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ISIS - only a regional threat? but for US and EU passports!


Daily Mail (UK): ISIS declares war on Twitter: Terror group warns employees they will be assassinated for closing down Islamist propaganda accounts

  • Jerusalem-based group connected to ISIS tweeted threat to Twitter
  • Called on ‘lone wolves’ to assassinate employees for closing accounts
  • Issued specific warning to staff at headquarters in Silicon Valley
  • The social media site is a key platform for the group’s propaganda

Story here.

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Cultural Jihad has the story:

Wuppertal ‘Shariah Police’

German police have initiated several criminal investigations into the group and have increased the police presence in the downtown area.

A photo has been circulating social media showing individuals wearing “Shariah Police” vests.

The location is  Wuppertal, Germany and the photo, originally posted on Facebook,  was included in a Sept. 4, 2014 report  from  www.bild.de. (our translation to English):

Wuppertal – They walk at night through the center of Wuppertal (NRW), wearing orange vests with the word “Shariah Police”.

The self-proclaimed Sharia police act as faith-police.

The suspected Islamists speak to youths on the street, they invite them to sermons, they want to recruit to Salafism. And they want to impose their rules of conduct:

► “No Alcohol”
► “No Gambling”
► “No music or concerts”
► “No porn or prostitution”
► “No drugs or smoking”

The article reports that German police have initiated several criminal investigations into the group and have increased the police presence in the downtown area.

Video and more here.

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Here we go again… :(

by Gramfan on September 16, 2014

in anti-Semitism, Gramfan (team member), UK

Arutz Sheva 7: UK: Jewish Schoolchildren Barred from Shop, Told ‘No Jews’

Security guard at leading British retailer fired over anti-Semitism, after blocking Jewish kids from entering store in London.

A leading British retailer has been forced to apologize after a shocking incident in which a security guard outside the store barred Jewish schoolchildren from entering.

Children from Yavneh College high school in London were astonished when the guard blocked them from entering and said simply: “No Jews, no Jews,” according to the Jewish Chronicle.

David Rosen, a lawyer whose son was one of those refused entry, complained to the store’s managers, and after an inquiry the security guard inquestion was promptly fired by his company.

“Our area manager was notified immediately of this incident and took swift action,” said a spokesman for the retail chain. “He personally removed the guard and liaised with the security company which employed the individual. We were subsequently advised that he has been let go by that company.”

“The guard was deeply offensive and disrespectful to the school children. We take pride in the lack of prejudice amongst our trained staff and will not tolerate discrimination of any kind,” he added.

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We told you so, all right.

USNews has the story:

All credible research finds the same evidence about the STEM workforce: ample supply, stagnant wages and, by industry accounts, thousands of applicants for any advertised job. The real concern should be about the dim employment prospects for our best STEM graduates: The National Institutes of Health, for example, has developed a program to help new biomedical Ph.D.s find alternative careers in the face of “unattractive” job prospects in the field. Opportunities for engineers vary by the field and economic cycle – as oil exploration has increased, so has demand (and salaries) for petroleum engineers, resulting in a near tripling of petroleum engineering graduates. In contrast, average wages in the IT industry are the same as those that prevailed when Bill Clinton was president despite industry cries of a “shortage.” Overall, U.S. colleges produce twice the number of STEM graduates annually as find jobs in those fields.

In the face of these stark facts, we now see several studies that seem to be desperate Hail Mary passes, using rather unconventional means to find “shortages.” Some analysts do this by expanding the definition of STEM jobs – traditionally those involved in innovation, discovery and development – to include air conditioning technicians and even some retail jobs to make the case that this workforce is large and growing. Without any coherent meaning, such analyses now serve only rhetorical purposes to advance particular legislation.

