Serb-bashing never ends at the UK Telegraph

by 1389 on June 3, 2013

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Here’s my comment:

The Serb-bashing just never quits, but then, it’s always okay to lie about Orthodox Christians.

If your paper talked this way about any Muslim country or faction, your government would shut you down in a heartbeat.

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1 guest June 4, 2013 at 6:16 am

from the interview: “Any kind of peace is better than conflict”. Obviously, not much of a student of history.

As for the Telegraph, the newspaper boasts that it ‘proudly’ supported Turkey in the nineteenth century ( part of Britain’s buffer against Imperial Russia in the Great Game largely played out in India and Afghanistan) which continued through the 20th century and today the DT is firmly in support of Turkey’s entrance into the EU (the paper is solidly pro-EU). Thus the DT is comfortable with millions more Moslems flooding into Europe and on to Britain whose immigration laws and benefits schemes are dangerously lax and generous. One of its previous editors, Boris Johnson (London’s Mayor), is the great-grandson of a Moslem Minister under the Ottoman Sultanate in Turkey and one of the DT’s main bloggers, Daniel Hanan, is a member of an organisation that works for Turkey’s EU-entry. The paper used to be jokingly referred to as ‘Torygraph’ for its support of Tories and is slavishly so towards Cameron as PM (Cameron’s grandfather and great-grandfather were wealthy Jews who through their Singapore bank worked with the Rothschilds to secure loans to the Japanese government during the Russo-Japanese War 1905 which further destabilised Russia and stifled nascent liberalism in Russia.) The paper was also once largely staffed with Roman Catholics and there was a certain disparaging view of Eastern Orthodoxy, reflected in articles dealing with it. If it’s any consolation, print media is dying: last year the Guardian lost over 40% of its readership and the DT 12%. Also, the DT and all British media employ a draconian censorship policy on most serious issues and this leads to further readership loss because that censorship is now being enforced on its online site (which is the bread and butter of many newspapers) . People know they’re being lied to and deprived of facts and denied free speech. Just keep doing what you are doing: report the facts, and eventually the sane world will beat a path to your door.

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