Even I could go for this manicure

by 1389 on February 3, 2013

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Waving flag of Serbia

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I tend towards simplicity in just about everything, particularly clothing and accessories. With all the different kinds of work my hands do, a manicure wouldn’t last me fifteen minutes. But this caught my eye:

Serbian flag fingernails

The New 31 Day Challenge – Inspired by Serbia

Inspirisano drzavom u kojoj zivim, Srbijom. Iako znamo da zivot ovde trenutno nije lak, volim ovu zemlju i ljude u njoj. Najbolja hrana na svetu, najvece gostoprimstvo od svakoga, najbolji ljudi sa puno dobrote u srcima. Volim da putujem kroz ravnicu, da posmatram zivotinje koje zive u nasim poljima i smeskam se. Nadamo se svi boljem sutra, ali ja i danas i sutra volim Srbiju :).

Inspired by country where I live, Serbia. I know you have probably heard bad things about Serbia, but don’t believe any of that. We have the best food in the world, whenever you go, you will get great hospitality, people here are really good… I love traveling across Serbia, watching all those animals that live in our fields and smile. We all hope for better tomorrow, but I love Serbia today and tomorrow :).

Nadam se da vam se dopada zastava, iako orlovi malo podsecaju na guske :).

I hope you like this flag, although Eagles looks a little bit like geese :).
New 31DC – Day 26 – Inspired By Your Country

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