Cries that “the STEM sky is falling” are just the latest in a cyclical pattern of shortage predictions over the past half-century, none of which were even remotely accurate. In a desert of evidence, the growth of STEM shortage claims is driven by heavy industry funding for lobbyists and think tanks. Their goal is government intervention in the market under the guise of solving national economic problems. The highly profitable IT industry, for example, is devoting millions to convince Congress and the White House to provide its employers with more low-cost, foreign guestworkers instead of trying to attract and retain employees from an ample domestic labor pool of native and immigrant citizens and permanent residents. Guestworkers currently make up two-thirds of all new IT hires, but employers are demanding further increases. If such lobbying efforts succeed, firms will have enough guestworkers for at least 100 percent of their new hiring and can continue to legally substitute these younger workers for current employees, holding down wages for both them and new hires.

Claiming there is a skills shortage by denying the strength of the U.S. STEM workforce and student supply is possible only by ignoring the most obvious and direct evidence and obscuring the issue with statistical smokescreens – especially when the Census Bureau reports that only about one in four STEM bachelor’s degree holders has a STEM job, and Microsoft plans to downsize by 18,000 workers over the next year.

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The following was originally published on September 8, 2014, in Russian at Pravoslavie.ru.

The Russia They Lost

Author: Dimitriy Sokolov-Mitrich
Translated by: George Gerich

We had, after all, loved America. I clearly remember that we loved America. When we were growing up in the early 1990’s, the majority of my friends had no doubt as to how we related to western civilization. And we related well, how else?

Unlike our granddads and even our fathers, we saw “the great geo-political catastrophe of the 20th century” as not a catastrophe at all. For us it was the beginning of a great, new direction. Finally, we are bursting out of our Soviet cocoon in to that big, cool and real world. Finally, we are able to satisfy our sensual hunger. We were born, we thought, perhaps not in the right place but, absolutely at the right time. Today it is hard to believe, but even the Church, having been freed from communist oversight and control, was now perceived on the same semantic level as the triumph of western values in general. The celebration of the 1000th year anniversary of the Baptism of Russia and the first concert of the “Scorpions” singing “Winds of Change” – were equal in nature.

The wars in Iraq and even in Yugoslavia somehow passed by unnoticed. And it wasn’t just because we were too young and carefree. I, for example, was already an apprentice at the “Komsomol” paper in the foreign news department. I was watching the English language newswire full of references to Izetbegovich, Mladich, Karadjich, but for some reason didn’t see that as being significant. That was happening somewhere else, far away from our region. And, of course, the Balkan War, for me, did not represent some kind of anti-western logic. What did this have to do with America?

In the 1990’s we voted for the “Yabloko” Party, demonstrated at the parliament building for democracy, watched the newly formed television station NTV and listened to radio station “The Echo of Moscow”. In our first journalistic writings we would use most any reason to refer to a certain “civilized world” and believed deeply that it was in fact civilized. By the mid 1990’s in our ranks we began to notice the first “euro-skeptics”, but they were mostly seen as paganeers. I spent an entire year living in a student dormitory with Peter – the communist, and Arseniy – the monarchist. My friends from other dorm rooms would let me leave at night with these words of empathy: “ Go ahead, go back to your nuthouse”.

The first serious blow dealt to our pro-western orientation was Kosovo. It was a shock. Our rose-colored glasses were gone. The bombing raids on Belgrad became for my generation the same thing as the attack on the Twin Towers was for Americans. Our consciousness took a 180 degree turn; along with the airplane carrying the, then, premier Eugene Primakov flying from Ireland to the USA over the Atlantic Ocean who, when hearing about America’s aggressive action, gave the command to turn the plane around and return to Russia.

At that time there wasn’t really any kind of anti-western propaganda in our media. Our own NTV explained to us on a daily basis that though dropping bombs on a major European city was…well, excessive, but after all, Milosovich was repulsive beyond anything the world had seen, so we just have to grin and bear it. The satirical cartoon program “Dolls” presented it as a common disagreement in one of our communal housing units where a drunken neighbor is torturing “Citizen Kosovo” and no one can do much about it except her boyfriend – with a powerful torso and the face of Bill Clinton. We took it in, but, already, didn’t believe it. It wasn’t funny anymore. By that time we understood that Yugoslavia conflict was a precursor to what could happen to us in the future.

