This article is a year old, but systematic enslavement of foreign workers continues in Muslim Arab countries.

Balkanist has the story:


Officials from Qatar, the desert sheikdom that also happens to be the richest country in the world, are currently recruiting women with Bosnian or Macedonian citizenship to live and work in domestic arrangements that have been characterized as “modern-day slavery” and “indentured servitude”.

Disturbingly, politicians in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia have not addressed these well-publicized problems, and instead have been busy telling the public that Qatar is a great place to work and entirely safe for workers.

Denisa Maglic-Sarajlic, Bosnia’s deputy civil affairs minister, says that Qatar represents “The greatest opportunity for employment of BiH citizens abroad.”

Civil affairs minister Sredoje Novic agrees with his deputy, and says that domestic work in Qatar is safer than in other countries. “The reason we signed this agreement is to protect workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina from the negative situation they’ve faced when seeking employment in other countries,” he said.

In Kosovo, Deputy Labour Minister Fatmir Shurdhaj said that the government was “making maximum efforts” to ensure the first workers would arrive in Doha by “early 2014”.

This glossing over of the Gulf’s many structural problems that encourage the exploitation of workers is deceptive. Of course, not all housemaids in Qatar have a bad experience, and the worst reporting on the subject is filled with stereotypes about meek third world women and the “barbarism” of the Arab world. But enough foreign workers have been mistreated in the Gulf to warrant serious concern


The decision to ship Balkan women off to Qatar for work was undoubtedly influenced by the countries’ devastating unemployment rates. Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia have some of the highest unemployment rates in Europe.


The nightmare for domestic workers in Qatar often begins like this: While still in her home country, a housemaid’s future employer signs a contract agreeing to pay a certain monthly salary. After she arrives, her employer slashes her monthly pay. And once she’s in the emirate, it’s usually impossible to do anything but accept the lower salary. It’s not as if she can leave the country without her employer’s permission.

This kind of exploitation is rife under the Gulf’s kafala system, where a “sponsor” or kafeel (employer) essentially owns their foreign employee. Domestic workers can’t leave the country, rent an apartment, switch jobs, open a bank account, or obtain a driver’s license without their sponsor’s permission. A maid’s visa is also linked to her kafeel, so if she quits — even to escape physical abuse or lack of pay — her visa is automatically invalidated. She becomes “illegal”, subject to hefty fines and even imprisonment.

It’s also common for a kafeel to force domestic workers to relinquish any travel documents, including passports, upon arrival, and to hold these items for the duration of the contract. This means workers are literally trapped in Qatar.

The kafeel must also assume full legal responsibility for their employee’s actions, which some sponsors have used as an excuse to deprive domestic workers of “privileges”, like the right to have a mobile phone, or to have a day off.

One woman wrote on a thread about maids: “If you give them a day off they go and have sex with a man.” Others seemed to agree with her — no days off . Another explained that she keeps her maid locked inside the family home at all times, save for one supervised trip to the drugstore to buy sanitary products every other month. And one commenter boasted that she installed a hidden camera in her maid’s tiny bedroom.

Some of the mistreatment suffered by domestic workers in Qatar has been so awful it’s painful to read about.

Recently, a 17-year-old maid was raped multiple times by her employer the day she arrived in Qatar.

A 30-year-old woman gave birth to a baby boy after being raped by her employer, and left him in an airport bathroom in Doha when she flew home. She said she’d been terrified about what her family might think. She later reunited with the baby.

Severe beatings and verbal abuse are also common. “Genoveva” (not her real name), a housemaid from the Philippines who says her sponsor cut her hair off the day she arrived in Qatar, remembers the names: Dog. Animal. Donkey.

Mistreatment of maids is so common that the Philippines has its own center in Doha for workers who have fled abusive sponsors. Officials from the Indonesian embassy report that every day, between three and five women show up seeking help for similar problems. They keep a special room for women who’ve left abusive households, and have pictures of beaten and injured maids on the wall.

