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St. Sava Cathedral NYC: Round window icon

If you wish to donate towards the restoration of our church, this is how you can help:

Latest Update: 04-May-2016, 10:57 a.m. EDT

Thank you for your overwhelming response and support!

Please beware of any unofficial and fraudulent online donation seeking campaigns.

The Executive Board of Saint Sava currently endorses ONLY one single online donation option which can be found on this website. FOLLOW THE LINK and click on the YELLOW “DONATE” BUTTON on the right side of the page. This will open a window in PAYPAL where you can make a donation via direct transfer from your account or using a credit card.

If you prefer to mail a donation, you can mail a check payable to “St Sava Cathedral” to:
Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava
20 West 26th Street
New York, NY 10010

Serbian Orthodox Church and School Community of Saint Sava Cathedral is a registered 501(c)(3) organization (EIN #13-2685013). Donations are fully tax deductible in the United States.

Media organizations, please address all you inquiries to

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The Clarion Project: Secrets and Lies: Turkey’s Covert Relationship With ISIS

(h/t: Money Jihad)

While Turkey has arrested ISIS fighters planning an attack on Jewish children, new documents reveal the extensive collaboration between Turkey and ISIS.
Yet, new documents obtained by Kurdish YPG fighters (People’s Protection Units) and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) who are fighting together, refute the claim made by Erdogan that Turkey is preventing ISIS and Al-Nusra (Al Qaeda’s official affiliate in Syria) from travelling through Turkey to reach Syria.

The documents seized from Islamic State headquarters in seven locations, including Kobane, show that ISIS fighters from all over the world – and particularly from Kazakhstan, Indonesia, and Tajikistan — were given passage through Turkey to Syria.

The Firat News Agency (ANF), a Kurdish outlet whose websites have been repeatedly blocked in Turkey by Turkish courts, reports that the hundreds of documents show that since 2013, ISIS fighters have used the Istanbul and Adana airports and have received permits from the Turkish government to reside in Turkey until they cross over to Syria.

The documents also include bus tickets, electronic Turkish visas, residency permits, and documents with stamps from Turkish immigration officials.

Chillingly, the documents show that chemical and explosive materials was transferred from Turkey to Syria. One such document was signed by the manager of Istanbul’s Police Foreigners’ Department Erkan Aydoga. Manuals in Turkish as to how to use these materials were also given to the jihadis.

A sample of the documents can be viewed here.
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There is no reason for the NATO alliance between Turkey and the US.


eBritić has the story:

FIFTY EIGHT firefighters battle to control a blaze at the Corner Terrace “Otadzbina” restaurant in Ealing on Orthodox Easter.

The fire broke out early on Sunday 1 May at the eatery which also affected adjoining flats where fire crews rescueed two men. Six local fire stations sent 58 firefighters to deal with the blaze. By 8am the fire was under control but Uxbridge Road, one of the city’s most congested major roads, was closed until 10am.
A spokesperson from the London Fire Brigade said: “Fire crews from Acton, Ealing, Chiswick, Park Royal, Hammersmith and Wembley fire stations attended” adding that the cause of the fire was not known at present.
The Corner Terrace is one of the few Serbian restaurants in Britain and is a much loved place for London’s community to gather. That evening an Easter party was planned featuring Koki + Bobi (Koki Jankov and Boban Mojsovski) but the most recent post on the restaurant’s facebook page is apolegetic but still gracious to wish patrons our traditional Easter greeting:

Obavestavamo nase goste da restoran Nece raditi. Rano jutros imali smo nesrecu zapalio nam se zadnji dio restorana, izvinjavamo se svim nasim gostima I hvala na razumevanju. Izaci cemo iz ovoga jos jaci I bolji. HRISTOS VOSKRESE!!! Vas Corner Terrace

The sad news brings the number of 2016 Easter Day fires to five – four are from Orthodox communities in the Diaspora. This fire precedes the fire which sacked St Sava’s Church in NYC by just 17 hours. That investigation is ongoing with the Daily Mail reporting as “suspicious” but the most recent New York Post quoting investigators as saying that the candles may not have been fully extinguished. The same paper also reported on concerns from the Serbian community, some of whom have queried the presumed coincidence line, saying that Serbs had successfully lobbied Pope Francis to delay the canonisation of controversial WW2 “Croatian Nazi supporter Cardinal Aloysius Stepinac”.

