Kosovo Albanians stoned buses with Serbs returning from Vidovdan celebration, several people injured

by 1389 on June 30, 2013

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inSerbia has the story:

DECANI/GRACANICA – Kosovo Albanians stoned buses returning Serb visitors who had attended the celebration of St. Vitus’ Day at the historic site of Gazimestan, and several people were injured in the incident, Director of the Serbian government Office for Kosovo-Metohija Aleksandar Vulin said.

Three or four individuals were injured, including a girl who has come in for treatment in the Kosovska Mitrovica hospital, Vulin told Tanjug.

Patriarch Irinej of the Serbian Orthodox Church left the territory of Kosovo safely after the celebration of the religious and historic holiday on Friday, Prior Sava Janjic of the Visoki Decani Monastery said on his Twitter profile.

“(Ethnic) Albanians are stoning Serb school buses. Five buses were damaged, some people are injured. Witnesses say (ethnic) Albanian groups waited for Serb buses in ambush, and some even followed the buses in their own cars,” Janjic said.

Three children with cuts inflicted by broken glass were received for treatment in the Gracanica Healthcare Centre after the attack of local Albanians on buses returning Serbs from St. Vitus’ Day celebration in Gazimestan.

Director of the Gracanica Healthcare Centre Rada Trajkovic told Tanjug that one of the children suffered cuts to the head while the other two received cuts on their body. She said that the patients’ lives are not in danger.

“Their lives are not in danger but they were temporarily hospitalised so that doctors could monitor their condition because the children are very alarmed,” Trajkovic said.

She noted that several other individuals, mostly minors, suffered cuts in the bus-stoning incident but these were treated at the spot.

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1 Uncle Vladdi July 1, 2013 at 10:18 pm

“Ethnic” Albanians?! Good Lord, even the Serbian press is Politically Correct!

“Ethnic Albanian” = Turkish jihadi!!!!!

Kovova Je Srbja!


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