New Hampshire Bill Would Victimize Women If They Stand & Fight An Attacker

by 1389 on March 25, 2013

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AmmoLand has the story:

Second Amendment Sisters

Concord, NH – -( HB135 is not a bill of equality.

It looks to change a law that has not caused anyone harm. It looks to change the playing field to be in favor of the criminal and lessen the rights’ of women to not be victimized.

The prime sponsor was quoted as saying it is OK for women to defend themselves at home, but not on the street. We bear the burden to try and run from our assailants. If we do not, if we choose instead to protect ourselves or our children, in the court of law we have to prove we could not get away. The prosecution has no burden to prove otherwise.

Faced with a criminal intent on rape, robbery or kidnapping our children WE are faced with the choice to do what we must to save ourselves or our loved ones, knowing that we will be the ones in court. Being victimized a second time by the judiciary system that tells us we have to prove we could not escape.

That is wrong and takes us back to a time when women were not considered equal, but property under the law. This is not the right message to be sending, and we refuse to sit back and allow our elected officials to take away our right to life in favor of the criminal without a fight.

When you vote on Wednesday a green button vote of yes on the motion of OTP is a vote to empower the criminals in the State of New Hampshire. We implore you to consider the effect of your vote on our lives, do not let us become victims of the criminal first and if we survive, then victims of the judiciary system second. Vote NO on HB135 and preserve the right of all New Hampshire women, the basic human right to self-defense.

Respectfully, this letter is submitted on behalf of the Second Amendment Sisters’ New Hampshire Membership.

  • Hon. Jenn Coffey, National Director of Legislative Affairs
  • Margot M. Keyes; Epsom, NH Area Coordinator
  • Kate Muller, New Hampshire State Coordinator
  • Melissa Creem, New Hampshire Web Coordinator
  • Sandy Williams, Andover, NH Area Coordinator
  • Michelle Levell, Windham,NH Area Coordinator
  • Carlene Wheeler, Sullivan,NH Area Coordinator
Hon. Jenn Coffey
(603) 748-1985

Second Amendment Sisters. Founded by 5 women from across the country, SAS has now grown to thousands of members across our Great Nation. We have taken on many functions. We teach and advocate for women to have the right to life – that is, we work to protect our basic human right to self-defense. Our members span the ages from the very young to the mature. We are a grassroots national organization with representation in all 50 states. Second Amendment Sisters, also known as SAS, was formed in response to the Million Mom March.


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1 ADHD March 27, 2013 at 9:31 pm

THANK GOD, it failed amid an apparent motion for reconsideration.

Under link, we read:

Reconsideration (Rep G.Richardson): Motion Failed Regular Calendar 175-19

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