…primarily because of medical issues and family and work responsibilities. In addition to that, the upcoming election and the ongoing media abuse directed toward conservatives in general and Donald Trump in particular has made it extremely stressful to keep up with the news.

In order to safeguard one’s sanity and to ward off the sin of despair, we recommend that the news media be consumed in strict moderation and with intensely critical eyes and ears, if at all.

As counterjihad bloggers, we fervently and wholeheartedly support Donald Trump as the ONLY candidate who understands the dangers of jihad, and who is prepared to confront this danger effectively.


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Published on Mar 11, 2015 by Vox

These gorgeous cat videos come from camera traps — the motion-sensing cameras that researchers are using to monitor endangered and elusive animals.

Subscribe to our channel! http://goo.gl/0bsAjO

WWF Russia/ISUNR http://www.worldwildlife.org/videos/amur-leopards-caught-on-camera-trap

WCS/Forestry Bureau of Jilin Province

Marten Slothouwer/Eyes on Leuser

Transylvanian Wildlife Project

Panthera/Snow Leopard Trust

Jason Hon/Kyoto University

Imperial College London/ZSL

Laila Bahaa-el-din/Panthera

Yemini Foundation for Endangered Wildlife

Diego Mosquera/Tiputini Biodiversity Station


Farid Belbachir/ZSL/OPNA

Jilin Wangqing National Nature Reserve / WWF

Norwegian University of Life Sciences/Snow Leopard Foundation Pakistan

Kaiberen Project via Panthera

Andean Cat Alliance

A.J. Hearn and J. Ross

Samuel Angedakin/Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology

Rimba/Laurie Hedges

Uganda Carnivore Program

Beth Gardner/Ecological Archives

Smithsonian Wild

FFI/KSNP via Panthera

Zoological Society of London

WCS India

WCS Afghanistan

Team Network


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Published on Aug 3, 2016 by Political Islam

We know we are learning the truth about the Sharia because Muslims are telling us that we don’t understand it. A Washington Post guest writer put forth a refutation of the myths about the Sharia. Of course he makes deceptive arguments about Islam.

The Sharia is a process of applying the Sunna of Mohammed and the Koran to everyday needs. It is a method of enforcing every human to live a life just like Mohammed, down to the smallest detail.

No country bases all of its laws on the Sharia because the Sharia is not sophisticated enough to work in a modern world.

The Sharia is anti-woman because it includes wife-beating, polygamy, and sex slaves. Mohammed was involved in all of these.

The punishments of Mohammed included the brutality of assassinations, executions, torture and enslavement.

Sharia includes conquest because of the fact that Mohammed did not achieve real success until he waged jihad.

To know the Sharia, you must know Mohammed, because Sharia is Mohammed’s law. And the worst part is that the Sharia subjugates the Kafir.


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Published on Aug 8, 2016 by Acts17Apologetics


Recently, Muslim apologist Khair Dawah posted a message about David Wood’s disabled children. Here’s David’s response.


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Published on Aug 11, 2016 by Acts17Apologetics


Since I get lots of questions about why I taunt the jihadis who send me death threats, I thought it would be good to answer the questions in a video.

Here are links to the videos I referenced:

“Does Allah Commit Shirk?”

“Muhammad, Cross-Dressing, and the London Muslim Patrol”:

“Zakir Naik Proves That Allah Is a Mouse”:

“Who Killed Muhammad?”

“Inside the Kaaba”:


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Published on Aug 16, 2016 by securefreedom

Donald Trump released a plan to actually name, fight and defeat our enemies. This is a welcome change from the current failed policies

Full video and text of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech at this link.


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Published on Aug 12, 2016 by Acts17Apologetics


The British Home Office has posted a report maintaining that, because prominent Muslim Brotherhood members in Egypt have been labeled “terrorists” by the Egyptian government, they may be subject to persecution by all the Egyptians who are sick to death of terrorism. Since these prominent radical Islamists may be subject to persecution in Egypt, Great Britain has decided to grant them asylum. The “Policy Summary” runs as follows:

“The Muslim Brotherhood has been designated a terrorist organisation in Egypt and members may be prosecuted under the Penal Code.

