and the Supreme Court of Israel.

As I reported in my article Is Israel an Apartheid State?, there are more Muslims (1.3 million ) living in itsy-bitsy, teensy, weensy, tiny, itty-bitty Israel than all the Jews (83,512) living in all 50 Muslim-majority countries.

Apartheid state? How about under Israeli rule Arabs have more opportunities than most Arabs in Arab countries.

It happens that Christian populations are declining in all areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority and other Muslim countries while increasing in Israel.

If you are of the Baha’i Faith, where would you go to put your most holy relics for safekeeping? Where in the whole world can one find a place where the people are not racists nor bigots, where they do not persecute you for your religion, where all religions are, in fact, tolerated? Why Israel, of course.

Do any of the above sound like an apartheid nation?
On that same day of the FaceBook post, the mayor of Iceland’s capital backtracked on the scheme: the council didn’t mean to boycott all of Israel, but instead only on products from territories occupied by Israel; that is, only on products from the Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Obviously, the council, as well as most leftists in the world, does not realize that the occupation of the West Bank is a fiction; the area is properly calledJudea and Samaria and it was liberated by Israeli soldiers in 1967.

Read it all here.

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A 15 year old Muslim kid commits an act of terrorism and murders a police employee. PM Turnbull said, “We must never blame Muslims for a tiny minority”. That’s polispeak for, “Please allow me to appease you further.”

Bill Shorten aped Turnbull’s comments, protecting his critical, welfare-funded, Muslim electorates. Prior to his assassination PM Abbott said, “Muslim leaders should mean what they say”. That’s polispeak for, “You Muslims are a bunch of fornicating liars”.

But the word had already gone underground in the media, “Let’s agree to call this act a politically motivated event”. This is really forehead-slapping stuff. WTF do these galahs in government think is going on? How many poor little “radicalised” Muslims do we need to try to detect and “de-radicalise” when it’s the big Muslims in the mosques and book stores who are sending them off to kill us quicker than we can keep up!

The authorities admit these youths are not and never have been on their radar. When will they wake up that it is the big Muslims’ intention that they remain undetected until after they kill Australians.

This Parliament is the weakest in living memory.

It has no intention to stand and protect its people from Islamic violence. It has no intention to stop the proliferation of mosques which are at the very root of this evil.

It refuses to close the Islamic book stores where Muslim youths are trained in the techniques of killing Australians. Our current Parliament will not stop, nor even stem, Muslim immigration which means the problem will only increase.

Abbott was right… Muslims cannot be trusted! When he agreed to take 12,000 refugees prior to being knifed, he was targeting persecuted Christians wasting away in camps, not the well heeled streaming north to Europe.

Bishop and Turnbull will now adopt the UNHCR demand that we not discriminate against Islam, so we can look forward to a constant stream of these “politically motivated events” in future.

Bendigo Bank might have a financial interest in promoting mega mosques but the average Aussie doesn’t. Billions are wasted on Australia’s multiple security Agencies that have no idea what’s going on! The first they know of a terrorist attack is when they read about it in the newspapers and it takes 24 hours before they call it terrorism or dare to utter an Arabic sounding name like Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar!

The mosque is at the very core of Islamic terrorism in Australia as it is across the world. It’s not rocket science! The violence is committed after Friday prayers for Christ’s sake, haven’t they noticed that?

Illegal firearms are stored in mosques where police are unable to search.

Firebrand Muslim clerics preach in mosques where suitably dumb kids are taken aside and groomed in rooms attached to the main prayer area where women are not allowed because they might complain that their kids are being sent on suicidal errands. This is secret big Muslim men’s business.

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Gavin McInnes and Steven Crowder: Growing up conservative in Canada, and more!

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Oct 2, 2015 by Rebel Media
Steven Crowder at LouderwithCrowder.com talks with TheRebel.media‘s Gavin McInnes about growing up “right wing” in socialist Canada, and the differences between Canadians and Americans.

