Caturday August 25, 2012: Kitty Rescue Edition

by 1389 on August 25, 2012

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New York Sun: Feisty Feline Infatuates the Lord of the Manor

Click the above link to read it. Sorry, no kitty pix there!

Daily Mail (UK): The crazy cat that helped me cope with cancer: The life-affirming story of a woman saved in her darkest hour by the love of a daft – and VERY timid – rescue moggy

No two ways about it: I was looking at a very odd-looking cat. Her stringy coat was an unappealing muddy brown and her eyes were a frog-like green.

As for her face, it had a distinct line down the nose, separating the right black half from the left tortoiseshell half.

She wasn’t just odd-looking, she was also one of the most frightened cats I’d ever come across. The photograph I’d just taken showed her cowering in a cat pen, her ears flat on her skull and her eyes dilated with terror. Her hair stood out in spikes, like a cartoon cat…

Read it all here, and see the cute kitty pix!

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