Read this article in Ealing Today

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“I made a short introduction to the topic of women in Islam to cut through some of the deception:”

On YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on May 4, 2016 by Acts17Apologetics

For the sources cited in this video, click this link:

In 2009, the Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development released a report on Gender Equality and Social Institutions. The study concluded that eleven of the twelve countries with the highest levels of discrimination against women were Muslim-majority countries.

A similar study in 2014, conducted by the World Economic Forum, concluded that 19 of the 20 countries with the largest gender gap between men and women were Muslim-majority countries.

Are these results connected to the teachings of Islam, or are they mere coincidence? In this video, David Wood presents three Quran verses every woman needs to know. These verses show that in order to challenge the gender gap in Muslim countries, we must all challenge the commands of Allah and Muhammad.


On YouTube: Bill Warner, PhD: Sharia and Kafirs

YouTube Preview Image

Published on May 5, 2016 by Political Islam

Sharia law is the most important part of Islamic doctrine. Sharia is Islam; Islam is Sharia. Sharia includes law, but it also includes how to raise a family, theology, philosophy and every aspect of daily living. Sharia law includes pronouncements for both Muslims and non-Muslims (Kafirs). Sharia is a manual for a civilization.

Sharia does not allow free speech. It is forbidden to make a joke about Mohammed. Blasphemy is forbidden. The US is following Sharia when it allows the UN to determine that Muslim refugees come to America and not Christians.

We have Sharia compliant textbooks now in Tennessee. We hesitate to anger Muslims or criticize Islam. In Europe Islamic rape is accepted behavior.

Sharia says that our Constitution is manmade and a product of ignorance. Sharia is Allah’s law and must replace all other governments. Countries that adhere to all of Sharia are Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan and Yemen. Most Islamic nations do not apply all of the Sharia, but it is there when more stringent laws are wanted.

All Kafirs are involved in the Sharia; it is just a matter of how much. We should recognize it and resist its expansion in our civilization.


On YouTube:

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Published on May 2, 2016 by Defending the USA
You can follow Lynne at
TWITTER : @lynnepatton
INSTAGRAM : @lynnepatton

SYNOPSIS : Never Mind the Lies and Distortion of the Mainstream Media, Lynne Patton, a Female Trump Org Executive Will Tell You the Truth.


Guardian (UK): Authorities in Melbourne and Sydney investigating Orthodox church fires

Australia’s second oldest Greek Orthodox church has been saved, but a Macedonian Orthodox church was gutted

Authorities in Melbourne and Sydney are investigating fires in two Orthodox churches.

Australia’s second oldest Greek Orthodox church has been saved after a fire broke out in Melbourne, a day after Orthodox Easter celebrations. The cause of the fire at the 115-year-old Holy Church of Annunciation of Our Lady in East Melbourne on Monday afternoon is still under investigation.

No one was inside at the time of the fire at 1.30pm, which was mainly contained to the roof.

Dejected church priest Kosmas Damianides said a historic icon of Mary that had been at the church since soon after its establishment in 1900 was probably destroyed.

“It’s a shock. I can’t believe it,” Damianides said on Monday.

Assistant chief fire officer Martin Braid said it was fortunate the Eastern Hill fire station was only a few hundred metres away.

He said the extent of the damage will be better known once the municipal building surveyor inspects the premises.

Annunciation of Our Lady is the second Orthodox church in Australia affected by fire after the Macedonian Orthodox Church of the Resurrection in Sydney’s south was gutted on Sunday night, hours after Easter celebrations.