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James Bissett has the story at Calgary Herald:

If you take them, they will come. This reality explains the uneasy truth about mass migratory and refugee movements. What might be seen at first as a humanitarian gesture to help resolve a refugee crisis, often mutates into an uncontrolled and unmanageable migratory flow of people seeking a better life — and if you keep taking them, they will keep coming.

This is not a new revelation and it explains why the United States, after initially welcoming thousands of Cubans and Haitians as refugees in the 1970s and 1980s, realized the flow had to be stopped, and did so by interdicting ships carrying the refugees and sending them back to their homelands.

For a number of years now, Australia, after receiving large numbers of asylum seekers, has essentially stopped the flow by intercepting ships and preventing their cargo from landing.

In 1986, there were more refugees leaving Vietnam than there had been in the immediate years following the fall of Saigon in 1975. The large numbers had created an international crisis and serious backlash in the countries of first asylum. In 1989, under the auspices of the United Nations, it was decided to stop the flow and send back those who were unable to meet the UN convention definition of refugee. This repatriation program effectively ended the movement.

The practice of resettling refugees in countries enjoying a high standard of living has proven to lead to more arrivals, to encourage human trafficking, and to result in unacceptable high costs and potential hostility toward the newcomers. It was for these reasons that the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has accepted that third country resettlement is not the preferred solution to a refugee crisis. Prevention, containment and local resettlement are the favoured options.

There are other reasons why providing protection in the first country of asylum is the first option, and why it is assumed that refugees fleeing persecution should seek protection in the first safe country entered. Offering protection and care in a neighbouring country makes it easier and faster for the refugees to return home when stability is returned to their own country. However, the primary reason is that the costs are dramatically lower than resettlement in a more distant country.

It takes between $25,000 and $40,000 to settle a refugee in a third country, whereas the costs of protecting and caring for a refugee in a camp are a fraction of that amount. Accepting 10,000 government refugees will cost Canada close to $300 million. Obviously, this amount would be much more effectively used by donating it to the UNHCR to help that agency care for the 60 million people under its jurisdiction; our contribution so far this year to the UNHCR’s annual budget has been a minimal $64 million.

We should also be aware that the vast majority of the people now flowing into Europe had already found protection in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon or Egypt. Their onward journey to reach Germany or Sweden is not to find protection from persecution or violence, but to enjoy a better standard of living. This is not to condemn these unfortunate victims of a brutal civil war, but to be aware that a mass migration of this kind can quickly get out of control and create chaos and instability in the receiving countries.

The current flow of many thousands of refugees from the violence in the Middle East and from hunger and famine in Africa, is surely only the beginning of a massive population shift from the poor countries of the world to the more prosperous nations of the West. In the long term, it may prove to be impossible to stop this population transformation, but a quick end must be found to end the current crisis, and this cannot be done by allowing people to cross international borders with impunity and demand to have passage to their country of choice.
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Daily Telegraph: Parramatta shooting: Multiple shots fired outside police HQ on Charles Street

  • Victim identified as Curtis Cheng — father of two and 17-year veteran of the police force who worked in finance
  • 15-year-old gunman of Iraqi-Kurdish background and born in Iran
  • Had visited Parramatta Mosque before shooting rampage
  • NSW Police commissioner Andrew Scipione: Attack was ‘politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism’
  • NSW Premier Mike Baird: ‘This tragedy will echo around the world’

Video and more here…

Police shooting victim Curtis Cheng
Police shooting victim Curtis Cheng

SMH: Parramatta shooting: Gunman identified as Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar

The 15-year-old boy who shot dead a NSW police employee outside the force’s headquarters had not come to the attention of counter terrorism police before he carried out the “politically motivated” attack.

High school student Farhad Khalil Mohammad Jabar shot dead police accountant Curtis Cheng, 58, from behind and at close range outside police headquarters at Parramatta at 4.30pm on Friday.

The teenager, who went to school at Arthur Phillip High just 300 metres away from where the attack took place, then continued to fire his handgun outside the police building until he was killed in a shoot out with three special constables.