Many senior and mid-level leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood have been arrested, face prolonged detention while some have been handed death sentences. Thousands of members and supporters have also been arrested, particularly during demonstrations, by the state security forces. Some members and supporters have been killed and injured during the same protests.

Those with a high profile in the Muslim Brotherhood or who have been politically active, particularly in demonstrations, may be able to show that they are at risk of persecution, including of being held in detention, where they may be at risk of ill-treatment, trial also without due process and disproportionate punishment.

Additionally, high profile supporters or those perceived to support the Muslim Brotherhood, such as journalists, may also be similarly at risk of persecution. In such cases, a grant of asylum will be appropriate.

However, although membership of the Muslim Brotherhood is proscribed, low-level, non-political or inactive members and supporters are not generally being targeted and it is unlikely that they will be able to demonstrate a real risk of persecution. Each case will need to be considered on its facts.”

To read the full report, click this link: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/543052/CIG_-_Egypt_-_Muslim_Brotherhood_-_v2.pdf


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Published on Aug 8, 2016 by Acts17Apologetics


Welcome to “Fun Islamic Facts,” where I share fun facts about Muhammad and the Qur’an whenever jihadis go on a killing spree.

Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 5068:

Narrated Anas: The Prophet used to go round (have sexual relations with) all his wives in one night, and he had nine wives.

Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 5215:

Narrated Anas bin Malik: The Prophet used to pass by (have sexual relation with) all his wives in one night, and at that time he had nine wives.

Sahih al-Bukhari, Number 268:

Narrated Qatada: Anas bin Malik said, “The Prophet used to visit all his wives in a round, during the day and night and they were eleven in number.” I asked Anas, “Had the Prophet the strength for it?” Anas replied, “We used to say that the Prophet was given the strength of thirty (men).” And Sa’id said on the authority of Qatada that Anas had told him about nine wives only (not eleven).

Notice three things about these passages.

First, Muhammad had at least nine wives at one time, even though Surah 4, verse 3 of the Qur’an limits Muslim men to four wives. If the Qur’an limits men to four wives, why did Muhammad have at least nine wives at one time? Well, Muhammad received a special revelation (Surah 33, verse 50 of the Qur’an), giving him, and him alone, the right to break the four-wife limit. How convenient.

Second, Muhammad would have sex with at least nine women and girls in one day, even though he was more than 50 years old. Today, we would call him a “sex addict.” Isn’t it interesting that a sex addict who claimed to be a prophet conveniently received a revelation giving him more sexual partners than anyone else?

Third, how did Muhammad’s followers know that he was having sex with all of his wives in one day? How did they know he wasn’t simply chatting with his wives? It seems that the prophet of Islam must have been bragging about all the sex he was having, so much so that his followers could in turn brag about him having the sexual strength of thirty men.

Our Muslim friends tell us that Islam is a religion of modesty. A closer look shows that Islam is a religion whose supreme role model was a sex addict who built a religion around his sexual desires and constantly bragged about his sexual exploits with women, a prepubescent girl, and his slave-girls. So much for modesty.

For more on Muhammad and the Qur’an, watch these videos by David Wood:

“Who Killed Muhammad?”:

“The Sheepgate Conspiracy”:

“A Brief History of the Qur’an”:

“Inside the Kaaba”:


It seems that many, if not most, Muslims have been taught only a filtered and sanitized version of what is actually in their own Qur’an, Hadiths, and Sīra.

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Published on Aug 17, 2016 by Acts17Apologetics


This morning, someone asked me to make a video sharing messages about Muslims leaving Islam. Here’s the first installment.

For more on Islam, Muhammad, and the Qur’an, watch these videos by David Wood:

“Who Killed Muhammad?”:

“The Sheepgate Conspiracy”:

“A Brief History of the Qur’an”:

“Inside the Kaaba”:


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Published on Aug 18, 2016 by securefreedom

Donald Trump delivered the best speech of his campaign to date. Newt Gingrich rightly called it the most important since Ronald Reagan left office.


