Now Don’t Try to Tell Us that We Never Listen to Our Readers

by CzechRebel on March 12, 2013

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We are a counterjihad blog; but not just that. We run an animal story on Saturdays, generally centering around a few cats, sometimes accompanied by other animals. We comment on the American political scene with a conservative/libertarian bent. We run some Orthodox Christian articles, which makes sense since the admins and some of our writers are Orthodox Christians.

However, we have had a complaint or two that we might be a bit too Orthodox-centric. We don’t mean to be. Our major focus is the counterjihad. However, we came across this video, which presents a decidedly Protestant refutation of Islam. While not everything that he says is large “O” Orthodoxy, he makes some truly biting points about why Christianity is a true faith and Islam is just another form of paganism.

Please read our comment policy before posting a comment. That said, we would certainly be interested in hearing about counterjihad news and views from the perspective of other faiths.

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