The Rockdale church, parts of which have been standing since the 1890s, was engulfed in flames around 10pm on Sunday, less than 12 hours after the end of the Easter service.

Church treasurer Steve Kostovski says there were irreplaceable icons from around Europe inside and the church did not have contents insurance.

“It is heartbreaking,” an emotional Kostovski said as investigators took pictures of the rubble from a cherry-picker on Monday.

“The name of the church was resurrection of the Christ. It makes it even more sad because yesterday was the resurrection of Christ.”

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On YouTube:

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Published on Apr 5, 2016 by The Center for Medical Progress

The Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives recently held its first hearing on March 2 to examine the bioethics of fetal tissue harvesting and experimentation. The hearing included a review of the patient consent form used by Planned Parenthood to get permission to harvest aborted baby parts.

The Planned Parenthood form promises pregnant women considering abortion that aborted fetal tissue “has been used to treat and find a cure for such diseases as diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and AIDS.” No cures for these diseases are currently available, and no current therapies for them use aborted fetal tissue.

At the hearing, Dr. Lawrence Goldstein, a scientist from the University of California at San Diego, was called by the Panel’s minority to testify in support of Planned Parenthood’s fetal tissue harvesting. Dr. Goldstein is a long-time financial donor to Planned Parenthood in San Diego, and uses aborted fetal brains and other body parts from the local Planned Parenthood. Under oath, Dr. Goldstein replied to a question from Planned Parenthood supporter Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-NJ) this way:

Watson Coleman: Do you believe that anything on that form is creating an undue hardship or intimidation or misrepresentation to women who are being asked to consider whether they will donate this tissue?

Goldstein: If it’s the form that says, therapies for diseases such as Alzheimer’s and all the rest have already been found, I agree, that’s an inappropriate statement that should not have been made on that form. I don’t know who wrote it, that would not have made it past my IRB [Institutional Review Board] either.

The Planned Parenthood fetal harvesting consent form is authored by Planned Parenthood Federation of America and provided to affiliates in its Manual of Medical Standards and Guidelines.

“Planned Parenthood’s baby parts trafficking scheme cannot stand up to independent scrutiny. When a Planned Parenthood supporter and baby parts customer admits under oath that Planned Parenthood has been fraudulently inducing patient consent, it discredits all of Planned Parenthood’s assurances that their baby parts scheme has operated legally and above-board,” notes David Daleiden, CMP Project Lead. “Law enforcement in Planned Parenthood-friendly jurisdictions should stop wasting taxpayer resources to assist Planned Parenthood in harassing citizen journalists, and should stop ignoring the evidence of real fraud, baby body parts trafficking, and criminal abortion practices right in their own backyard.”



On YouTube:

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Published on Apr 30, 2016 by Russia Insider