The second Iraq conflict, Afghanistan, the final separation of Kosovo, the “Arab Spring”, Libya, Syria, though somewhat surprising events, did not shock us. All our illusions were gone: we more or less knew with whom we are sharing our planet. But despite all of that, the entire time we still maintained our Western orientation. The myth of an evil America, but a benevolent Europe continued. The Kosovo fears gradually lost their edge and our compromise position looked this way: yes, of course, we can’t stand shoulder to shoulder with these players, but we can play the big game. After all, whom else can we compete with?

Even the parade of several multi-colored revolutions appeared as somewhat minor delinquencies. But then came Evro-Maidan and the subsequent brutal civil war: demonstrating with absolute clarity that absent all procedures and rules, with the “democratic process” lightly sprinkled on the enemy’s territory, we are now up against something more than mere geopolitical toys, but, rather, very real weapons of mass destruction. And it’s the only type of weapon that can be applied against a country that possesses a nuclear shield. It’s all very simple: when you press a button and send a rocket overseas, in response you’ll get back the same massive rocket. But when you deploy a chain reaction of chaos in to the territory of your enemy, you don’t have to prove or justify anything. Aggression? What aggression? This is a natural democratic process! A people’s age-old aspiration to be free!

We see blood and military crimes; we see corpses of women and children. We see an entire nation returning to the 1940’s, while the western world, which we loved since we were children, is telling us that we are just seeing things. The generation, which produced Jim Morrison, Mark Knopfler and the colorful Beatles are not seeing these things. The Woodstock generation and their offsprings, aging hippies who have sung, “Can’t buy me love” a thousand times are not seeing these things. The thoughtful post-war baby boomer Germans, who have been banging their heads to receive absolution for the sins of their fathers, are not seeing these things.

This shock is much deeper than Kosovo. For me and the many thousands of “thirty-somethings” who came into the world with the American Dream on the brain – the myth of a “civilized world” is gone forever. My ears ring from this horror. The civilized world no longer exists. This is not just a moment of melancholy or sour grapes, but a time of serious danger. Humanity having lost its moral values is becoming a brood of predators and the possibility of a large war – is just a matter of time.

Twenty years ago we were not defeated, we were subdued. We did not lose in a war; we lost in a cultural sense. We simply wanted to be like THEM. Rock and roll contributed more towards that end than nuclear warheads. Hollywood turned out to be more powerful than any threats or ultimatums. The racket of Harley Davidsons during the Cold War was more effective than the roar of fighter aircraft or bombers.

America, how stupid you are. Had you waited 20 years we would have been forever yours. Twenty years of vegetarianism and our politicians would have given up our nuclear weapons in the form of a gift and shook your hand long and hard in gratitude for accepting it. What a blessing it is that you turned out to be so stupid, America!

You have no idea who we are! These are, by the way, words that we were yelling at the Kremlin just two years ago. Since then and because of you, America, there are a lot less of us demonstrating in the public square. You say foolish things about us; think foolish things about us and as a result you continue making one mistake after another. There was a time when you were the coolest country, America. After the First World War you morally rose above Europe and became even stronger after the Second. Sure, you had Hiroshima, Vietnam, Ku Klux Klan and a full closet of skeletons, as would any empire. But all in all, all of that stuff didn’t make up a critical mass, which could turn a wine into vinegar. You showed the entire world how one should live with purpose: constructively with creativity and freedom. You created many miracles developing the world in countries like West Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. But since then you’ve changed. For some reason you stopped writing the songs that the whole world was singing. You have squandered your main capital investment – morality, which has a very bad inherent quality – it is not easily restored.

You are slowly beginning to die, America. And if you think I’m just gloating, you’re wrong. Major changes of any era are accompanied by large amounts of blood and I don’t like blood. We, who have ourselves gone through a loss of an empire, could try to explain what it is you are doing wrong. But we won’t. You figure it out.

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'Irony Alert!' sign
Suggestion: Next time, try iron.