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione said it was believed the teenager was acting alone and that police had no prior information that he posed “this type of threat”.

“We are exploring every avenue with regard to why he did what he did,” Mr Scipione said.

The perpetrator had just left a mosque. That’s where to investigate.

“We have no information that this individual posed this type of threat but … we believe his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism.”

Fairfax Media has been told Farhad was not linked to anyone targeted in Operation Appleby, the massive counter terrorism raids carried out in September 2014.

It was reported that his brother contacted police after hearing of the shooting, concerned Farhed might have been involved.

Police were on Saturday night trying to make contact with Farhad’s sister. The ABC reported she flew out of Australia on a Singapore Airlines flight bound for Istanbul on Thursday and may have been attempting to reach Iraq or Syria.

She had taken all of her belongings with her.

Police said they had not yet uncovered any messages, religious writings or notes left by Farhad.

His social media accounts appear mostly untouched since about 2013, when he sent tweets about the reality talent show The Voice.

He did, however, visit nearby Parramatta mosque on Friday afternoon before carrying out the attack. It is understood he changed into the flowing black shirt and black trousers there. Detectives were seen visiting the mosque on Saturday.

“He clearly went [to police headquarters] wanting to be killed so he very well may have got rid of everything beforehand,” a police source said. “There is no way he was expecting to survive.”

Farhad is understood to have been carrying an “old-style handgun” but police were still yet to determine how he had obtained it.

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Jihadis can always obtain weapons. Check the mosque.


On YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Sep 23, 2015 by OkiDokiVines


On YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Oct 1, 2015 by Evangelist Anita Fuentes
Netanyahu address United Nations 70th General Assembly October 1st 2015. He talks about the Iran nuclear deal, which Israel bitterly opposed when it was signed by the U.S. and five other countries earlier this year among other extremely important issues pressuring Israel today.

Times of Israel has the complete transcript.

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The Daily Sheeple provides an introduction:

In the video below, the woman pictured above tells the story of what happened when her train to Vienna was besieged by migrants in Budapest. These people didn’t realize that the European woman was fluent in Arabic, and she overheard and understood everything being said around her.

A band of overwhelmingly adult male migrants (they try to spin it in the media like these waves of refugees are mostly women and children, but it’s not true) stormed her train car and casually threatened to take the five people who bought tickets hostage thinking no one else could understand what they were really saying.
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On YouTube, with English subtitles:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Sep 25, 2015 by Igaz Vajon
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Chronicles Magazine has the story:

Srdja Trifković’s interview with Sputnik Radio International

RS: What is your take on the migrant crisis inside Europe, and what’s happening between Serbia and Croatia?

ST: “Migrant crisis” is the right term. I wouldn’t use the term “refugees” because, strictly speaking, most of these people had already been safe and sound in Turkey and other countries of first refuge. Their decision to move on is mostly prompted by economic reasons, by the desire to reach countries such as Germany, or the Benelux and Scandinavia, where they can look forward to free apartments and welfare payments. A refugee is someone who escapes from Syria to Turkey. Someone who moves on from Turkey to Europe is no longer a “refugee.”
The Hungarian fence along the border with Serbia is obviously working. The “refugees” do not want to stay in Serbia – it is a relatively poor country by European standards, and there are no jobs and no welfare handouts – so the pressure will go wherever there is least resistance. Croatia was able to stem the flow only temporarily, because in the long term the build-up in Serbia is also unsustainable. The country simply lacks the infrastructure to take care of the additional thousands of people who are arriving from Greece and across the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia every day.

In the long term, the decision by the European Commission to impose mandatory quotas [on EU member countries to accept allocated numbers of refugees] is a mistake. It will only prompt more Euroskepticism among the former Soviet Bloc countries, and also in Britain. It will also act as an invitation to further hundreds of thousands of migrants to make the trip from Turkey and other countries. In the long term I wouldn’t be surprised if Europe were to impose more stringent controls. In order to do that, they will need to exert pressure on Turkey’s President Rejep Tayyip Erdoğan. Not many people realize that he is really the villain of the piece, because he has used the refugees in Turkey as a means of exerting pressure on the Europeans, and the Turkish infrastructure has been mobilized to move hundreds of thousands of people from its eastern borders with Syria and Iraq to the Aegean, Mediterranean ports in the southwest of the country.

