Abortion is not about choice. It is about bullying women and girls to kill their babies.

by 1389 on January 3, 2013

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From ari, a commenter on PJM:

Sorry, but you are very, very wrong. Leftists have friends, relatives, cousins, and telephones. One of the worst weeks, ever, was hearing my mother list out all the people who called her up to tell her to abort me. One DROVE HER to an abortionist, and dragged her into his office. She was barely 90 pounds, probably 80something pounds, and five feet tall. She fought. She was a teenager, in high school. She got knocked up by her boyfriend. She was trying to keep it secret enough, so he could finish college. She didn’t know he loved her, just that he had used her.

Her own relatives- his relatives, too, once he found out. I’ve been on the phone with them. They are proud of what they were arguing for. To my face, they were proud of arguing that I shouldn’t even get a chance to exist.

Leftist women don’t intend to have kids. They get jobs in media and in school. They look professional and intimidating. They are wealthier and more influential than regular, schleppy housewives. They are social workers driving vulnerable teens to the abortion clinic, across state lines, for instance. They are teachers, and professors, and school nurses. For that matter, they are, occasionally, pastors in some congregations.

I’m in my forties- I would have been in that first wave of legal abortions. My mother had to flee to a distant relative in a far city, and hide under her protection ( IN AMERICA!!!) until I was born. My dad, upon hearing that his summer fling had produced a child spent months- MONTHS!- finding her, and then begging her to trust him enough to keep her safe, for her to marry him. They had another child near immediately, stayed in contact with her family mostly, and then joined the military and petitioned to get out of the country.

This sounds like some awful Taliban special, doesn’t it? It was in America, b/c of a death-dealing, pro-choice harpy. I literally cannot imagine the grief and fear my mother endured to keep me safe and alive. I thought she was lying when she told me, it was so bizarre. I called and asked the participants who were still alive- they are still proud and sure of what they did- they said it to my face. To me- To ME- the one they would have killed without concern.

I thought there was anomaly. I was married, with two children. Married to a good man with a good job, with lovely, cared for, happy, smart children. I got pregnant a third time, and I had relatives- on his side (!)- driving up to tell me to get rid of it- screaming at me that it was too much, too many, I was too old, that she would never help- I had every friend from before my marriage tell me that I shouldn’t have more- my husband’s boss took him out and the guys wife suggested an abortion for me, and a vasectomy for him. For the environment. This couple had four children. I was pregnant with our third.

Seriously, we are religious, stable, married for years, financially stable, well-educated, I volunteer, he works 60 hours at a responsible job, he’s got multiple degrees, I’ve got certificates for my field, we own a house- we are excellent parents- and yet, somehow, my children shouldn’t exist.

It’s a sickness. An absolutely Absolutist evil. They don’t just kill their own children, they want to kill everyone else’s children.

January 2, 2013 – 12:35 pm

More of ari’s story here and here.

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