1389 Blog admins 1389AD and CzechRebel have been Trump supporters from the get go. Donald Trump has been, and still is, the only candidate who truly gets the counterjihad.

Vasserbushmills at Grumpy Elder has the story:

Since 1932 there has not been a national presidential election that the Democrat Party has not tried to steal. In 1952, they were simply swamped, a puffed-up liberal versus a national hero. In 1968 and 1980, events beyond their control, but their fault, (the Vietnam War and the National Embarrassment) were simply too huge to hide, lie about, or cheat around. In both cases the people felt a pain from government that hit them personally. And that is where we are today.

This 2016 election most closely mirrors the national mood and embarrassment of 1980, only this time the Democrats are not caught off guard with what is being dubbed as the “hidden voters” that carried Ronald Reagan to victory in 1980. Because they have known for some time, I’m quite certain the Democrats have some special tricks up their sleeves, for they need to steal closer to 5% this time than the standard 3%. That’s quite an undertaking.

And I can’t offer a fix here, just a way in which ordinary Americans can be involved and possibly make a difference with a few hours of their time.

From the Trump side

I hope the Trump campaign has given some serious thought to what they can do to preempt this threat, as well as compiling an historical record, a notebook if you will, that can be used for future use. (Republicans should have been compiling this since 2000, but haven’t, for a variety of reasons.)

Most of the Democrat plans are based on the belief they won’t be caught or that most criminal events can be trivialized, compared to say the many thousands of votes the GOP tries to suppress with voter-ID legislation. Thwarted by unfriendly state and federal judges, it seems recent GOP gains in the state legislatures have been fairly ineffective in stemming voter fraud by Democrats. A new sheriff in town will help.

It’s for the Trump campaign to make this undertaking unilaterally – for in most instances they will not be able to rely on local Republican committees to provide on-the-ground intelligence, as the GOP goes out its way to see or hear no evil out of fear of being labeled racist.

Now that the GOP has largely signed on with the Ruling Class as junior partners, offering only cosmetic cover for the Trump campaign, the battle lines have never been more clear: the Commoners versus the Royals, or as Ann Coulter calls it, (in her new book, In Trump We Trust), “the working class against the smirking class.”

Therefore, the Trump campaign would be wise to look for assistance on the ground by directly communicating with the voter integrity groups in the several states. A one or two-hour conversation with them should produce a wealth of names of people who front voter fraud operations; from financial sponsors, lawyers and college professors, to the handlers at street level.

We all know that some states, and only some districts, counties, or precincts within those states are more critical than others. But I am encouraging, below, that even in safer states, that volunteers join together to audit as many voting precincts as they can, since, after the dust settles, a type of analysis can be established that can be built upon and used in future elections.

To the extent we can, we want to identify and impede illegal voting practices by the Democrats in the 2016 election, some of which (e.g. WiFi hacking of voter machines) are beyond our ability to control. (I think Trump has people on it.) But just in knowing that people are outside the voting area auditing election counts can have a chilling effect on what the criminally-minded inside have in mind – for a variety of reasons

I’m hoping the Trump campaign will pick up the baton, and provide a way for these volunteer groups to contact them, and give them a heads-up about their activities in various precincts. This is predicated on the Trump campaign insuring that it has its own trained poll watchers inside the voting precinct, rather than handing that chore over to the local GOP. Those often go all wobbly at the worst times, especially since in many districts, intimidation inside the voting area is a key to their success.

*    *    *    *    *    *

THE VOTING AUDIT, a simple process to verify the basic vote

So, assuming they will try to steal, here’s what you and 4 or 5 friends can do to verify an honest election count in your precinct.

What follows is a summary of my chalkboard presentation:

The Audit

The audit is the main tool in verifying voter integrity, for all you and your team are doing is standing outside the entrance and exit and counting the voters going in the front door and the voters coming out the back door.

Most precincts will count 1500-2500 votes over the 10-12 hour period the polls are open. This count will be tedious, so it may be best if you use two teams so that counters can be spelled every 2-3 hours. I recommend a team of six, for you will need some backup if trouble should arise.

You can adopt your own count format, but a sheet of paper on a clipboard is all you need. I recommend you stand well away from the place where people line up (most state laws require 100 feet).