In the long term, resistance to this migratory influx will increase even in the “old” European countries which have been welcoming them for the time being, notably in Germany, France and the Benelux. After all, even though they are better off than the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Rumania, it is only a question of time when the unassimilable multitudes start acting in the way in which the Islamic diaspora in those countries has been acting for a long time – unwilling to assimilate and unwilling to adapt to the European cultural norms.
RS: They left one place, they left the conflict zone and they are moving on for purely economic reasons. Why isn’t the Western press portraying it like this? Why is the press saying that it’s not even the Syrians, that we need to help everybody – it could be Libyans, it could be Africans. Why don’t we have the true media definition of what’s happening?

ST: It is a mix of political correctness and what has been called “the pornography of compassion.” When what remains of the religious impulse is compassion devoid of the moral infrastructure based on the Christian religion, then you get these knee-jerk reactions. For instance, the photograph of a drowned Syrian boy on a Turkish beach trumps any rational debate.

I would say that fewer than one-half of the people on the move at the moment even come from the countries that can be legitimately regarded as refugee-producing. Most of the people crossing from Libya into Lampedusa and Sicily in Italy are sub-Saharan Africans. Admittedly they come from some rather unpleasant countries, such as Mali, Tchad, or Nigeria, but by that token at least two and a half, maybe three billion people around the world, live in poor and unpleasant countries with no economic prospects. If they are put in the same category as genuine refugees, it will only be a matter of time before Europe is literally deluged.

In the long term this will produce a huge security problem for the host countries. As the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last January, and the attack on the train from Brussels to Paris only a few weeks ago remind us, the French security services had had the culprits in those attacks under supervision – and then they lost the ability to track them because they were overwhelmed. Nobody knows how many would-be jihadists and sympathizers of the Islamic State are coming with this latest flood, and I greatly fear that the European security services simply do not have the resources to investigate each and every applicant. Even if only a few percent of these people are jihadist-minded, it will create a new hotbed of extremism in the heart of Europe.

RS: You’ve mentioned that Turkey’s Erdoğan is playing the disguised villain in this case. Are you suggesting that he is using the migrants as some sort of migration weapon?

ST: Turkey has been very actively projecting its influence in southeast Europe, particularly among the Muslim communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Albania, Kosovo, in Macedonia, in Serbia’s Sanjak region, and in southern Bulgaria. Not only is he [Erdoğan] delighted to increase the Muslim diaspora in Europe, at the same time I think he is also exerting indirect pressure on the Europeans to subscribe to his way of resolving the Syrian crisis. He continues to treat Bashar al-Assad as the key culprit. He also seeks the creation of a buffer zone in northwestern Syria, along the border with Turkey, which would be but another way for Turkey to battle the Kurds in Syria, whom he regards as more dangerous to the stability of the Turkish state than the Islamic State itself.

[You can listen to the interview here.]

More about Erdoğan:


Iran Truth – Timeline of Lies

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Sep 8, 2015 by securefreedom
They told us we needed a good deal, then gave away everything they promised to get. This bad deal is much worse than no deal.

Turns out it was never about the nukes.

Rush Limbaugh follows the money:

…But, folks, the big reason for all of this is money. At the end of the day, it’s always about money. It always has been about money in politics. It’s just more prevalent now than ever. Do you know why we did the Iran deal, just for example?

You know why the Corker Bill exists as it does, why there’s never any serious effort to stop Obama in making the Iran deal? Do you have any idea? It was money. There was a news story, I think it was the UK Daily Mail. If not, it was something similar. The Iranian national airline, such as it is, is falling apart. Their aircraft are old and dilapidated, and because the sanctions have been in place, they’ve been unable to buy new aircraft, replacement aircraft or parts to repair what they have now.

