Dry Bones: State of “Palestine” Quiz – Pass this along!

by Gramfan on November 30, 2012

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From the Dry Bones Project:

Dry Bones State of 'Palestine' Quiz

Says Yaakov Kirschen:

This “Palestine Quiz” has been bouncing around the Internet for some time …it is, of course, a reality-test challenge to anyone who has swallowed the Palestine Myth. I thought it would be fun (and timely) to dress it up as a Dry Bones cartoon.

* * *

If you know someone who actually believes that there was ever a country or state called Palestine, don’t argue with them. Just slip ‘em a copy of “The Dry Bones State of Palestine Quiz“.

The artist wants you to pass this around. Go ahead and print up some copies!

Also please visit the Dry Bones Project and the Dry Bones Blog, currently here and soon to be moved here. Laugh and learn at the same time!

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