Step I: Your entrance-exit numbers should match: e.g., 1500 in, 1500 out. You can finish this step immediate at the close of the polls. Don’t leave until the doors are locked.

Step II: These numbers should match the official tally once the secretary of state certifies them, and the totals are posted on the State Election website a few days later. Acquaint yourself with this website as soon as possible. It’s a treasure trove of voting history.

If you find major variations in Step II with Step I you can do little to effect the election, but notify the Trump campaign right away. Your charts will then become potential evidence.

You need to make a physical site evaluation – location of entrance and exit doors as well as other doors that might be used to gain entrance and exit, not necessarily in easy view. It would be helpful for one of your team to be among the first to vote so that he/she can draw from memory once outside the layout of the voting area, especially other doors that may or may not be secure and the location of key personnel.

And, look for variations in this general scheme, such as if voters go in and out of the same door, or if a person is turned away, i.e., for no proper ID, can’t speak English or appears to be only about 12-years of age; from which door do they exit? This will affect your count total versus the final tally of votes cast in Step II. (All these were tried in Virginia in 2012, and all were allowed to make out provisional ballots, and no one is sure whether they were ever counted. Determining this is the job of the Trump poll watchers inside.)

(Check your own state laws for rules of people standing around voting areas…usually 100 feet.)


The mere fact that you are outside doing this count may upset some people inside the voting area, so you also have to be prepared for confrontation even though you will be breaking no laws.

Statistical analysis of the officially reported count: 1) Look for the over-count, which means someone is either gaining access through another door, or that extra ballots are being cast inside; but also 2)  Look for the undercount, e.g, if  your count shows that 2200 voters went in but only 1900 votes were counted. 3) Finally, compare your numbers with prior presidential elections, going back to 2000 if necessary, to see if voting patterns for your precinct have changed. Then make a final comparison once the totals have been officially posted.  (Note: Some voting districts have been reapportioned, as suburban counties especially will revise the voting districts to keep the voting districts in parity.)

Recommended: I recommend a team of six volunteers, two at each station, so that each counter can be relieved every two-three hours, as mentioned earlier. You may need a video filmer/general back-up and a way to communicate with him or her, as it would be advisable to have friends “in the weeds” to photograph/film any election official, thug, police officer, who might walk up and question what you’re doing. Legally, you have every right to be there if outside the legal perimeter, but that does not mean that in a Democrat-controlled district they will not try intimidation to get you to leave. Just get it on film, but also use a signal with another team member to time stamp the event and continue the counting from another vantage point. Don’t lose count if at all possible. Just shift it from one counter to another, with a time stamp and some identifying marker. (Crowd counters use these all the time.)

If you have a Trump contact, send the information to them ASAP. This is also evidence.


Prior to election day it would be best if you do a precinct-by-precinct comparison of votes for 2012, 2008, 2004 and 2000, for voter fraud is often found in the anomalies from one election to the other. Virtually every district, even the 80% GOP districts, are amenable to stealing a few votes, and in states where only a few thousand votes count, every vote counts. (This may explain why, in heavy 80%-90% Democrat districts they will still go to extremes to keep prying eyes from the voting area as we saw in Philadelphia in 2012, and why several secure Democrat counties reported 100%-0% votes for Obama, which is almost a statistical impossibility. Fred Sanford would have voted for Romney just because he didn’t like being told what to do. There are ways to correct this condition over time, but an honest Attorney General’s Office, state or federal, would save us a lot of expense in buying rose bush poison.)

This is a very simple two-step approach of monitoring attempts at voter theft in your locale. This is what cops and reporters used to call leg-work, like a stake-out. It is tedious and boring, and will likely prove nothing exciting except an on-the-ground insight into how the system works, versus (sometimes) how it is supposed to work.) The Democrats have dozens of ways to steal votes inside the precinct area, but my firm belief is that just in them knowing they are being scrutinized, system-wide, can have a chilling effect on their efforts, for while many of their paid voters who vote several times over many precincts, and actually are treated as heroes if they are caught, and do a little time in the stir, much like hoods who take a fall for the do – their mid-level protectors and planners are deathly afraid of being caught and publicly prosecuted.