Daily Mail (UK): Not so carbon neutral now! New eco-friendly £15million university laboratory built out of wood goes up in flames

  • The Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry at Nottingham University caught fire at 8.30pm Friday
  • The £15million wooden structure has been completely destroyed in the blaze which needed 60 firefighters to control 
  • Nottingham University held an open day for prospective undergraduates today despite the fire continuing to blaze
  • Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service said they expected the fire would continue for at least another 24 hours
  • An investigation into the cause of the blaze has not yet started as the building is still too dangerous to examine 
  • University Registrar Dr Paul Greatrix said the college would be working with its partners to rebuild the structure 
  • At the height of the blaze people could see the flames from seven miles away across the city 

Complete story, video, and photos here.

Don’t build a chem lab at home…

…or at school, or at work, unless you know what you’re doing! For some surprisingly entertaining reading, South Carolinian Max Gergel offers a wealth of good reasons to exercise extreme caution in the planning, construction, and setup of procedures in chemistry facilities. Derek Lowe and John D. Clark offer many more. These are all good reads that don’t require any knowledge of chemistry to enjoy.

If you can ignore the “climate change” guff, some good science education comes from Nottingham:

https://www.youtube.com/user/numberphile/videos (Mathematics)
http://www.youtube.com/periodicvideos (Chemistry stuff)
http://www.youtube.com/sixtysymbols (Physics and astronomy)
http://www.youtube.com/DeepSkyVideos (Space stuff)
http://www.youtube.com/nottinghamscience (Science and behind the scenes)
http://www.youtube.com/foodskey (Food science)
http://www.youtube.com/BackstageScience (Big science facilities)
http://www.youtube.com/favscientist (Favourite scientists)
http://www.youtube.com/bibledex (Academic look at the Bible)
http://www.youtube.com/wordsoftheworld (Modern language and culture)
http://www.youtube.com/PhilosophyFile (Philosophy stuff)

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Daily Caller has the story:

(h/t: Pat Dollard

Catholic Cardinal Theodore McCarrick offered Islamic religious phrases and insisted that Islam shares foundational rules with Christianity, during a Sept. 10 press conference in D.C.

“In the name of God, the Merciful and Compassionate,” McCarrick said as he introduced himself to the audience at a meeting arranged by the Muslim Public Affairs Council. That praise of the Islamic deity is an important phrase in Islam, is found more than 100 times in the Koran, and is akin to the Catholic prayer, ”In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

McCarrick next claimed that “Catholic social teaching is based on the dignity of the human person… [and] as you study the holy Koran, as you study Islam, basically, this is what Muhammad the prophet, peace be upon him, has been teaching.”

McCarrick was 71 when 19 Muslims brought Islam to the public eye by murdering 3,000 Americans on 9/11. He is one of the 213 Cardinals of the Catholic church, but is too old to vote in church debates.

“Either the cardinal has studied the whole thing and does not know what he’s talking about, or he is making a somewhat misleading statement,” said Michael Meunier, head of the U.S. Copts Association. “The practice of the Muslim majority people that adhere to the Koran… have proven that [claim of equivalence] is not correct,” he told The Daily Caller during a Sept. 11 trip to Jordan.

“Has Cardinal McCarrick converted to Islam?” asked a scornful critic, Robert Spencer, the best-selling author of many books on Islam.

“‘Peace be upon him’ is a phrase Muslims utter after they say the name of [their reputed] prophet… [so] probably he is unaware of the unintended Islamic confession of faith he has just made,”said Spencer, who runs the Jihadwatch.org website.

McCarrick is wrong to say “that Islam teaches the dignity of every human person,“ Spencer said. “Actually it teaches a sharp dichotomy between the Muslims, [who are called] ‘the best of people’ and the unbelievers [are called] ‘the most vile of created beings,’” Spencer told TheDC.

Much more here.

Blog admin 1389AD commented thus:

I’m an Orthodox Christian. Because of the decentralized, consensus-based way in which our Church is structured, it is literally IMPOSSIBLE for a bishop or anyone else to change our doctrine from what it was in the days of the Apostles. We can attend services in any part of the world, in any century, and, other than the fact that the services are offered in different languages, we know we’ll always get the very same thing. Anybody attempting to recognize Muhammad as a prophet would be anathematized and drummed out as a heretic, forthwith.

