Suicide or Genocide — are those our only two choices?

by Hesperado on February 20, 2013

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Genocide or Suicide

by Hesperado

Western Politically Correct Multi-Culturalists (PC MCs) misjudge the modern West, by expecting that genocidal measures by us against Muslims would be inevitable, were we to become appropriately tough on Muslims, proportionately responding to the threats motivated and scripted by their imperative of jihad. This is the fundamental error that is causing PC MCs to suppress themselves and to seek to stifle all anti-Islam sentiment: they are primarily afraid of themselves, of their own West, spiralling into genocide. My point is that this is an erroneous, and strangely pessimistic loss of faith in our own Western capacity to remain good and rational.

Ironically, many in the Counter-Jihad hold to a mirror image of this error, based on a similar loss of faith in the modern West, with a kind of gloomy foreboding, and a gloomy resolve, to slip-slide down the slippery slope toward Civil War and vague intimations of precisely what the PC MCs fear. It is either this, so these gloomy Counter-Jihad crusaders seem to insist — or Suicide. The collective suicide of the West, that is; which they see coming by hook (a collective loss of traditional values and vigor), or by crook (the nefarious machinations of a cabal of “cultural Marxists”) — or both.

Not all of us in the Counter-Jihad would press this vector to its conclusion; for there seems to be a range of postures and beliefs in the nascent movement, extending from a rather limp-wristed asymptotic view of the problem of Islam not that much different from the PC MC paradigm of the TMOEWATHI (viz., that the problem reflects mainly, or only, a “Tiny Minority of Extremists Who Are Trying to Hijack Islam”), clear on up to the one I discussed above: what may be termed (because of its high representation there) the “Gates of Vienna Circle”, indulging in pressentiments of a rather radical quasi-apocalyptic denouement they feel is forced upon them by the corruption and wickedness to which they think the modern West has succumbed, more or less beholden to some kind of dastardly cabal.

Somewhere between these two extremes, one hopes, are multitudes of individuals in the Counter-Jihad capable of keeping a level head that does not throw out the baby (of faith in the modern West’s continued greatness) with the bathwater (a realistically grim appraisal of the disastrous myopia with which the modern West’s kool-ade has been spiked).

One Counter-Jihadist I may quote, who seems to represent a perhaps typically confused position not quite avoiding the “Gates of Vienna Circle” extreme. He envisions that in the near future, the situation throughout the West may well devolve:

“… due to Muslim radicalism, even that one would quickly spiral into outright concentration camps with all of their attendent horrors save that of Nazi Germany’s mass exterminations.”

I disagree strenuously with this implication that if we started interning Muslims as we interned Japanese in WW2, and/or rounding them up to be deported, the situation would “quickly spiral into outright concentration camps with all of their attendent horrors save that of Nazi Germany’s mass exterminations”. Surely, there would be the necessary use of force involved in such a massive project, in relation to a population of such high numbers and volatile hostility; but it is unreasonable to suppose that it would entail anything more than grimly pragmatic damage control, and that it would inevitably spiral into “attendant horrors”. Unlike Communists and Muslims, we don’t roll that way, and we won’t have to.

What Muslims will likely do in the decades ahead is little different in kind from what the Japanese and Germans did through the 1930s and into the 40s against America and the whole free West. Yet did America, at the spearhead of the West, feel it necessary to genocide the Japanese and Germans? No, we simply killed as many as we needed to, to make them stop. And after they stopped, the Japanese and Germans were not only not genocided, they quickly went on (with our continued help, btw) to flourish socially and economically better than they had before.

So, Muslims may dare us to “outdo” them in violence, but the West will never in a milion years even come close to what Muslims do — because, being rational (and, thus, moral), we don’t have to. All we have to do is deport them and quarantine them, and use as much force as it takes to get this done — no more, and no less: and this will be nowhere near a “genocide”.

A Civil War — or a Civil War of Ideas?

The distance from the present moment, to that future when the West wakes up and shakes off its myopia to take care of business may seem considerable, and one can be forgiven for lapsing occasionally into desperation. But let’s not luridly exaggerate that distance and deepen it into some existential or even cosmic dimension of a “cultural Marxist” cabal that somehow, strangely, has got a stranglehold on the hearts and minds of millions of Westerners who, make no mistake about it, sincerely believe in the PC MC paradigm with regard to the problem of Muslims and are not simply (or rather simplistically) being forced to follow it — nor are to be demonized as willful “Leftists” for their benightedly starry-eyed sentimentality.

While there are a considerable number of Leftists and even Communist-minded elites in influential positions in various places of the West causing serious problems by interfering with our rational self-defense against Muslims, the real problem is not that they represent a dastardly cabal in shadowy and strangely massive power, but rather that the modern West has undergone a paradigm shift over the past half century, a sea change in public consciousness, such that a vast mainstream of ordinary people have fallen into a fashion of thought that persuasively confuses a reckless and feckless idealism with Western ideals of morality.

And so the solution will not be a Civil War — God help us — bur rather a war of ideas that will remain civil.

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