Saturday Night Live skit blasphemes Jesus; Muhammad off limits for parody

by 1389 on February 18, 2013

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You know Hollywood would not dare make such a skit about Muhammad because Muslims would issue a fatwa and kill them. But, Hollywood feels perfectly secure in blaspheming the Lord Jesus Christ and ridiculing Christians. NBC and SNL should be boycotted for this.

World Net Daily: Is this NBC skit about Jesus pure BLASPHEMY?

A brand-new, spoof movie trailer about Jesus has just debuted on “Saturday Night Live.”

And seriously, you won’t believe how far NBC goes in mocking the Messiah, showing Him on a gun-toting, head-splitting, murderous bloody rampage, taking personal vengeance on those who betrayed and crucified Him.

We’ve got the jaw-dropping video. Judge for yourself.

If you don’t watch SNL, you haven’t missed much.

Smiley with sign: I'm so bored

I never was a fan of SNL, simply because I found it boring and seldom funny. Finally, someone told me that SNL was meant to be watched in conjunction with cannabis and other recreational chemicals. I have to ask: What’s the point of a show that requires the use of drugs to make it seem funnier than it is?

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