Anti-McCarthyism and PC MC

by Hesperado on August 13, 2012

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by Hesperado

Anti-“McCarthyism” precisely exemplifies the way that the PC paradigm influences its important offshoot, PC MC.

It has been politically correct for decades to assume, without sufficient evidence, that McCarthy was simultaneously a buffoonish hick and a dangerous bigot and that the Ism he spawned was based simultaneously on irrational paranoia of enemies and a devious plan to manufacture those enemies — or at least to whip up and exploit the general fear of them in order to maneuver political machinations and gain power.

At the 1999 Oscars, to take one example out of thousands one could pluck from an Ushanka, the great octogenarian director Elia Kazan was presented with an honorary Oscar, and nearly half the audience refused to stand and applaud, because Kazan had given names of Communists in high places in the very socially influential entertainment industry controlled then (1952) by Hollywood.

The looks on the faces of actor Ed Harris and his actress wife Amy Madigan, as I recall, were particularly seething and dripping with Leftist hate and self-righteously arrogant condemnation. Newspaper reports note that Leftist actor/director Warren Beatty stood and applauded — but it’s likely he did so not merely because he respected Kazan as an artist, but also because Kazan himself was (and probably still is) a Communist.

As Diana West has pointed out, the recent study by M. Stanton Evans on McCarthy, Blacklisted by History, would be a good place to start to restore the truth behind the revisionist myth that has been constructed for the past half century about that era.

And now, look how easy it is to vilify someone — like Bachmann and her precious few colleagues — with the label “McCarthyism” or its sly synecdoche, “witch hunt”. This video interview with Frank Gaffney is an excellent overview of the problem (thanks to Gates of Vienna). For, it is axiomatically assumed in our era by the vast majority (including conservatives) that McCarthy must have been maliciously exaggerating and that we in that era, being typical Americans, went too far in our paranoia about imagined enemies (who, as Evans’ book documents, were all too real) — just as now, so it is telegraphed between the lines, we are exaggerating a new enemy in the vacuum of the Cold War won: a Brown Enemy that also appeals to our baser, darker bigotry that comes naturally to us, being Evil White Westerners.

P.S.: Bogey and Eddie

As has been noted by some been popular historians, Hollywood actors — Leftish then as now — at the time of the Congressional investigation (HUAC, or House Un-American Activities Committee) into Communist infiltration in American society in the 1950s, attempted some activism against the anti-Communist agenda:

To counter what they claimed were reckless attacks by HUAC, a group of Hollywood liberals led by actor Humphrey Bogart, his wife Lauren Bacall, John Huston, William Wyler, Gene Kelly and others, established the “Committee for the First Amendment” (CFA).

The CFA traveled to Washington to lend its support as the eleven unfriendly witness’ began their testimony. However, as the eleven began to respond to their inquisitors with as much disdain, and often with histrionics far more brusque than their accusers, the embarrassed First Amendmenters began to unravel.

But these actors eventually wised up. They were no fools, as are actors and actresses of our time:

Director Edward Dmytryk one of the Ten, said later, “I was so happy with the support of the CFA and others, but when (screenwriter) John Howard Lawson began haranguing the committee members, I died. We lost it right then and there!”

John Garfield wrote an article called “I’m a Sucker for a Left Hook.”

Humphrey Bogart wrote a piece for the March 1948 issue of Photoplay magazine entitled “I’m No Communist”, in which he admitted being “duped”. His trip to Washington, he said, had been “ill—advised”.

Edward G. Robinson lamented “the Reds made a sucker out of me”.

How many celebrities, media pundits and politicians are now letting the “Greens” make suckers out of them? And how many of our lives will be lost and horribly wounded in the process, in the coming decades, before our society gets back on track from this ridiculous ideological fashion of PC MC?

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