Iran is preparing to attack the US – and they are using Hizballah in North and South America to set it up

by 1389 on September 3, 2012

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Michael Coren: financing Hizb’Allah from within the West

Published on Aug 21, 2012 by SDAMatt2a

Erick Stakelbeck joins Michael Coren to discuss money laudering from within the West to Hizb’Allah.
The $150 million seized by American authorities in an international Hezbollah-linked money-laundering scheme that involved the now-defunct Lebanese Canadian Bank has “no Canadian connection,” the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration says.

The U.S. treasury department and DEA said the Lebanese Canadian Bank (LCB) acted as a conduit funnelling funds through numerous countries into the hands of Hezbollah, a Shia militant group and political party in Lebanon.

The DEA said at least $329 million was wire transferred from the bank and others to the U.S. for used cars that were shipped to West Africa. Cash from the car sales was sent to Lebanon through Hezbollah-controlled channels.

“As we alleged last year, the Lebanese Canadian Bank played a key role in facilitating money laundering for Hezbollah-controlled organizations across the globe,” Michele M. Leonhart, administrator of the DEA, said in a statement Monday.

The LCB has a Montreal office, but the institution is based in Beirut.

However, the bank had a “representative office” in Canada, meaning they were barred from receiving deposits and making transfers. LCB was only allowed to promote the services it provided in Lebanon.

Its license was revoked last year by Finance Canada after a complaint was filed in the U.S. about the LCB’s activities.

Rusty Payne of the DEA’s public affairs office said none of the money transferred through the LCB was sourced in Canada.

“There is no Canadian connection,” Payne told QMI Agency.

But that doesn’t mean Hezbollah isn’t active in Canada.

Matthew Levitt of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, says the group has an extensive network in Canada and it conducts primarily procurement work – purchasing dual-use technologies, for example, and redistributing them back to Hezbollah.

In December 2011, Hezbollah’s secretary general Hassan Nasrallah was asked about the group’s presence in Canada.

“Yes,” Nasrallah responded and Levitt reported in a paper. “Hezbollah has members in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto; in all of Canada.”

In one of Levitt’s reports, he says in addition to fundraising and espionage, Hezbollah has activated sleeper cells in Canada.

“But they’re primarily using North America as a cash cow,” Levitt said.

In a statement, U.S. Attorney for the southern district of New York Preet Bharara said the investigation and seizure of money on Tuesday is a big step in fighting terrorism.

“Money is the lifeblood of terrorist and narcotics organizations, and while banks which launder money for terrorists and narco-traffickers may be located abroad, today’s announcement demonstrates that those banks and their assets are not beyond our reach,” Bharara said.

Both the Canadian and U.S. government designate the radical Islamist group Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

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1 September 4, 2012 at 2:19 am

***Disclaimer***This does not necessarily represent the editorial views of the 1389 blog. Normally, we edit (or even refuse to post) long rambling comments of this nature. However, it is of some interest. However, we are asking to have the commenter’s source for the quote the commenter alleges came directly from Mohammad.
-CzechRebel Blog Admin

The Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah who gently and righteously tore and burnt the Koran is a WorldHero….. guided gently and rightly by allah or moremad he was shown the righteous and islamic way to tear apart and burn the koran. Cool. This is a good start…..allah is gently and rightly showing the world that it’s cool to destroy the koran. This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah who tore and burnt the Koran should be released from police custody asap and should be given a noble prize and continuous free world travel to show the planet’s people how to gently and righteously tear and burn the koran.
This is the next step of islam…burning after reading the koran whenever one comes across any koran however beautiful and stylishly written….you got to burn it bro…allah guided us so. It has be the right thing to do …….gently guided by allah and moremad. Tock tock tock tock your forehead on the ground now and wait for the next revelation from allah…coming soon to any Islamic country near you.

This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah who tore and burnt the Koran is truly a great muslim-man. Actually he should be given a beautiful marble statue that shows his tearing the koran and next to him in a series of 2 there should be a second beautiful marble statue of him burning the koran. It would look so lovely replicated in most town squares all over the globe as a super tribute to the first man after moremad showing the world and all his fellow muslims how to rightly and gently tear and burn all the Korans that they ever come across. There will be strongman shows on tv for and of people claiming they can tear a koran in seconds flat for cash rewards ofcourse. Whatever he did allah showed This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah who tore and burnt the Koran rightly and verily so now he must show the world how allah guided him rightly to tear and burn the koran. Everyone and their dogs want to do it too. YESS !!! YESS !!! YESS !!! PAKISTAN IS SHOWING THE WAY OF HOW korans SHOULD BE BURNT properly and allah-guided. This Deeply Religious Card-Carrying Islamic mullah who allah guided gently to tear and burn the Koran should be invited to the UN for a jam-packed audience from around the world…tribal-heads should be invited too…. we should call this guy moremadtoo. Aaahhh……PAKISTAN….The Land of The Pure…..pure muslims….pure thugs……all of them.
There are so many mozzys on this planet daily that now you can actually see them from space…..i’m sure…..and the b l o o d-stain too….archealogically the islam-bloodstain has been only been around for just a mere 1400 years. Time to can it!!..

Afganistan was a peaceful and fantastic buddhist country till islam slimed in with green flags and dirty rivers of blood and arabic. The planet should invite the Great Dalai Lama to return to his true Buddhist country of his roots pre-islam. Afganistan should be given back to the buddhists who were forcibly ejected or slain by islam in the pre-koran burning age.
Afganistan should henceforth be called GreaterTibet.

Do all the planet’s muslims even know the ultimate islamic-allahpeace-truth??
Moremad’s LAST dying words lovingly recorded by his illiterate tribe…”Until The Last Koran Has Been Burnt Amd Last Emir Is Hanged By The Entrails Of The Last Imam……There Will Be No Peace On Earth”.
Muslims please get to work. Like asap !!!

2 philipzhao September 4, 2012 at 7:14 pm

Disclaimer *** Philip here is regular reader/commenter. He normally posts things that we can wholeheartedly endorse. However, we are not too sure about his analysis of the Dalai Lama. And we are a bit surprised that he is alleging a CIA presence in Xinjiang, but given that Obama is in office, anything is possible. Since most of the 1389 journalists are in the USA, we are hoping that he is not wishing our death. So, we are posting this given those caveats.
CzechRebel Blog Admin

Objection ! Dalai Lama is a fake! He used to ran a serfdom enslaving more than 6,000 slaves in Tibet. During his theocratic reign, Lamas were forced to literally eat his sh*t. All of these atrocities were documented. Declassified State Department papers admitted CIA has been overtly providing Dalai Lama with financial aid and covertly training of Tibetan insurgents. CIA’s boots are also on the grounds of Xinjiang inciting local riots. Death to USA !!!

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