If the people inside know you are outside “doing something” out of the ordinary it may cause them to change their own procedures as most of them don’t want to get caught. Combined with a stronger surveillance by poll watchers inside, who will not be intimidated, (which the Trump team needs to provide) it could significantly hamper their plans.

So then, you’re part of a two-prong defense, just by being there.

Since this is just a sketch, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me at vassarb@gmail.com

Have Rolled Up Newspaper Will Travel


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Published on Aug 8, 2016
We have a duty to put a stop to this madness, and we have the power.

Merkel rules out migrant policy reversal after attacks

“One ISIS attack every 84 hours” spurs dread and anger in Europe

Germany: Migrant crime skyrockets. More than 200,000 in one year

130,000 migrants have disappeared in Germany in 14 months

Islamic State commander found living as a refugee in Germany

German couple sentenced for migrant-critical website

Germans find 269 suspected IS terrorists among arriving migrants

French army making contingency plans to retake Muslim ghettos

Three mosques shut down after weapons found

A woman of Calais speaks about the nightmare her town is enduring

More towns in rural France to arm local police

UK: 900 Syrians arrested in one year for crimes including rape and child abuse

‘Terror attack on UK city imminent’ so why have 375 ISIS terrorists been allowed back in?

Half of migrants claiming to be children in Austria are adults

Illegal migrants flooding into Europe. 1.8 million border breaches in one year

At least 50 ISIS supporters working at Brussels airport

ISIS is exploiting the migrant crisis to infiltrate Europe

German journalist admits mainstream media is fake. “We lie for the CIA.”

German politician predicts 3-9 million more migrants, and the end of Germany

Swiss army chief: Europe on the brink of civil war

Swedish general: World War III inside Europe “within a few years”

Norwegian army chief: We must prepare to fight

Retired media boss admits German media take orders from Merkel on what to report. Nothing negative about migrants.


Holy Transfiguration Church in Sarajevo (Wikipedia)
Holy Transfiguration Church in Sarajevo (Wikipedia)

b92 has the story:

The local police have a resident of Sarajevo under arrest on suspicion that he started a fire in a Serbian Orthodox church.


The Church of the Holy Transfiguration is located in Novo (New) Sarajevo and was attacked over the weekend.

RTRS, the public broadcaster of the Serb Republic (RS), reported that the suspect will be handed over to the Sarajevo Canton Prosecution.

A part of the church was set on fire when flammable material was throw inside through a window. The storage room of this temple then caught on fire, causing material damage, but no injuries.

The church was previously the target of robbers, with thieves stealing icons on two occasions this year.


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Published on Aug 16, 2016 by Political Islam

Totalitarianism is a political doctrine that seeks to control all aspects of a society, its economy, its laws and government, its culture.

Islam is a complete way of life, a total civilization, not just a religion. It is also a culture and a political system of Sharia laws which establish its supremacy. There is no aspect of personal and public life that is not included in the Sharia.

Not just Muslims but all people must submit to the Sharia. The very name, Islam, means to submit, submit to Mohammed and the Koran in all things: religious, political and cultural.

Mohammed practiced totalitarianism. All people around him had to submit to his demands. After Arabia submitted, Mohammed left Arabia and began his mission to have Sharia rule the world.

Both the Koran and Mohammed command the terror of jihad on non-Muslims or Kafirs until Islam dominates. After Mohammed died, the caliphs killed all apostates and conquered all the Middle East and northern Africa.

After Islam enters a society, over time, the society becomes totally Islamic. This is totalitarianism.


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Published on Aug 18, 2016 by Simon’s Cat

Watch our latest Simon’s Cat Logic episode and find out all the things you didn’t know about your cat’s feeding time!

Simon’s Cat Logic is a fun new series where we speak to a Cat Behaviour Expert at Cats Protection (http://www.cats.org.uk) about why cats do the silly things they do, and how we can help our cats lead happy and healthy lives.

SUBTITLES AVAILABLE IN: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese and Russian.

More here…