Two more reasons why Mitt Romney lost

by 1389 on March 25, 2013

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There are people who will believe anything.

Mormon Cartoon Banned

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The secret world of mormonism – mormon cartoon banned put into a conversation between an informed individual and a mormon missionary. Everything in this video is 100% factual and can be confirmed by church documents and church officials.

Poor judgment

Cults are set up as financial scams to take advantage of the gullible. Once several generations of people grow up in the cult, the cult begins to be called a religion, but it is still a cult. If one is born into a cult that was invented to serve the selfish interests of its founder(s) and their successors, it takes both the willingness to do fact-checking and the courage to act on those facts by leaving. Like the Mormon in the cartoon above, Mitt Romney had neither.

Mitt failed to notice that the Cold War with the Soviet bloc ended over two decades ago.

CSM: In debate, Romney reiterates Russia is ‘geopolitical foe’ of US

By , Staff writer / October 23, 2012

In last night’s US presidential debate on foreign policy, Mitt Romney once again stated his belief that Russia was a “geopolitical foe” of the US, echoing similar comments he made in March of this year.

When he has accused Russia of being a “geopolitical foe” in the past, Moscow reacted with confusion and irritation, but little expectation of a change in US-Russian relations.

Mr. Romney first called Russia “our No. 1 geopolitical foe” during the Republican primaries in March, soon after an open mic caught President Barack Obama asking Russia’s then-President Dmitry Medvedev to dial back their objections to US missile defense plans until after the November elections, when “I’ll have more flexibility.”

Although ostensibly a political attack against Mr. Obama, Romney’s words caused puzzled concern in Moscow, the Monitor’s Fred Weir reported.

A poll carried out by the independent, Moscow-based Levada Center earlier this month found that 42 percent of Russians think relations with the US are either “friendly,” “good neighborly,” or “normal and peaceful,” while 47 percent think they are “cool” or “tense,” and just 4 percent said they are “hostile.”

“I can’t see Romney’s remarks as anything but an emotional outburst,” says Gennady Gudkov, deputy chair of the State Duma’s security committee. “That just doesn’t correspond to the actual state of relations between our countries at all. Not only is Russia not a country that’s hostile to the US, we are actually allies in many geopolitical issues. Russians may sometimes verbally abuse America, but we tend to keep our money over there, both privately and in the form of our national currency reserves, which are held largely in US dollars….  In fact, Russia is far more interested in our relations with the US than the Americans are in their ties with Russia.” …

“Regarding ideological clichés, every time this or that side uses phrases like ‘enemy No. 1,’ this always alarms me, this smells of Hollywood and certain times [of the past],” Medvedev said. “I would recommend all US presidential candidates … do two things. First, when phrasing their position, one needs to use one’s head, one’s good reason, which would not do harm to a presidential candidate.”

When Romney repeated his criticism of Russia during his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention in August – he said that “Under my administration, our friends will see more loyalty, and [Vladimir Putin, who was sworn in as Russia's president in May,] will see a little less flexibility and more backbone” – it again spurred a negative response from Moscow, Weir reported.

More here.

Why this could have cost Romney the election

Russian Orthodox Christians, in vast numbers, regularly pray for Russia and its civil authorities, asking God to put their country under His protection. Too many Americans have done the opposite.

God does not give His protection to a population that does not want it. It seems to me that God has protected Russia at the expense of the US by allowing an avowedly anti-Russian candidate to lose the election in the US, even though that candidate would otherwise have better served the interests of the American people.

Yes, despite all that, I voted for Mitt Romney in 2012 – but it was more a vote against Barack Hussein Obama and the Democrats than a vote for Romney.

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