And then there’s “M.’s” story. When she was found dead inside her sponsor’s villa, the 24-year-old weighed just 39 kg (86 lbs). Forensic experts said it appeared she’d been deprived adequate food for six months.

Her injuries were severe: She had 43 bruises (one official would later say he suspected she’d been battered with a hot iron), was missing teeth, her skin had been scarred by cigarette burns, and she’d sustained multiple stab wounds. When investigators searched the home they found what they believed to be the murder weapons: A kitchen knife and an ashtray, both covered in blood. She’d been murdered by her sponsor.

Like many domestic workers in Qatar, M. had worked to support her family back home. After her murder, they decided they had no choice but to accept the diyya or “blood money”. M.’s life was calculated to be worth $40,000 — less than half of Qatar’s GDP per capita. Her murderer got three years in prison.

Mistreatment of foreign workers has become so commonplace that it has strained Qatar’s relations with several countries.

Nepal recently instituted a ban on maids under the age of 30 from working in the Gulf. The Philippines insisted that all of its citizens receive a minimum monthly salary of $400. Qatar refused. The Indonesian embassy in Doha said it could no longer cope with the number of its citizens seeking refuge from abuse, and announced that it would suspend recruitment of new domestic workers.

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Theodore Shoebat has the story:

ISIS Says, “The US-Mexican Border Is Now Open”, And Are Planning On Crossing Into The United States Through The US-Mexican Border

And ISIS propaganda trading group recently posted these disturbing words on Twitter:

the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing

The Texas law department found a message on Twitter from ISIS, saying

Americans in for ruin (sic).

ISIS wants to cross into the United States through the US-Mexican border. The Texas Department of Public Safety has given this warning:

A review of ISIS social media messaging during the week ending August 26 shows that militants are expressing an increased interest in the notion that they could clandestinely infiltrate the southwest border of US, for terror attack … Social media account holders believed to be ISIS militants and propagandists have called for unspecified border operations, or they have sought to raise awareness that illegal entry through Mexico is a viable option … The identities of persons operating these accounts cannot be independently verified; however the accounts were selected for monitoring based on several indications that they have been used by actual ISIS militants for propaganda purposes and collectively reach tens of thousands of followers… One account was verified as belonging to an individual located in Mosul, Iraq.

Judicial Watch has made this statement:

Agents across a number of Homeland Security, Justice and Defense agencies have all been placed on alert and instructed to aggressively work all possible leads and sources concerning this imminent terrorist threat

According to the Texas law department, some 32 Facebook and Twitter posts by jihadists have been found expressing interest in the US-Mexican border, with even “calls for border infiltration”. ISIS knows that there are a large amount of people crossing into American through Mexico, and plans on using this to their advantage. As the Texas law department reports:

This Twitter account holder, who is the administrator of an ISIS propaganda trading group, stated that the time was right for such an action because “the US-Mexican border is now open large numbers of people crossing”

ISIS already has drones and I have said that it is possible that they could use them in attacks on American. More Muslim violence in America is on the way, and we will see carnage worse than 9/11.


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Published on Jul 3, 2013 by Animal Wire
Is the Black Lion Real? Tales of the black lion have been rumored from all around the globe. And several photos of black lions have been floating around the web. Is it possible for black lions to exist?

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ISIS is not the only Islamic enemy threatening imminent acts of war against the US. The magazine issued by AQAP (al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) gives directives for acts of terror – along with English-language instructions for homegrown terrorists – just in time for September 11, 2014.

Lisa Daftari has the story at Fox News:

A new English-language Al Qaeda magazine features a how-to article on making car bombs and suggests terror targets in the United States, including casinos in Las Vegas, oil tankers and military colleges, and implies that an attack is imminent.

The online publication, called “Palestine-Betrayal of the Guilty Conscience Al-Malahem” and put out by the media arm of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, or AQAP, calls for Muslims around the world to follow “the recipe” provided to set off car bombs in crowded venues. It includes a timeline of “selected jihadi operations” that the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which first flagged the slickly-produced latest edition of the terror publication, finds chilling.