Today is Orthodox Christian Easter (01/06/2016). “Christ is Risen!”. “Truly, He is risen!”
Χριστός ανέστη – Христос Воскрес Hristos voskrese
Уваскрос Christ is Risen auferstanden
Germanic languages
West Germanic languages
Anglic languages
English – Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen! or Christ is Risen! He is Risen indeed!
Old English – Crist aras! Crist sodhlice aras! (Lit: Christ arose! Christ surely arose!)
Middle English – Crist is arisen! Arisen he sothe!
Iyaric Patwa – Krestos a uprisin! Seen, him a uprisin fe tru!
Frisian – Kristus is opstien! Wis is er opstien!
High German languages
German – Christus ist auferstanden! Er ist wahrhaftig auferstanden!
Low Franconian languages
Dutch – Christus is opgestaan! Hij is waarlijk opgestaan! (Netherlands) or Christus is verrezen! Hij is waarlijk verrezen! (Belgium)
Afrikaans – Kristus het opgestaan! Hom het waarlik opgestaan!
North Germanic languages
Danish – Kristus er opstanden! Sandelig Han er Opstanden!
Icelandic – Kristur er upprisinn! Hann er vissulega upprisinn!
Norwegian – Kristus er oppstanden! Han er sannelig oppstanden!
Swedish – Kristus är uppstånden! Ja, Han är verkligen uppstånden!
Italic languages
Latin – Christus resurrexit! Resurrexit vere!
Romance languages
Aromanian – Hristolu unghia! Daleehira unghia!
Catalan – Crist ha ressuscitat! Veritablement ha ressuscitat!
French – Le Christ est ressuscité! Il est vraiment ressuscité!
Italian – Cristo è risorto! È veramente risorto!
Portuguese – Cristo ressuscitou! Em verdade ressuscitou!
Provençal – Lo Crist es ressuscitat! En veritat es ressuscitat!
Romanian – Hristos a înviat! Adevărat a înviat!
Romansh – Cristo es rinaschieu! In varded, el es rinaschieu!
Spanish – ¡Cristo ha resucitado! ¡En verdad ha resucitado!
Walloon – Li Crist a raviké! Il a raviké podbon!
Slavic languages
Church Slavonic – Хрiстосъ Воскресе! Воистину Воскресе! (Christos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese!)
Russian – Христос Воскрес! Воистину Воскрес! (Christos Voskres! Voistinu Voskres!)
Belarusian – Хрыстос Уваскрос! Сапраўды Ўваскрос! (Chrystos Uvaskros! Sapraŭdy Ŭvaskros!)
Ukrainian – Христос Воскрес! Воістину Воскрес! (Chrystos Voskres! Voistynu Voskres!)
Bulgarian – Христос Возкресе! Воистина Возкресе! (Hristos Vozkrese! Voistina Vozkrese!)
Macedonian – Христос Воскресе! Навистина Воскресе! (Hristos Voskrese! Navistina Voskrese!)
Serbian – Христос Вaскрсе! Ваистину Вaскрсе! (Hristos Vaskrse! Vaistinu Vaskrse!)
Czech – Kristus Vstal A Mrtvych! Opravdi Vstoupil!
Slovak – Christos vstal zmŕtvych! Skutočne vstal!
Polish – Chrystus Zmartwychwstał! Prawdziwie Zmartwychwstał!
Baltic languages
Latvian Kristus (ir) augšāmcēlies! Patiesi viņš ir augšāmcēlies!
Lithuanian – Kristus prisikėlė! Tikrai prisikėlė!
Celtic languages
Goidelic languages
Old Irish – Asréracht Críst! Asréracht Hé-som co dearb!
Irish – Tá Críost éirithe! Go deimhin, tá sé éirithe!
Manx – Taw Creest Ereen! Taw Shay Ereen Guhdyne!
Scottish – Tha Crìosd air èiridh! Gu dearbh, tha e air èiridh!
Brythonic languages
Breton – Dassoret eo Krist! E wirionez dassoret eo!
Cornish – Thew Creest dassorez! En weer thewa dassorez!
Welsh – Atgyfododd Crist! Yn wir atgyfododd!
Indo-Iranian languages
Indic languages
Sanskrit – (Kristo’pastitaha! Satvam Upastitaha!)
Southern Zone
Marathi – (Yeshu Khrist uthla ahe! Kharokhar uthla ahe!)
Albanian (Tosk) – Krishti u ngjall! Vërtet u ngjall!
Armenian – (Christos harjav i merelotz! Orhniale harutjun Christosi! — Christ is risen! Blessed is the resurrection of Christ!)
Greek – Χριστός ἀνέστη! Ἀληθῶς ἀνέστη! (Khristós Anésti! Alithós Anésti! Christ is Risen! Truly He is Risen!)
Altaic languages
Turkish – Isa dirildi! Hakikaten dirildi!
Azeri – Məsih dirildi! Həqiqətən dirildi!
Austronesian languages
Chamorro – La’la’i i Kristo! Magahet na luma’la’ i Kristo!
Filipino – Si Cristo ay nabuhay! Siya nga ay nabuhay!
Indonesian – KrÍstus tÉlah Bangkit! Benár día têlah Bángkit!
Carolinian – Lios a melau sefal! Meipung, a mahan sefal!
Hawaiian – Ua ala hou ´o kristo! Ua ala ´i ´o no ´oia!
Basque – Cristo Berbistua! Benatan Berbistua!
Dravidian languages
Malayalam – (Christu uyirthezhunnettu! Theerchayayum uyirthezhunnettu!)
Eskimo-Aleut languages
Aleut – Kristus aq ungwektaq! Pichinuq ungwektaq!
Yupik – Xris-tusaq Ung-uixtuq! Iluumun Ung-uixtuq!
Japanese – (Harisutosu fukkatsu! Jitsu ni fukkatsu!)
Korean – (Geuriseudokkeseo Buhwalhasheotne!)
Na-Dené languages
Athabaskan languages
Navajo – Christ daaztsáádéé’ náádiidzáá! T’áá aaníí, daaztsáádéé’ náádiidzáá!