So basically their national airline is a joke. They in Iran, the mullahs, have ordered a number of replacement aircraft, made by Boeing. Boeing therefore wants the deal. But in order for the deal to happen $150 billion in frozen Iranian assets needs to be unfrozen. Now, Boeing is a contributor to the Republican Party. I wish I could remember what newspaper I read this in. Off the top of my head, I think it’s the Daily Mail, but it might very easily could be something else.

But the bottom line was that Republican politicians, elected officials basically had to please a very well-to-do donor or series of donors that were going to be able to engage in new business with Iran if the sanctions were lifted. If you look at the Corker Bill, all it was about was lifting the sanctions by statute. Now, this is very important. The Corker Bill secured the sanctions being lifted by statute. You know I was watching the last Republican debate.

It was an exchange between Ted Cruz and I think it was Kasich. They were having an argument on what you do if Iran cheats on the deal, and Cruz was making it very clear that we were never gonna find out if Iran cheated because they were in total control of the inspection process. And they are. If we want to lodge a complaint, it’s 24 days before we can take action, and they have to grant us permission to come in. But they, the Iranians, by virtue of this deal, do their own inspection first. So it’s a joke.

There is no inspection process.

There is no verification whatsoever. And Kasich was saying to Cruz, “Look if they violate it, we just slap the sanctions back on!” And I’m yelling at the TV, “No, we can’t ‘slap the sanctions back on’ ’em. They have been lifted by statute.” The sanctions have not been lifted temporarily, and they’ve not been lifted per se as part of the deal. They have been lifted by virtue of the Corker Bill which is a statutory law. The statutes have thus maintained that the Iranians are gonna get their $150 billion whether they cheat or not.

So the Iranian nuclear deal, when it comes to the debate in Washington, never really was about Iran and nuclear weapons. It was about money, economic news. It is about American corporations. And Boeing’s not the only one that want to do business with Iran. And when Iran’s got $150 billion freed up that’s been frozen, they can buy enough terrorism with that and have some left over to revamp their airline. I’m gonna have to find out what… It was Bloomberg that had this story.

It was Bloomberg News that had the story that it was Boeing and Airbus combined that wanted to make a deal with Iran on new aircraft for this dilapidated Iranian airline. Now, all the while this debate’s raging, we’re treated to story after story that the parameters of the debate center on whether or not it makes sense that Iran permitted to get a nuclear weapon. It was never what this was about. And all of us were incredulous about the Corker Bill. Why even do it?

If you’re the Senate and you oppose Obama and you oppose Iran having nukes, just insist on the treaty clause, just insist on this being a treaty. If you just do that, you solve the problem. Then you need two-thirds of it Senate to ratify it, and it’s not automatic. But the Corker Bill went into action and reversed the whole procedure for the treaty and basically turned this into nothing more than a statutory elimination or lifting of the sanctions.

So all the while these elected officials are telling us they’re gonna stop Obama and Obamacare and they’re gonna stop Obama on amnesty and illegal immigration. That’s not what’s going on. What’s going on is that their donors are demanding that they get this and that from the Republicans in term of policy and votes. And that’s who the Republican officials in Washington, elected officials are loyal to. So you can call that political system being corrupted or what have you.

The point is, Ted Cruz was aware of all of this, and he decided there was no way since he’s so vastly outnumbered in the Senate that what he instead did was work with the conservative members in the House to strength them, to focus them. Not that they needed it, but just to form some unity and have a coordinated effort that was aimed at Boehner’s resignation, since Cruz was not gonna be able to engineer a similar thing in the Senate because he was basically a party of one.
Read it all here.



…just who is Ben Carson talking about?

Larry Pickering has the story:

Obama bowing to Saudi king

And he is not backing down. Of course his jelly-backed GOP co-candidates immediately joined the Left media in roundly condemning his stance as unconstitutional. But Carson is just one of the frontrunners in the Republican race who has never been a politician and his candidacy is candidly refreshing.