No, we don’t burn heretics…but we do firmly label them as such so that nobody will confuse the heterodox with the Orthodox.

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Ammoland News has the story:

Washington, DC -(Ammoland.com)- Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Multinational Species Conservation Funds Semipostal Stamp Reauthorization Act (S.231).

Clearing the way for it to be signed into law and requiring the U.S. Postal Service to resume sales of the Save Vanishing Species Stamp; also known as the Tiger Stamp for the image it bears, for at least another four years.

The Senate had unanimously passed the bill on July 31st. The stamp functions as a regular postal mail stamp that sells at a small premium, the additional money going to fund conservation efforts of some of the world’s most at risk species.

“I congratulate Congress for passing this reauthorization bill,” said Service Director Dan Ashe. “In particular, I would like to applaud the leadership of Senators Rob Portman (R-OH) and Tom Udall (D-NM) and Representatives Michael Grimm (R-NY), Jose Serrano (D-NY) and Ander Crenshaw (R-FL). Funds from the sale of the Save Vanishing Species stamp are vital to saving some of our fastest disappearing and most treasured species, such as elephants, rhinos, tigers, marine turtles and great apes. These funds are also empowering and equipping people in local communities to help conserve key habitats and form innovative partnerships for conservation worldwide.”

The tiger stamp has already generated more than $2.5 million dollars for international conservation from the sale of 25.5 million stamps, leveraging an additional $3.6 million in matching funds for forty seven projects in 31
countries. Examples of projects include:

  • In the Democratic Republic of Congo, funding is enabling the training and deployment of a team of five bloodhounds and handlers in Virunga National Park. These teams are specifically trained to track poachers, and have already been successful in locating poachers and black-market ivory.
  • In Vietnam, funding is reducing the demand for tiger products by strengthening efforts by law enforcement agencies to combat illegal trade.
  • In Costa Rica, funding is supporting efforts to conserve leatherback marine turtles by conducting nest surveys and nest protection activities at Playa Langosta.
  • In Indonesia, grant funding is reducing human-elephant conflict by promoting a conflict hotline to report incidents, which will help local police departments track the illegal killing of elephants.
  • In Cameroon and Nigeria, funding is supporting increased patrols, camera trapping and completion of a conservation action plan to ensure the survival of the critically endangered Cross River gorilla, which is the most endangered subspecies of gorilla on Earth.
  • In Russia, grant funding is enhancing anti-poaching efforts of the Amur tiger by developing and implementing a camera trap surveillance system to help monitor and combat poaching in critical tiger habitat. The surveillance system will allow monitoring of human behavior and illegal activity, and record any suspicious activity.

The Save Vanishing Species stamp will be available in U.S. post offices and at USPS. To learn more about the Wildlife Without Borders Multinational Species Conservation Funds and the Save Vanishing Species stamp, visit: TigerStamp.

About The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)

The mission of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is working with others to conserve, protect, and enhance fish, wildlife, plants, and their habitats for the continuing benefit of the American people. We are both a leader and trusted partner in fish and wildlife conservation, known for our scientific excellence, stewardship of lands and natural resources, dedicated professionals, and commitment to public service.

Under Creative Commons License: Attribution
Follow us: @Ammoland on Twitter | Ammoland on Facebook


By pure chance my weekly day off from work happened to fall on 9/11/2014. My husband and I, for the most part, have kept the television off today and instead have spent our time on prayer and Bible reading, on preparing very spartan meals, on running vitally important errands, and on attending to the needs of others.

What I would have preferred to see in the news on 9/11/14 was the successful capture, demise, or decisive defeat of the ringleaders among the Islamic militants who threaten the entire civilized world (or what remains of it). I was especially hoping for an all-out attack on ISIS, not that I expected any such thing.

