Response to Egypt Issuing Arrest Warrants for Rev. Terry Jones and Seven Coptic Christians

by 1389 on September 18, 2012

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From Stand Up America Now:

Rev. Terry Jones
Rev. Terry Jones

Again, the face of Islam is very clear. Islam is a religion of intolerance. It does not tolerate criticism of Muhammad, the Koran or even Sharia. It has a fourteen hundred year history of intolerance.

As we see the recent events that have taken place around the world, Islam has shown itself as a religion of intolerance. Muhammad himself, is the example of that. On his deathbed in 632AD, he gave his followers the command to cleanse the Arabian Peninsula of all non-believers, which is the goal of Islam.

It is time that we join together in the west and give a very clear signal that we stand against terrorism, against intimidation, against fear, against every form of violation of human rights, civil rights, violations against women and children of which Islam is the prime example. We must protect freedom of speech. Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are the very cornerstone of a free society. As we began to limit that, or lose that, we will lose the ability to govern ourselves.

America, wake up, stand up.

Thank you

Dr Terry Jones
Stand Up America Now

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