Sikh and Ye Shall Find

by CzechRebel on August 9, 2012

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1389 Blog condemns anti-Sikh violence in no uncertain terms.

Balbar Singh Sodhi, 1949-2001
Thinking back to the originial 9-11 attack in 2001, you may remember a horrific and wildly misdirected backlash. Some moron in Texas wanted to get even with the Muslims for the hijacking and did so by killing a Sikh, Balbar Singh Sodhi, evidently because he wore a turban. That made me sick. Now we have a mass killing of Sikhs in Wisconsin.

I have had a number of encounters with Sikhs and cannot seem to remember a bad experience. Amongst all the non-Judaeo-Christian faiths, the Sikhs seem to be the opposite extreme of the radicalized Muslims. Sikhs respect all other faiths, while Muslims have shown little if any respect for Christians and Jews, their so-called “people of the book.” Of course, Muslim hatred for those of non-Abrahamic faiths, notably Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs, is legendary.

The Sikh faith is relatively new, having been in existence for less than 600 years, yet it has more adherents than Judaism. While Sikhs do hold doctrines that Christians do not accept, Sikhs also believe that we can be saved in our own faith. Compare that to our radical Muslim “friends” and it is clear that Sikhs pose no threat to us.

At the risk of overstating the obvious, violence against Sikhs does not further our counterjihad efforts.

If even one person who confuses Sikhs with Muslims and therefore supposes that harming Sikhs is somehow helpful to our cause, happens upon this blog post and changes his mind, it is worth sounding a little silly to those readers who already know better.

Please listen to this podcast regarding the Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting.


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