Open letter to the Serbs

by 1389 on April 24, 2013

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Flag of Serbia

From: Dr. Michael Pravica
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 7:06 PM

Dear Friends:

The recent “agreements” allegedly signed by the Serbian government to legitimize and finalize the West’s theft of Kosovo from Serbia are absolutely unacceptable. No nation willingly gives away territory so freely and certainly not without a national referendum. Every Serb and lover of freedom should read the following New York Times article [LINK] which details the fact that many Greek children are now starving in the midst of “civilized” Europe. This is “population control” engineered by the Bilderberger “elites.”

And now, Slovenia may well follow Cyprus and Greece in impending economic collapse with its enormous debt load. Yet Slovenia had the highest standard of living of all of the Yugoslav republics and therefore was one of the most prosperous regions in the Eastern bloc. What happened? Because all of these nations are in debt and Germany is calling the shots. These tiny “nations” have lost their sovereignty by being part of a super-state led by fascists. Why would Serbia want to join a failing German-dominated superstate that 1. viciously bombed them, 2. has not come to terms with its barbaric and fascist past, and 3. seeks merely to enslave the nation?

Quick and “easy” access to money (the root of all evil) via sales of national corporations and treasures (media, telecoms, land, etc) or via loans may help Serbian politicians out of temporary yet chronic binds (that may be crises of their own making) but it will not solve longterm problems such as living within one’s means and the horrible corruption in the Balkans. Though some wealthy Serbian “elites” may benefit from Serbia joining the EU (e.g. in being able to purchase more Mercedes Benz’s or make more trips to Paris, or go to expensive schools in Boston and purchase expensive condos there) but the vast majority of Serbs will not benefit by joining a block of nations led by an unrepetant and resurgently fascist Germany whose sole fanatical aim appears to be to destroy Serbia and place Europe under the jackboot.

The time has come for Serbs to stem the losses of their terrority as losing Kosovo will merely encourage the loss of Vojvodina, the Sandjak, Presevo Valley, etc. until Serbia is a mere Pashaluk surrounding Belgrade. The Serbs have international law on their side – when that goes, nothing will be left. Everything that NATO did in the Balkans has been illegal and even out of NATO’s charter. Don’t cave in to Western desperate pressure to get the Serbs to relinquish their historic territories for 30 pieces of silver. JUST SAY NO! The Serbs must look elsewhere for friends, Mother Russia is the best candidate thus far to help them and protect them.

After all that has happened to our people, have we learned nothing from the past 20 years? Have we not learned first and foremost that the West CANNOT BE TRUSTED to safeguard the interests of the Serbian people but instead seeks to methodically destroy and enslave them? How many times have the Serbs been promised Disneyland (e.g. for traitorously turning over Slobodan Milosevic or Ratko Mladic) to get nothing in return? Where is our sense of nationhood? Where is our sense of honor? Are we selling out to the lowest bidder?

There is a famous quote from Tsar Lazar that every Serb should remember when we think about Kosovo:

“Whoever is a Serb and of Serb birth,
And of Serb blood and heritage,
And comes not to the Battle of Kosovo,
May he never have the progeny his heart desires,
Neither son nor daughter!
May nothing grow that his hand sows,
Neither dark wine nor white wheat!
And let him be cursed from all ages to all ages!”

Kosovo was, is, and will continue to be Holy Land for the Serbs – their spiritual Jerusalem. The Jews lost Jerusalem and regained it 2000 years later. We can do this on a far shorter time scale but we can never accept and approve the loss of Kosovo. If Kosovo dies in our hearts, it will then be lost forever along with our culture. Please… don’t let that happen. Europe needs Serbia far more than Serbia needs Europe. The Serbs just need to focus on helping one another (like the Jews do) for their biological survival and not be distracted by the flashy entrapments dangled in front of them by the materialistic and godless West with the aim of leading them away from God. We need to remember and return to our Faith and spirituality. This is what enabled us to survive for 600 years under the Ottomans. This is what will enable us to survive in the current historical rut. Kosovo is NOT for SALE!

Thank you for your attention,
Prof. Michael Pravica, Ph.D.
Second generation Serbian-American


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1 Angelina Lazar "of Serbia" April 24, 2013 at 11:14 pm


Thank You, Michael. . .
Exceptional as Always . . . .

Tearfully Yours,
From the Center of the World
Where the Meridian Meets the Equator. . .
Unto the Defence of Holy Kosovo,
Our Cradle of Serbian Orthodoxy . . .


THIS, THIS, I SAY! . . . .

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