“The timeline concludes with the date 201?’ and blank spaces and question marks for the photo and information of the next attack — implying that it is coming soon.” said MEMRI Executive Director Steve Stalinsky.

There is a suggested list of targets for lone-wolf, or individually executed, terror attacks, including New York’s Times Square, casinos and night clubs in Las Vegas, oil tankers and trains, the Georgia Military College, the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and General Atomics defense contractor in San Diego.

“This recipe gives you the ability to make a car bomb even in countries with tight security and surveillance,” one article reads, before providing a “shopping list” of supplies needed to make such a bomb, including cooking gas, oxygen gas, a barometer, decoration lamps and matches.

There is also a list of targets in Britain including a military academy and the Marks and Spencers chain of department stores. The magazine calls for the stores to be hit on Friday during prayers so that Muslims won’t be affected.

Globally, AQAP calls for the targeting of tourist resorts frequented by Israelis, Britons and Americans.

In a nine-page spread entitled, “How to make a bomb in the kitchen of your mom,” the magazine details a do-it-yourself, illustrated guide on assembling a pressure-cooker bomb similar to the ones used in the Boston Marathon bombings.

“My Muslim brother, before you start reading the instructions, remember that this type of operation if prepared well and an appropriate target is chosen and Allah decrees success for you, history will never forget it. It will be recorded as a crushing defeat on the enemies of Islam,” the article says.

The “Palestine” magazine is a spin-off of AQAP’s Inspire magazine, which mainly encourages and instructs jihadi recruits to carry out lone-wolf attack in the West. This new magazine is meant to play upon the recent anti-Israel and anti-U.S. sentiments brought about by the conflict between Hamas and Israel.

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В Горловке сгорел Благовещенский храм

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Published on Aug 7, 2014 by я
7 августа 2014 г. в результате артиллерийского обстрела сгорел Благовещенский храм в Горловке.

RT has the story:

A unique wooden Orthodox church has burned to the ground after being hit by an artillery shell in Gorlovka. The city is located in Ukraine’s Donetsk region – the site of ongoing bloody confrontations between Kiev’s military and self-defense troops.

Blagoveshchensky Cathedral was completely destroyed as the city came under heavy shelling on Thursday. No one was injured in the attack, Gorlovka’s diocesan administration website reported.

The 23-meter tall wooden structure was erected in 2008. It was initially built on a different site, and had been moved to its newest location. Building works on the church only finished in June.

According to the Gorlovka diocese, it was a “unique” structure built entirely of pine wood, with no nails. Local children enjoyed the church playground, which was surrounded by flower beds, pines, and cypresses.

They say lightning never strikes twice in the same place – but that rule did not apply to Blagoveshchensky Cathedral. The church survived a bombing just over one week ago, when shells landed on its territory, several meters away from the building and playground.

Several other churches have sustained damage since the beginning of the bloody conflict in east Ukraine. Five clerics have been killed, according to Orthodox news website

In late July, Gorlovka’s Orthodox Church facilities came under artillery attack from Kiev forces. The shelling damaged the stairs and façade of Gorlovka’s diocesan administration building and broke several windows.

Russia’s Orthodox Church has called on Kiev authorities to provide safety for clerics and shrines, urging them not to allow the civil conflict to develop a “religious dimension.

Since ancient times, monasteries, churches, and other holy buildings have been “legally granted a status of asylum,” allowing such places to grant refuge to anyone who needs it, Vladimir Legoida, a spokesperson for the Russian Orthodox Church, said in a statement on Friday.

Unfortunately, neither church walls nor a ministry can grant protection from violence in the fratricidal confrontation in Ukraine,” he added.
The shelling comes just one day after an Orthodox church suffered damage in Lugansk. Five people from the same family were also killed in the city after the basement they were taking refuge in was shelled by Kiev government forces.