RT has much more.

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Atlas Obscura has the story:

All of British Columbia mobilized to get Miss Kitty back to earth.

Last weekend, a cat climbed up a pole in Princeton, British Columbia and couldn’t get down.

Then things got weird. What started as a classic cat scenario stretched into a days-long saga that involved bureaucratic stalemates, a social media campaign, government intervention, and a lot of poletop overnights for the cat.

According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Miss Kitty, an orange and white tabby, most likely climbed the sixty-foot pole while fleeing another neighborhood cat. Her owner, Bill Backhall, spotted her up there on Monday morning. Even beyond the height—the cat was six stories in the air—it was “a desperate situation,” he said. Nearby birds of prey were eyeing her as you might a skewered morsel. Video footage shows Miss Kitty meowing in distress while perched on the pole’s crossbeam. She needed to get down quick.

But when Backhall called the city for help, this average pet disaster turned into a full-scale bureaucratic nightmare. The pole was under the jurisdiction of provincial crown corporation BC Hydro, and it was supporting lines that carried 138,000 volts of electricity into a nearby mine. Taking an average cat rescue team up near such high-voltage wires wasn’t an option, but neither was switching off the power. Backhall and BC Hydro were at an impasse.

That’s when the public came to the rescue. After local cat lover Natalia Bosley learned of the situation, she took to social media, mobilizing backers under the hashtag #savethePrincetonBCcat. Worried neighbors surrounded the pole’s base with mattresses. Cats countrywide posted selfies in support. Even BC parliament member Dan Albas Tweeted his attendant anxiety.

As tensions heightened along with the cat, Bosley posted updates on Facebook. “Tonight will be its fourth night up there and it’s very scared,” she wrote on Wednesday. “It keeps climbing higher up the pole.”

The outcry worked. Last night, BC Hydro sent a crew from three hours away to bring down Miss Kitty in a special cherrypicker. “After” photos show her posing contentedly in a carrier, safe in the arms of a reflective-vested crew member.

As for Miss Kitty, hopefully four high-altitude nights were enough for a lifetime. According to Backhall, she will be staying inside from now on.

(Photo here.)

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On YouTube: Donald Trump AIPAC Full Speech

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Mar 21, 2016 by LesGrossman2015

Donald Trump AIPAC Full Speech.

In a highly awaited speech at the AIPAC Policy Conference on Monday evening, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump reiterated his support for Israel while promising to continue to do so if elected President. Trump noted that he is a lifelong supporter of the State of Israel and noted that, despite being a newcomer to politics, “I’m not new to supporting the Jewish state.” He touted his pro-Israel credentials and noted how he led the Salute Israel parade in 2014. “It was a dangerous time for Israel and frankly for many supporting Israel… I took the risk and I’m glad I did,” said Trump. “But I didn’t come to you to pander about Israel – that’s what a politician does: all talk and no action. “I came to tell you where I stand on the future of America’s relationship with our strategic ally and cultural brother, the state of Israel.” Trump declared that his number one number priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran. “This deal is catastrophic, for America, for Israel and for the whole Middle East.” Good evening. I speak to you today as a lifelong supporter and true friend of Israel. I am a newcomer to politics but not to backing the Jewish state.

