Apparently you can’t tell the truth about the ongoing war against European-Americans

by 1389 on March 20, 2013

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If you’re white, not only must you accept being bullied and robbed and heaped with contempt at every turn, but also you must never mention that any of this is taking place. The Philadelphia Magazine article, Being White in Philly: Whites, race, class, and the things that never get said, contains many brief interviews with white Philadelphians on race relations. The comments below the article tell even more.

I left several comments, including this one:

Thanks to Obamunism, I live in a battered old RV in an unincorporated area. Yeah, I work part-time retail, despite an excellent education, many years of IT experience, recently upgraded skills, good references, a clean record, you name it.

But then, white people haven’t fared very well in Zimbabwe since the place was handed on a platter to Robert Mugabe. I won’t say that it’s never possible for black people to run a city, state, or country without making it into a complete hellhole, but I doubt I will live to see it.

They call him Nutter for a reason

Weasel Zippers reports that Philadelphia Dem Mayor Wants Author Of Story On Black-White Race Relations Punished, Suggests Not Protected Free Speech…. White people already risk social and economic ostracism if we discuss the fact that we are no longer safe in a political jurisdiction that has been hijacked by a militant minority of another race who, for the most part, have been taught to hate and despise us.

Now Mayor Michael Nutter insists that Philadelphia Magazine should be punished for having reported the simple fact that white people are forbidden to talk about matters of race. In other words, we dare not even acknowledge that we are being censored! Say goodbye to the First Amendment whenever it interferes with the interests of our new overlords.

Says commenter Sniffy Pop:

It is only free speech, if it is their speech.
The truth is their enemy and they will fight it using any means, even if it takes one losing their constitutional rights.
It is all about Spite.

Living under the tyranny of urban ghetto thugs, either in one particular city or in the US as a whole – and not even being allowed to discuss it – is not an option.

The bottom line

  • A heavily politicized Democrat political machine, backed by an overwhelming majority of African-Americans, has been allowed to hijack the entirety of the US body politic. Anyone who voted for Obama simply because he is half-black is a racist.
  • This Democrat administration has enacted “Obamacare” – against the expressed intentions of the majority of the population – with the effect, and most likely the intent, of destroying both the health care system and the entire economy.
  • Bare physical survival is becoming ever more difficult for most white people in the US. We are not part of the socialist apparatchiki; we lose employment opportunities while others receive preferential treatment via affirmative action; and we are unwilling to milk what little is left of the US economy by scamming the welfare system. So we try to piece together a living from low-paying part-time jobs as we slowly sink into destitution.
  • Black people are being indoctrinated in many ways to hate and despise white people and to blame us for all of the personal problems and failures that they may experience as a part of the human condition.
  • Present-day white people are, by and large, neither racists nor white supremacists. We have neither profited from any “white privilege” nor have we harmed persons of other races.
  • White people lose their livelihood and their personal security if they mention the fact that there is a race war against them – even though white people do not retaliate and do not intend to retaliate.
  • White people are threatened if they acknowledge the fact that they are being censored from discussing matters of race prejudice against them.
  • I have been called a “racist” for putting up this article.
  • This cannot end well – for anyone.

A warning to all those who were, or who claim to have been, downtrodden:

If your purpose in taking over a government is to exact vengeance on another group of people who previously ran things reasonably well, your homeland will become a hellhole for everyone, including your own people. South Africa and Zimbabwe are but two of many examples. You will have only yourselves to blame.

I can forgive you, my soon-to-be-former countrymen, in that I do not wish you ill.

But asking me to stay here and go down with the shipwreck that you created is asking too much. I believe that I may have some productive years left, and I am not about to throw them away by remaining in what was once, but no longer is, and probably will never be again, the storied land of opportunity.

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