The ongoing fighting in eastern Ukraine has already led to 118,000 people being internally displaced. The UN estimates that 740,000 others have fled to Russia. At least 1,367 people – both civilians and military troops – have been killed in the conflict, and 4,087 others have been wounded.

More here.

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Published on Aug 26, 2014 by SciShow
Quick Questions explains what alcohol does — and doesn’t do — to your brain cells. Enjoy this episode responsibly!

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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The bad news? Scientists are not entirely sure.
The good news? Morning sickness generally subsides after the first trimester of pregnancy.

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Published on Aug 25, 2014 by SciShow
If you’ve ever been pregnant, or been around a pregnant lady, you know that the agony that is morning sickness — and it’s not just something that happens in the morning! SciShow explains the many theories about what causes it.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Published on Aug 26, 2014 by Acts17Apologetics
Just minutes after defending Islam in a speech about the beheading of James Foley by the Islamic State (ISIS, ISIL), President Barack Obama was back on the golf course. Reality doesn’t seem to mean much nowadays.


…you will become victims of the enemy that you welcomed into your home.

Andrew Bostom has the story:

Amel Nona, the 47 year-old Chaldean archbishop of Mosul, who fled the Sunni “re-awakening,” IS-led jihad in northern Iraq, to Erbil, Kurdistan, made the following statements to Corriere Della Serrapublished August 10, 2014:

“Our sufferings today are a prelude to what even European and Western Christians will incur in the near future. Your liberal and democratic principles here [in the Middle East] are not worth anything. You need to rethink our reality in the Middle East because you are receiving in your countries, an increasing number of Muslims. You too are at risk. You have to take strong and courageous decisions, at the cost of contradicting your principles. You think that men are all the same. It is not true. Islam does not say that all men are equalYour values ​​are not their valuesIf you do not understand in time, you will become victims of the enemy that you welcomed into your home.”

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GOP USA has the story:

MAKTAB KHALED, Iraq. — Kurdish soldier Said Tahseen stands atop a sandbagged mound at this checkpoint, south of the oil city of Kirkuk.

He points to a bridge 300 yards away: “That is where ISIS is, below the bridge.”

Three black flags of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria ripple there in the wind.

Local villagers tried to arrange a truce last month between the Kurdish peshmerga — the name means “those who face death” — and ISIS, whose brutality has shocked people around the world.

“They came here and were all dressed in black, even over their faces,” Tahseen recalls of the meeting with ISIS. “All you could see were their eyes.”

Kurdish peshmerga occupied Kirkuk in June, when terrified Iraqi soldiers fled from ISIS’s assault on northern Iraq. The Sunni terrorists had seized a wide swath of territory including Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, and Tikrit, hometown of dead dictator Saddam Hussein.

The Iraqi Kurds, an autonomous ethnic group, fought ISIS to a standstill along a 600-mile front.

Their lines have edged near enough to make ISIS’s black flags readily visible.

The region remains unstable, however. Three nearly simultaneous car bombs exploded in Kirkuk on Saturday, killing 21 people and wounding more than 100, according to reports; a bomb attached to a car in Irbil, the Kurdish capital, also exploded, wounding four.

A car bomb outside the Iraqi intelligence headquarters in Baghdad killed six civilians and five security personnel; at least 24 people were wounded in that attack.

ISIS is suspected in the Kirkuk and Irbil bombings.

“ISIS are like the dogs — when you train them to find explosives, they find explosives. ISIS is trained for bloodshed, that is what they do,” says Lateef Saber, a Kurdish colonel.

‘ISIS is two steps ahead’

To the surprise and dismay of many here and in the West, the peshmerga — known for their battlefield ferocity and fortitude — withdrew earlier this month from the city of Sinjar and surrounding villages as ISIS advanced toward the Kurdish capital of Irbil.

Their retreat sent nearly a half-million minority Iraqis — Christians, Yazidis, Shabak and Turkmen — fleeing into Iraqi Kurdistan.

Many traumatized refugees still speak bitterly of being abandoned by the peshmerga.