In late 2001, weeks after the attacks on New York City and Washington – attacks perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists, Mayor Giuliani visited Israel to show solidarity with terror victims. I sent him in my plane because I backed the mission 100%. In Spring 2004, at the height of violence in the Gaza Strip, I was the Grand Marshal of the 40th Salute to Israel Parade, the largest single gathering in support of the Jewish state. It was a very dangerous time for Israel and frankly for anyone supporting Israel – many people turned down this honor –I did not, I took the risk. I didn’t come here tonight to pander to you about Israel. That’s what politicians do: all talk, no action. I came here to speak to you about where I stand on the future of American relations with our strategic ally, our unbreakable friendship, and our cultural brother, the only democracy in the Middle East, the State of Israel. My number one priority is to dismantle the disastrous deal with Iran. I have been in business a long time. I know deal-making and let me tell you, this deal is catastrophic – for America, for Israel, and for the whole Middle East. The problem here is fundamental. We have rewarded the world’s leading state sponsor of terror with $150 billion and we received absolutely nothing in return. I’ve studied this issue in greater detail than almost anybody. The biggest concern with the deal is not necessarily that Iran is going to violate it, although it already has, the bigger problem is that they can keep the terms and still get to the bomb by simply running out the clock, and, of course, they keep the billions. The deal doesn’t even require Iran to dismantle its military nuclear capability! Yes, it places limits on its military nuclear program for only a certain number of years. But when those restrictions expire, Iran will have an industrial-size military nuclear capability ready to go, and with zero provision for delay no matter how bad Iran’s behavior is. When I am president, I will adopt a strategy that focuses on three things when it comes to Iran. First, we will stand up to Iran’s aggressive push to destabilize and dominate the region. Iran is a very big problem and will continue to be, but if I’m elected President, I know how to deal with trouble. Iran is a problem in Iraq, a problem in Syria, a problem in Lebanon, a problem in Yemen, and will be a very major problem for Saudi Arabia. Literally every day, Iran provides more and better weapons to their puppet states. Hezbollah in Lebanon has received sophisticated anti-ship weapons, anti-aircraft weapons, and GPS systems on rockets. Now they’re in Syria trying to establish another front against Israel from the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. In Gaza, Iran is supporting Hamas and Islamic Jihad – and in the West Bank they are openly offering Palestinians $7,000 per terror attack and $30,000 for every Palestinian terrorist’s home that’s been destroyed.

Iran is financing military forces throughout the Middle East and it is absolutely indefensible that we handed them over $150 billion to facilitate even more acts of terror…


On YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Apr 6, 2016 by securefreedom
A new report shows lax security could allow terror incidents at government buildings. Poor control of ID cards and badges means they don’t know who actually has access.


On YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Apr 27, 2016 by Political Islam

Bill Maher is a self-declared liberal who has the courage and sense to condemn Islam’s brutality against women. And Mr. Maher gets the same response from liberals that I get. He is called a bigot. But, look at what Islam does to liberal principles. I used Wikipedia to get this list:

Freedom of speech: Sharia does not allow anybody to say anything negative about Mohammed and Allah.

Freedom of press: Mohammed cartoons.

Freedom of religion: An apostate from Islam can be killed. Even an atheist wants people to be free to choose what they believe.

Civil rights: all non-Muslims are Kafirs, who are third class subjects under Sharia law.

Democratic society: A Kafir does not have the same rights as a Muslim under Islam.

Secular governments: Secular is not Sharia. Islamic government is a theocracy.

Why do liberals and progressives defend an Islam that will destroy all they find so valuable?


On YouTube:

YouTube Preview Image

Published on Apr 28, 2016 by Repeal Fatca