The Innocent Prophet: The life of Muhammad from the point of view of an ex-Muslim

by 1389 on December 17, 2012

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Screen Shot: The Innocent Prophet: The life of Muhammad from the point of view of an ex-Muslim

The Innocent Prophet by Imran Firasat, an ex-Muslim, and Terry Jones is an accurate historical portrayal of Muhammad, of his life, his actions and his teachings. It answers the question, “Why is Islam a violent, oppressive religion?”

The movie reveals that from Islam’s very beginning, its very foundation is based upon greed and the insanity of one man called Muhammad. His obsession with power, violence, money and sex has given us a religion that must be stopped because it is the greatest threat to world peace and coexistence.

The Innocent Prophet – English Version

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Published on Dec 15, 2012 by StandUpAmericaNow

The Innocent Prophet is the film that will help Muslims know the true face of Muhammad, as the creator of the false religion of Islam to achieve his own goals. It’s time to clear all doubts and accept that Muhammad was not a prophet but was a mobster, murderer, abuser of children and a self-proclaimed prophet.

The Innocent Prophet – Spanish Version

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Published on Dec 16, 2012 by StandUpAmericaNow

El Profeta Inocente es la película que les ayudara a conocer la cara verdadera de Mahoma, que como el creó falsamente la religión del Islam para lograr sus propios objetivos. Es el momento de despejar todas las dudas y aceptar que Mahoma no fue un profeta sino era un asesino mafioso, abusador de los menores y un profeta auto proclamado.


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1 Claire Hall June 7, 2014 at 2:19 pm

A very interesting video – but now it’s confused me even more. Who’s to know what the actual truth is about Mohammed when there are so many conflicting views out there?

2 1389 June 7, 2014 at 3:57 pm

We know about it because we have studied the subject for many years.

9-11-01 should have taught you everything you needed to know about Islam. Too bad GWB and the US government watered down the lesson by falsely proclaiming Islam to be a “religion of peace”.

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