Kurdish forces say they were outgunned and lacked even enough ammunition to fight the terror group, which seized modern U.S. military equipment abandoned by six Iraqi army brigades.

“What happened in the region, we weren’t fully prepared for it,” explains Brig. Gen. Helgurd Hikmat, a peshmerga spokesman. “We couldn’t imagine that Mosul and the other governorates would collapse in 24 hours.

“ISIS is two steps ahead of us now.”

U.S. airstrikes have slowed ISIS and helped the peshmerga to recapture the strategic Mosul Dam. Yet everyone here wonders how long the U.S. support will last.

“Until when we will have this air cover?” asks Farhad Ameen Atrushi, governor of Dohuk province. “If ISIS comes back, they will have the same sophisticated weapons. We can resist, but we need support.”

He estimates that 600,000 refugees streamed into Dohuk, which has a population of 1 million.

“I can assure you that the peshmerga can kick ISIS out of our land,” Hikmat says. “But until the peshmerga is armed with new weapons, I think we still need air cover.”

A tough transition

The United States and France have shipped weapons to the Kurds; their military advisors are training peshmerga in Irbil.

But experts say the Kurds must resolve structural weaknesses to become a unified army able to defeat ISIS.

“While the peshmerga are far more disciplined and professional fighters than their Iraqi counterparts, it’s been a while since they were really put to the test,” says Ramzy Mardini, a fellow at the nonpartisan Atlantic Council in Washington and an expert on Iraq and Jordan.

The Kurds are “fierce fighters (who) have dealt with a history of battling one war after another, including a civil war among themselves,” he says.

But they “have to transition from a guerrilla force to an army” — and that “isn’t easy. You have to go through a process of relearning and internalizing new military culture and doctrine.”

Right now, some of them are baffled by their new, sophisticated U.S. and French weapons.

“Yesterday one of the generals called me and said, ‘We don’t know how to use them,’ ” concedes Dohuk’s governor.

“ISIS has tanks, Humvees and, of course, a lot of money and men who are ready to die.”

It also fought for more than a year in Syria’s brutal civil war, honing its battlefield skills.

“Of course we know this, that is why we asked for help,” says Hikmat. “Half of the peshmerga isn’t trained well. They aren’t even trained in weapons that are common in any army in the region.”

Some peshmerga appear to be in their 50s or older — veterans of the long fight against Saddam Hussein’s army, now recalled to bolster the ranks and to lead younger, inexperienced men.

In February, Iraq’s central government cut the 17 percent of its budget earmarked for Iraqi Kurdistan; Kurdish officials say they have not received a cent from Baghdad and cannot pay peshmerga salaries.

All of this has degraded “the status of the Kurdish security establishment,” says the Atlantic Council’s Mardini. “The ‘software’ may be professional and disciplined, but the hardware is inadequate. There’s no way the Kurds were going to be able to sustain a fight during an enduring conflict.”

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Published on Aug 24, 2014 by Acts17Apologetics
Nearly 200 entertainers (including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and many others) have signed a statement condemning the seventh article of the charter of Hamas as an “ideology of hatred and genocide.” The problem is that the quotation in article seven was taken directly from Muhammad himself. Hence, all of these entertainers have condemned Muhammad, Islam, and the Quran.


ITAR-TASS has the story:

DONETSK, August 26 /ITAR-TASS/. Shells fired by Ukrainian troops have destroyed by a square hit a second Eastern Orthodox church in the war-torn Donetsk region, Georgy Guliyev, the press secretary of the Donetsk Diocese of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church reporting to Moscow Patriarchate said on this page in Facebook.

“August 25, there was a square hit at the church in the name of St John of Kronstadt, which is located in the western suburbs of Donetsk,” he said. “The shelling caused fire, which destroyed all the churchware and vests.”

By a lucky chance, no one was killed or wounded. The father superior of the St John’s church, the Reverent Alexander Matveyev, and some of the parishioners took shelter in the basement floor throughout the day.