Naturally a Muslim can never be President unless he lies about where his allegiances lie.

Now, I don’t know whether Barack Obama is a Muslim or not, but he was certainly brought up as a Muslim and “educated” in an Indonesian Madrassa as a Muslim. His family is Muslim and he speaks Arabic with the fluency of a Muslim. He wears an Arabic inscribed ring and bends his knee to a filthy Saudi king and shows no deference, other than a handshake, to the Pope.

These are his words: “There is no sweeter sound on earth than the Muslim call to prayer” which, to 98 per cent of Americans, is a sound akin to scraping your fingers up a blackboard. “Non-Muslims  must stop equating terrorism with Islam” he said.

Obama also says in words, “We are summoned to push back against those who would distort OUR religion for their nihilistic ends.” “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”

“Islam is peace.” “The Islamic State is not Islamic.” “As a student of history, I also know civilisation’s debt to Islam.” “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.” (WTF?) “Islam has always been part of America.” “We will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities.”

More of Obama’s words: “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.” “I made it clear that America is not – and will never be – at war with Islam.” “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”

And, “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”

Enough of Obama’s words, what about his deeds then? Well he has released six dangerous Islamic terrorists from Gitmo in exchange for an American deserter who converted to Islam.

During the Pope’s visit he quietly released another terrorist back to Yemen who was marked “never to be released”. He promoted and endorsed a mosque built adjacent to 9/11 ground zero. He refuses to confront ISIS. He is a card-carrying member of the Egyptian terrorist group, the Muslim Brotherhood, supported its leader Mohamed Morsi and rejected President al Sisi’s call for co-existence.

He has ensured Iran has a nuclear weapon in one of the craziest international deals ever negotiated. Or was it crazy? He refuses to arm the Kurds who own the only boots on the ground fighting ISIS for fear of upsetting Turkey who, along with the Saudis, has given safe passage and support to ISIS.

He has alienated the only serious ally the West has in the Middle East in Israel. He has altered US Military reports to falsely show America is winning the war against ISIS. He refuses to use the words Islam and terrorism in the same sentence. He has stacked his Administration with Muslims and Muslim sympathisers. He knows and uses the ISIS hand signal of dominance. Oh I could go on and on, but it evokes the old adage of, “…. it’s probably a duck”.

So Ben Carson has made a stand and he now polls on a par with the formerly skyrocketing, and now faltering, Donald Trump!

Carson knows what blind innocents don’t know: Islam is the only faith that supersedes and overrides all else an adherent does and thinks. That’s what Carson is trying to say… that’s what Islam IS!

If you are a Muslim you come as a total package.

Unlike Christianity, Islam IS the military, Islam IS the education process, Islam IS the treasury, Islam IS the judiciary, Islam IS the law (Shariah), Islam IS the subjugation of women and girls, Islam IS crucifixions, the severing of limbs and beheadings. Islam IS FGM, Islam IS the one and only Caliphate that must eventually rule over all Western infidels.

If you deny any of the above you are an apostate of Islam… the worst of all possible sins, because in the Islamic faith EVERYONE is born a Muslim. That’s why there is no baptising of infants, it’s already a fait accompli.

Is this the reason Obama has set the entire world on fire? No-one could have caused this much damage accidentally.

Has the softly-spoken, non-politician Carson tapped into the suffering, silent majority? He knows the Koran, Shariah and the Hadith well. Is he referring to a Muslim operative who has already infiltrated the White House?

It certainly appears so. And Putin certainly agrees with him.


We don’t agree with him on everything, but he presents an interesting perspective.

On YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Jul 22, 2015 by KMVT
Russian TV personality, Vladimir Pozner, talks to American delegates from the Center for Citizen Initiatives about Ukraine, Crimea, President Putin and the state of Journalism today. This program was filmed in Moscow, Russia in June, 2015. This program was aired on KMVT15 Community Media.

From: Sharon Tennison <sharon@ccisf.org>
To: 1389 Blog Mailbox
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2015 10:21 PM
Subject: Moscow––Pozner: Ukraine, Crimea and Putin

Hi Friends,

We spent a couple of hours with Vladimir Pozner while in Moscow. In case you may not know of him, he is Russia’s #1 Icon for TV broadcasting and has been for about 50 years. As always, he was cordial, frank and fascinating.

I’ve extracted a 30 minute piece out of the longer version for you to get what is probably most salient. It follows:

Vladimir Pozner Ukraine, Crimea, Journalism and Putin

In case any of you wish to view the longer piece, it can be clicked on next.

This piece is about an hour and half and contains the above 30-minute extract.

FYI, our first delegation to the USSR met with Pozner in 1983. Off camera he was more forthcoming than we expected regarding the system he represented on Soviet TV. Since few Americans traveled there during that dangerous period, he frequently had time for us as one CCI delegation after another began showing up in Moscow. He was enjoyed by all of our travelers since he seemed so “American.” In the second and longer URL above Pozner gives his checkered family history which included living in New York up into his teen years. One thing I remember vividly: the story about when his father chose to depart the U.S.(after being told he must renounce his birth country or leave). The family moved Russia in the early 1950s when it was just recovering from WWII. Vladimir found himself in a radically different circumstance compared to New York to which he was accustomed. When asked what he missed about America, he retorted, “When you are a teenager, the thing you miss most is a hamburger and a coke!” It couldn’t have been an easy transition.

In 2004 we brought 100 Russian entrepreneurs to Washington to get ideas from the world’s top 15 Embassies whose countries had significantly reduced corruption. Afterward they flew back to Moscow where Vladimir hosted all 100 on his weekly TV show which was carried across 11 time zones. Four of the 100 sat at his round table and described their plights about dealing with Russia’s endemic corruption. The other 96 held hand-operated devices with which they voted on each question asked. It was the first time entrepreneurs had risked talking publically about the corruptors in their cities.

Another tale of the past: In 2007 Vladimir showed up in a dingy District Court in StPetersburg where I was being sued for $400,000 for a broken pipe in my flat which had supposedly destroyed two Bechstein grand pianos below, along with assorted antiques, a closet of full length furs, 60 pair of Italian shoes, on and on and on. I was being sued by one of the grand divas of the Marienskii Theatre. Vladimir strolled into court as though he belonged there and made it known he was watching. He stayed the entire day, counseling me during breaks. I’m forever grateful, since I’m sure due to his presence, the suit was reduced to below $60K and a few other court costs.


What have we become when we fear saying what is obvious?
What has our nation become?
And who are we if we do nothing about it? — AGB

From: John Porter <johnporter1939@cox.net>
Date: Mon, Sep 21, 2015 at 2:36 PM
Subject: Muslim Religion of Islam
To: Americans everywhere

With the events we are watching unfold in Europe and most all of the Middle East and the constant attacks on peoples of many other nations, including the United States, there is much concern and discussion in our country and indeed, all over the world about the war being waged by, “Muslim Radicals” on behalf of their Religion of Islam. This is a war against all people who are not of, or do not support, the Muslim faith of Islam and their Sharia Law. Make no mistake about it, we are under attack by Muslims.

If anyone speaks of Muslims waging this war without saying, “Islamic Radicals” they are chastised rather harshly for not being politically correct in their failure to use the term “Radicals” with Islamic. Have you ever wondered why the so called moderate Muslims who may not embrace terrorism do not speak up in outrage against and put a stop to, what is being waged in the name of their religion, Islam? I submit to you it is because they are not the devout Muslims. Those who are waging this war of murder and other atrocities are the devout Muslims true to their faith and the teachings of their Holy Koran. They are indeed radical because the Religion of Islam is a Radical Religion. Islamic Radicals and the Religion of Islam are one and the same. Moderate Muslim only means you are not a true and devout Muslim, guided by the teachings and commands of your Holy Book, the Koran.

