#Caturday: Stanley has his say

by 1389 on February 2, 2013

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PM Stephen Harper and Stanley the Cat

Full Comment, National Post (Canada):

A letter from the PM’s cat

Re: @ Work With Harper, Jan. 29; Don’t Be Fooled: Cats Are Evil, Laura Helmuth, Oct. 30.

I appreciate that there was a picture of me with my person, Stephen Harper, published in Tuesday’s National Post, showing me helping him with his breakfast. However, using my picture out of context, and in connection with an absolutely baseless article by Laura Helmuth stating that “cats are evil” is completely off the mark.

I have never been to Washington (where “outdoor cats eat basically all juvenile birds as soon as they fledge”) or lived in an island ecosystem (New Zealand is being urged to outlaw cats “in order to protect its endangered birds”).

I am at 24 Sussex Drive 24/7 and was formerly an inmate at the Ottawa Humane Society, where, before I was adopted was visited frequently by the undersigned ghostwriter, a volunteer at the shelter. We cats are predators, as are many other animals and we are not evil for doing what comes naturally.

Stanley the Cat (as imagined by C. Patrick O’Neill, Ottawa.)

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