“But father Alexander took the antimension (a consecrated cloth kept altar, to which is sewn a linen or silk bag containing relics of saints – Itar-Tass) and the holy sacraments out of the church on his chest before the shelling began,” Guliayev said.

The church in the name of St John of Kronstadt was built by local residents about 20 years ago for the money they had raised.

This is the second instance of an Orthodox church being destroyed over the past three days.

“On the night of last Saturday, a shell hit a cupola of a church, also named after St John of Kronstadt, in the town of Kirovskoye” Matveyev recalled. Three persons died under the collapsing fragments of the building.

Over the past six months, Ukrainian military have opened fire at churches in Eastern Ukraine on about ten occasions. One of the incidents occurred when humanitarian aid was being distributed on the church compound.

More here.


When a wealthy and heavily armed enemy such as ISIS, which perpetrates acts of war and horrific atrocities every day, threatens to “drown America in blood,” they mean exactly what they say.

In case anybody hasn’t noticed, ISIS has declared itself to be a “caliphate” called the Islamic State. It holds a large swath of territory. It has recruiters and saboteurs all over the world. It is our enemy.

ISIS has declared war on the US. It is time for the US Senate to respond by declaring that a state of war with ISIS exists, and to empower our military to attack it.

BizPacReview has the story:

Retired Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney thinks the United States should “go to DEFCON 1, our highest state of readiness and be prepared as we lead up to 9/11.

McInerney made the comment Saturday in an appearance with Uma Pemmaraju  on Fox News Channel’s “America’s News HQ.”

“We may even see a 9/11/14,” he added.

“There’s a narrative gap,” McInerney said in response to Pemmaraju’s questions about border security and domestic threats from Islamic State. “The president thinks everything’s OK. Al-Qaida’s dead. He killed Osama bin Laden, but he’s three years behind in the narrative.”

The Air Force veteran called an “unchecked” Islamic State “an existential threat to the United States.”

“I’m not talking about two or three years from now,” he said. “I’m talking very, very soon.”

Interview and more here.


On YouTube:

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Published on Jul 5, 2014 by GlobalResearchTV
We bring to the attention of Global Research Readers a video on the atrocities committed in Eastern Ukraine. The mainstream media is silent on the issue. These videos are the object of censorship. Ukraine’s National Guard which is supported by the West is controlled by Neo-Nazis with Nazi emblems.

Documented in the video, war crimes are being committed by both the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian National Guard.

In the media’s coverage of unfolding atrocities directed against civilians in Eastern Ukraine, the words Nazi, Fascist or Neo-Nazi are a taboo. They have been eliminated from the anthology of investigative reporting.

The mainstream media by denying the very existence of these crimes against humanity committed by Neo-Nazi military and paramilitary formations is complicit under the Nuremberg Principles of “crimes against peace”

Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research

War crimes committed by both the Ukrainian Army and the Ukrainian National Guard in Eastern Ukraine against civilian population. Mainstream media channels won’t show you any of this footage. This is a war they don’t want you to see.

Kiev’s warmongers and fascists on the ground keep on killing innocent civilians. 90% of the footage shown here was filmed by the locals and is readily available here on YouTube. The blood that’s being spilled over by Kiev’s punishers will never be washed away.

If you want to see pictures of July 2nd airstrike on Staraya Kondrashovka, here they are (WARNING, GRAPHIC):

Ukrainian mainstream media immediately blamed the incident on the rebels who don’t even have an aircraft. Though on the 3rd of July, a deputy commander of the Public Relations of Battalion Azov had admitted that the cause of fire was pilot “error”. All of the war crimes committed by Ukrainian government and their punitive battalions is blamed on the rebels who just wouldn’t kill their own parents, wives, and children since over 90% of the rebels are made up of local citizens. Facts speak otherwise and images don’t lie. Ukrainian propaganda machine is really on it. Disgusting.


Unlike the Obama Administration, they are quite serious.

8/25/14 update: