We demand purple fingers, paper ballots, and picture IDs at every US election!

by 1389 on November 11, 2012

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Purple fingers combat vote fraud
Roxeanne De Luca at Da Tech Guy’s Blog has the story:

Pointing out the obvious: we don’t have to sit around and take it

Stacy McCain has a great post up about the “bizarre statistical improbabilities” of Obama winning over 99% of the vote in some districts that also have over 100% turnout.

We can complain about voter fraud and sound like a bunch of conspiracy theorists and/or sore losers, or we can prove voter fraud and thwart it in the future.

Let’s talk about thwarting voter fraud. Indiana has one of those nifty photo-ID laws (which also helps the poor, in that the state gives free photo IDs to those who cannot afford them). Work to get one in your state. Remember, we swept state legislatures and governorships in 2010, and continued to pick up governorships in 2012. We have friendly legislatures and friendly executive offices.

If you aren’t able to get “show ID to vote” laws passed, why not try to lobby for the low-tech, tried-and-true purple finger approach? Sure, it won’t eliminate absentee voter fraud, but people will have to work a lot harder to commit voter fraud if they can only vote once on Election Day.

Troops, those are your marching orders. Get it done in your states.

Now, the tedium of proving voter fraud. What you need to do is prove that people who voted do not actually exist, do not live in the district, or are otherwise ineligible to vote (e.g. are not citizens).
Click HERE to learn how to gather the evidence to prove vote fraud.

Admittedly, purple fingers are just a start.

  • Paper ballots are an absolute requirement. Electronic voting systems cannot be made secure.
  • Early voting is a bad idea from the get-go. In those states that allow early voting, the ink used for the purple finger must be so difficult to remove that detectable traces will remain from the first early voting day through the election day itself. That would be the only way to put a stop to the “vote early and often” scenario.

    We still need many, many other measures to combat election fraud, including better auditing and counting of ballots (especially absentee ballots), a secure chain of custody for all ballots, safeguards for military voters, and forfeiture of political offices gained via any form of election fraud. There should definitely be prison time for anyone who submits an absentee ballot and then casts a second vote in person at a precinct polling place.

  • Even with the purple finger, we must continue to work for voter ID laws in every State. We must fight back against all attempts to insinuate that we are using voter ID laws to disenfranchise people. Whenever our opposition comes up with that one rare individual who is obviously American born but who cannot get a valid ID because of some bizarre paperwork error, we must insist that State legislators enact legislation to resolve that individual’s particular problem in a timely manner, and not use him or her as a pawn in the vote fraud game.
  • Open primaries must be abolished. Democrats use them to rig GOP nominations by throwing their weight behind the candidate who least represents Republican principles. The upshot? Voters in the general election have no real alternatives.

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Just sayin’…

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