Blogger apologizes to a Serbian woman for America’s genocidal war against the Serbs

by 1389 on December 26, 2012

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Of course, any and all ‘apologies’ are welcome. But, are the ‘apologies’ sufficient to make those responsible for ‘the insane actions’ in 1999 to also ‘apologize’? No, anything resembling an apology is not expected any time soon, from Bill, Hillary, Madeleine, Wesley, and all others of that ilk. They’re into it too deep to backtrack. And, of course, they’re too evil to admit responsibility.

“The Mad Jewess”: My Apology To A Serbian Woman For America’s INSANE Actions Against The Serbs In The 1990′s

I met a lady in Las Vegas on my short vacation this last week… A young lady, she had an accent. She was a hostess, showing us the menu..

I asked “Where are you from, my dear?”
She said “SERBIA”. WHAT!!?? “What in the hell are you doing here? This country is shit. We bombed your country. You should hate us, hate our guts, and rightly so.”

She said, “No no, no…. it’s just politics.”

My husband stepped in with grief in his voice, (he did MANY Youtubes and TV shows (cable TV, NYC) screaming out against what we were doing to an old ally) He said “’JUST POLITICS!’ NO! You were America’s ally and we bombed you for 72 days, we sided with Muslim filth over Serb-Christians..!!!”

She just stared. I looked at her “I’m so sorry, Im so sorry” I said over and over,and started to weep…

(I definitely did NOT ask her to forgive me or this insane nation), I just looked right at her and wept, tears falling down my face.

I was in AGONY over the pain we caused the Serbians. I said “Please, please, tell your parents, I am so sorry, so sorry”

I just wept, put my hand on her shoulder and walked away in terrible shame.

I can still feel the shame.

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