Exercise your right to keep and bear…Dogs!

by Julia Gorin on August 25, 2012

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Dogs Allowed

In the US, we don’t have a Constitutional amendment protecting our right to keep dogs. But then, we shouldn’t need a separate amendment to affirm each and every right that we already have; the Ninth Amendment covers that. We’ve always enjoyed the right to keep dogs on our property and to walk dogs in public places.

That right, along with many others, is endangered because we are living under a process of Islamic infiltration, stealth jihad, and creeping shari’a. Not only in the US, but in many western nations, the police, courts, and governmental agencies all too often enforce principles of shari’a law in place of the law of the land.

One principle of shari’a is that dogs are unclean and that the very presence of a dog is inherently offensive. During the recent al Quds Day in Canada, Allan Einstoss was arrested after a Muslim attacked him and kicked his dog Cupcake, who was properly licensed, well-behaved, and on a leash. The attacker was not even questioned. (Also see Scaramouche: Anyone Wondering Why the Cops Favoured the Khomeinists Over the Good Guys at Toronto’s Al Quds Day Rally, Here’s Your Answer.)

Exercise your rights and your dogs at the same time!

Constitutions are not self-enforcing documents. It’s up to you to make your constitution work. Governments everywhere have a nasty habit of usurping powers not lawfully theirs, and if you don’t push back by making a point of exercising your rights, they’ll infringe on those rights, often at the behest of various pressure groups. Muslims must not be granted the privilege of enforcing “dog-free zones” in public areas or public accommodations such as buses or taxicabs. They must not be allowed to infringe upon your right to walk your dogs in parks or on sidewalks, streets, and roads.

If you plan to be in or near Scarborough, Ontario on September 14, 2012, please bring your friends, both canine and human, to the Walk Your Dog in Front of Mosque Day.

Julia Gorin writes:

I’m so glad they’re doing this. I knew it wouldn’t be long before people realized their dogs would be at risk too.

And I was hoping that would elicit some passion that the endangerment of Jews, gays, Christians and free speech haven’t managed to.

As I’ve written before: we of course know why Muslims don’t like dogs. Because they can sniff out their explosives.

We must stop creeping shari’a, which includes the jihad against dogs.

That’s why 1389 Blog now has a category link for Canine Counterjihad. If you have any news stories, information, or events that have to do with dogs and the counterjihad, please let us know so that we can run the story. Simply leave a comment or send us an email.

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