Chetniks! The Fighting Guerillas (1943) (Sa prevodom)

by Julia Gorin on August 26, 2012

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Лајкујте нашу страницу на ФБ и прaтите ме на Твитеру!/drkucalo.

Chetniks! The Fighting Guerrillas was a major war film made by Twentieth Century Fox in 1943. The film starred Philip Dorn, Anna Sten, and Martin Kosleck. The movie, originally titled The Seventh Column, was directed by Louis King based on a story by Jack Andrews, who also co-wrote the screenplay. The film was produced by Sol M. Wurtzel and Bryan Foy, who also produced Guadalcanal Diary (1943), Berlin Correspondent (1942), and PT 109 (1963). The musical score was by Hugo Friedhofer, who won an Academy Award for Best Score in 1946 for The Best Years of Our Lives. The movie was announced in Boxoffice magazine in the May 30, 1942 issue: “‘The Seventh Column,’ a story based on exploits of General Draja Mihailovitch, Yugoslav guerilla leader.” The movie appears in the American Film Institute (AFI) catalogue for American feature films made between 1941–1950, Brassey’s Guide to War Films, and is on the IMDB, American Movie Classics (AMC), TV Guide, and on the Turner Classic Movie (TCM) database. A similar film, Undercover, was made in 1943 by Ealing Studios in London starring John Clements and Michael Wilding, whose original title was Chetnik.

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