Instead, in the mainstream media, it’s all grim retrospectives on the 9/11/01 attack – which I am old enough to remember all too well. The mainstream media is not about to expose the true root cause of 9/11/01, the 2002 Bali bombings, 7/7/2005, the murderous Beslan attack, and innumerable other evil deeds – namely, Islamic doctrine itself. Even self-styled conservatives in the alternative media mindlessly deflect the blame for the abject failure of US and EU foreign policy against any scapegoats they can find – against Russia and Vladimir Putin, against Israel and the Jews (or their supposedly powerful lobby in DC), against Bible-believing Christians, and even against the Tea Party, of which I have been a supporter since its inception.

Back to work tomorrow. I am growing old and I am exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and in every other possible way. By now I probably know more people who are departed than who are living, and I have cause to envy them. When it comes time for me to go, I will be more than ready. Until then, I will use what remains of my dwindling time and strength to attempt to communicate the truth.


Independent (UK) has the story:

British jihadi Aqsa Mahmood
Aqsa Mahmood

As many as 60 British women have joined an all-female sharia police unit for the Islamic State (Isis), reprimanding those who fall foul of the jihad’s strict rules.

The al-Khansaa brigade is believed to be operating in the Syrian city of Raqqa, which is controlled by Isis militants and works as their Syrian headquarters.

According to the Terrorism Research and Analysis Consortium (TRAC), the militia group was established earlier this year to help expose male activists who attempt to disguise themselves in women’s clothing to avoid detention.

A prominent figure in the police force, according to the UK-based International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR), is Aqsa Mahmood, a privately-educated Glaswegian 20-year-old who fled to Syria last November.

Most of the British women who have travelled to the war torn region to fight, are between the ages of 18 and 24, the Daily Telegraph reports, a further three of whom are believed to have joined the military unit.

The ICSR says it monitors 25 British female jihadists who have left their lives in the UK to support Isis.

The brigade’s women are reportedly paid a monthly salary of 25,000 Syrian Pounds (roughly £100), says TRAC, for duties that are not involved with acts of terror – instead insurgency operations.

They are not the only all-female brigade, either, with another – Umm Al-Rayan – also created around the same time.

Security services believe that it is likely that the women will know the true identity of ‘Jihadi John’, the Isis fighter believed to be the person responsible for the beheading of American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

According to Syria Deeply, the al-Khansaa brigade has also been tasked with cracking down on civilian women who fail to abide by the ultra-strict brand of sharia law implemented by Isis, including that women be fully covered in public and be chaperoned by a male.

An Isis official in Raqqa reportedly said: “We have established the brigade to raise awareness of our religion among women, and to punish women who do not abide by the law.

“There are only women in this brigade, and we have given them their own facilities to prevent the mixture of men and women.”

On Thursday, the parents of Ms Mahmood made an emotional plea for their daughter to return and claimed that she had “betrayed” not only them but their community and “the people of Scotland” when she left to fight.

“Our daughter is brainwashed and deluded and helping those engaged in genocide,” her parents said.

Melanie Smith, a research associate at ICSR, said: “The British women are some of the most zealous in imposing the IS [Islamic State] laws in the region. I believe that’s why at least four of them have been chosen to join the women police force.”

The identities of the other three women are current unknown, however a small contingent of female Britons have flown over to the region to fight in some capacity.

Twin 16-year-old sisters Zahra and Salma Halane left their Manchester home on 26 June to join the conflict – it is believed they married Isis militants, with terrorist chiefs investigating whether the men paid for their travel.

Muslim convert Sally Jones, a mother of two from Kent, is also believed to have fled to Isis from her life in the UK after meeting a computer hacker turned jihadi online and later marrying him.

More here.

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For a full-size view of the above photo, please click here.

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Daily Mail (UK) has the story:

ISIS infant
Innocent: Arguably the most shocking image is one of a baby – who appears to be less than six months old – lying on its on back on the black flag now associated with the group terrorising the Middle East
  • Shocking photos show youngsters posing with guns and giving ISIS salute
  • They were posted on Twitter accompanied by chilling messages in English
  • They were taken by children’s parents and other fighters in Syria and Iraq
  • A number of images appear to have been posted by British fighters abroad
  • Among most worrying is photo of baby lying on flag surrounded by weapons

Read and watch it all here.