Russian FM Sergey Lavrov: We are concerned for the fate of Christians in the Middle East

by 1389 on November 30, 2012

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Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov

Moscow, November 28, 2012

Russia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov attended the meeting of the Imperial Orthodox Palestinian Society’s Board which took place at the Society’s headquarters in Moscow.

Addressing the meeting, Lavrov underscored the similarity of stands taken by his ministry and the Russian Orthodox Church on the need to consolidate humanitarian relations between the peoples of Russia, the Middle East and North Africa and to ensure Russia’s humanitarian and cultural presence in the Holy Land.

The minister gave a high value to the trip made by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill to the Middle East, noting that the recent patriarchal visit to the Holy Land vividly showed the role played by the Russian Orthodox Church in asserting peace and harmony in the region.

Mr. Lavrov also expressed concern over the possibility for ‘the Arab Springs’ in some states to result in being overtaken by extremist groupings who would allow of discrimination against particular ethnic confessional groups. ‘In the first place, we are certainly concerned for the fate of Christians’, he said.

He also pointed to the high importance of the statement made by the IOPS Board on ‘The Protection of Christians in the Middle East and North Africa’, saying that his ministry will instruct its missions including the one in the UN to make an active use of this document in their diplomatic work.

Mr. Lavrov concluded his remarks saying that Russia’s Ministry for Foreign Affairs has always valued the contribution made by the IOPS to the defence of peace, stability and the strengthening of the Russian State’s authority in the Holy Land’.

DECR Communication Service

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1 Gramfan November 30, 2012 at 7:20 pm

Good that at least someone cares!
(I know,,there are others).

2 vica ivanova February 17, 2013 at 3:41 am

О печальном положении Российских граждан проживающих в Туркменистане с двойным гражданством.

Я пишу это письмо,как крик о помощи от более 150 тыс. Российских граждан проживающих в Туркменистане. То беззаконие,которое твориться в Туркменистане становиться настоящей трагедией для нас, для простых людей имеющих двойное гражданство. Мы все надеялись,что наше Российское руководство нас не оставят без внимания, но увы мы оказались ни кому не нужными.

Ситуация такова,что подходит к концу срок действия наших старых турк. паспортов,везде висят объявления,что после 10 июля 2013г. мы граждане с двойным гражданством не можем использовать при выезде за пределы страны наши турк. паспорта старого образца. Турк. паспорта нового образца нам не выдают из-за того, что у нас Российское гражданство мы и наши дети становимся не выездными. Мы бы уехали давно, но приватизация жилья закрыта с 2008 года. У нас у многих государственные квартиры,бросив все без жилья мы с нашими семьями только лишь пополним количество бомжей в России. Наши дети-студенты учатся за пределами страны они попадают в сложную ситуацию. Пожалуйста отреагируете эту ситуацию.

Google translation:

On the sad state of the Russian citizens living in Turkmenistan with dual citizenship.

I am writing this letter as a cry for help from more than 150 thousand Russian citizens living in Turkmenistan. That lawlessness in Turkmenistan to become a tragedy for us, ordinary people who have dual citizenship. We all hoped that our Russian leadership we will not disregard, but alas we were or who do not fit.

The situation is that near the end of the period of our old Turk. passports, hanging everywhere announcing that after 10 July 2013. we are citizens with dual citizenship can not be used when leaving the country our Turk. old-style passports. Turk. new passports do not give us because we have Russian citizenship, we and our children do not become the country visits. We would have left long ago, but the privatization of housing is closed since 2008. We have many state-owned apartments, throwing all homeless with our families, we only fill up the number of homeless people in Russia. Our children, students study abroad they get into a difficult situation. Please respond this situation.

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