I challenge the claim that the Islamic religion is a religion of peace. Their definition of ” religion of peace” is the end result of winning the war they are waging, when all of mankind will be under the Islamic Religion and their Sharia Law through either conversion or death. The true and devout Muslims believe when every person on earth, who is not a follower of Islam, has been either converted or killed, the world will be at peace, thus their “religion of peace”. I state without reservation, ALL MUSLIMS WHO ARE DEDICATED TO THEIR FAITH AND TEACHINGS OF THEIR KORAN, DO HAVE THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF ALL NATIONS, SUCH AS THE UNITED STATES WITH SECULAR CONSTITUTIONAL FORMS OF GOVERNMENT, AND THE IMPLEMENTATION OF SHARIA LAW WITHIN THOSE NATIONS, AS THEIR GOAL. Yes, I am speaking of it as a religion. It is the GOAL OF THE MUSLIM RELIGION OF ISLAM!!

It is not only a religion but a form of government with their own laws called Sharia, which is a very evil thing in itself. It is the only religion in the world which has an overriding goal to control and dominate all human beings on earth, unlike Christianity, Judaism, and the other Eastern Religions. There is no other religion on earth which seeks the level of power and authority over every person on this planet as does ISLAM AS A RELIGION, through deadly force if that is what it takes.

If we are to survive by winning this war, it is an ABSOLUTE MUST that we recognize this most powerful and fundamental difference in the Muslim religion of Islam and the other religions of the civilized world. Ladies and gentlemen, WE ARE AT WAR. It is World War III. When our nation is at war who is, Constitutionally, the Supreme Commander of our efforts to defeat our attackers? It is our president.

No other American President has ever been so partial to Muslims and their Islamic Religion as President Barack Obama. He will not refer to our attackers for whom they are. He just cannot bring himself to say the words, Islamic terrorism – nothing as to their real identity. What does it say about our chances of survival in The United States when our Commander in Chief refuses to publicly recognize who we are fighting? Every world leader of any standing has now declared that it is indeed the actions of Islamic Terrorists, except one, President Obama of the United States.

The events we are watching unfold in Europe and the Middle East, the be-headings of Americans by the Islamic State, and other such events of murder and mayhem without our president becoming engaged by recognizing the enemy, are arousing concerns by many over whether President Obama might in fact be a Muslim. I do know, by thorough research, there is an Islamic doctrine known as “taqiyya” that permits Muslims to deny they are Muslim if it would be dangerous not to, or to knowingly deceive infidels (anyone who is not a Muslim). Ask yourself, do you believe Barack Obama being capable of lying, of being deceitful to achieve an end?

No, I can not prove that Barack Obama is a Muslim. However, he has never made a secret of the fact that both his father and stepfather were Muslims. It is well documented that when he lived in Indonesia he attended a Muslim madras until he was ten years of age, a school devoted to the Muslim faith of Islam.

Many of us have seen his interview with George Stephanopoulus, when Obama said “John McCain has not talked about my Muslim faith” and Stephanopoulus was quick to suggest to Obama that he meant to say his “Christian faith”? Obama quickly responded, “Yes my Christian faith.” Can you imagine any Christian you know under any circumstances, accidentally calling himself a Muslim? Again, no I can not prove Obama to be a Muslim. He has publicly referred to the Muslim call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset.” Again, publicly he has recited its opening lines with a perfect Arabic accent saying “Allah is supreme…I witness that there is no God but Allah.” Is Barack Obama a Muslim? I think in his heart of hearts, he is. What do you think? Be your own judge.

What we are witnessing today in France, other countries of Europe, Australia, Iraq, and Syria will spread into the United States. WE ABSOLUTELY MUST STOP THINKING, “THAT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE.” I assure you if we don’t enlighten ourselves and stop so much political correctness out of fear of offending someone, it can and surely WILL happen here. The issue has now become front and center in our current presidential race. We must be very careful and deliberate in our decision. After all, it is up to us.
Thank you.

You have my permission and encouragement to forward to all you can.

Until next time, I am
Respectively yours
John Porter
Harrison, Arkansas.