Mayor Michael Bloomberg deserves no protection. From anyone.

by Sparta on January 8, 2013

in Gun rights / Second Amendment, military, NYC, Stella (Stavroula) Jatras

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says 19-year-olds aren't responsible enough to have a pistol or rifle. He obviously forgets who protects his rich pansy ass.


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1 Olda Batt April 7, 2013 at 3:43 pm

Editor’s note: It is spring time for most of the world and the trolls are out if full force. We have a wacky one, so let’s answer the troll in italics.
CzechRebel blog admin

This site provides comic relief for any intelligent persons.

How would you know? You are a obviously a very stupid troll, too stupid to bother to read our comment policy. When you insult us or blog, we give it back ten-fold.

It’s astounding to see how many paranoid delusional people there are in our country.

“Our country”? We have no idea to what country you are referring. In case you haven’t noticed, our blog team members and contributors do not all live in the same part of the world!

We assume by “paranoid delusional people” you are referring to the Bloomberg Administration. If not, you are even dumber than you look.

Thanks for visiting our blog. Next time, read the comment policy before posting. Better yet, find someone to read it to you; we wouldn’t want you have to look up so many big words. You might drop the dictionary on your big toe and lose what is left of your feeble brain.

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