Contention at CPAC 2013: The Counterjihad vs. Grover Norquist, Brett Kimberlin, et. al.

by 1389 on March 8, 2013

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Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) 2013

CPAC 2013: Who’s in, who’s out, and what it all means

The conference website tells you who’s officially in.

On it you will see who has been invited to speak; which organizations have been accepted as sponsors, partners, or co-sponsors; who has been allowed to rent an exhibit booth; and so on and so forth.

Would I consider attending CPAC? No, neither under my blog nom de guerre nor under my real name. Budgetary and security concerns, as well as other responsibilities, make it unwise and impractical to attend events such as this. Moreover, as long as Muslim Brotherhood über-mole Grover Norquist is on the board, I expect that I would be turned away at the door.

Ooooh, looky here:

This page lists board of directors of the American Conservative Union, which hosts CPAC. The page isn’t easy to find, most likely because it shows both Grover Norquist and fellow mole Suhail Khan. Grover is keeping a low profile; as of this writing, I don’t see him on the speakers’ roster.

The ACU chairman is Al Cardenas, who has been pushing for another amnesty for illegal aliens. He actually expects us to believe that giving eleven million illegal aliens (including a large number of Muslim infiltrators) access to citizenship will “stimulate the conservative electorate.”

The good…

Expect some great speeches by Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Paul Ryan, Scott Walker, Allen West, Newt Gingrich, Tom Fitton, and others. Pro-lifers will be represented by Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life. Gotta love it!

RINO New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has NOT been invited, which is good.

There’s also Blog Bash – right around the corner from CPAC. More about that below.

The bad…

You can expect that any specifically homosexual political organization, whether purportedly “conservative” or not, has been organized to pursue the agenda of gay identity politics. Groups based on identity politics are inherently not conservative and thus have no place at a conservative forum. Thus, I was pleased that GOProud was not allowed to become an exhibitor or sponsor at CPAC. Unfortunately, a libertarian organization, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, has allowed two members of GOProud to participate in a CPAC panel called “Rainbow on the Right.”

This politically-correct posturing irritates me so much that I now find it annoying to see an actual rainbow in the sky. Did these clowns really have to co-opt everything?

Pam Geller no longer at CPAC

Counterjihad blogger and activist Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs has been a popular featured speaker at previous CPAC events. But this time, she wasn’t invited. No surprise there…Grover Norquist is in a snit because Pamela helped expose Muslim infiltration of the CPAC board. That just confirms everything we have been saying about Grover and the ACU.

Robert Spencer wins People’s Choice award; declines it because of speech restrictions

He told me that there was a slight problem: the Tea Party group, which co-sponsored this People’s Choice Blog Award, didn’t want to allow me to receive it at CPAC next week unless I promised not to criticize Grover Norquist and Suhail Khan as I accepted the award.

I told the organizer that I couldn’t agree to that. He asked me if I had planned to talk about Grover and Suhail. I said no, I hadn’t, but I had to now.

So that’s that. The People’s Choice Blog Award is now the Grover’s Choice Blog Award. I will not be going to CPAC and will not be receiving this award…

Updates on this story HERE.

The ugly…

Convicted perjurer and mass murderer Brett Kimberlin and his pal Neil Rauhauser are threatening the venue that will be hosting the aforementioned Blog Bash.

Robert Stacy McCain has the story: Brett Kimberlin Calls Blog Bash Venue, Vows to ‘Put You Guys Out of Business’.

From putting together the various messages and threats, Kimberlin has been urging Muslim organizations to harass and threaten the venue for hosting “Islamophobes” and other undesirables, and telling his readers to contact Muslim organizations to urge them to put pressure on the Blog Bash venue.

Just as an aside, deranged domestic terrorists prefer unarmed victims.

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