Obama tries to disenfranchise Ohio voters who are serving in the US military

by 1389 on August 3, 2012

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US military personnel are likelier to vote Republican than Democrat. No wonder Obama and the Democrats want to keep them away from the polls! I consider this to be an insidious form of vote fraud.

Because active-duty and reserve military personnel are likely to be away from their home precincts on election day, each State needs to be proactive in making sure that their residents who are serving in the military have adequate opportunities to vote. In past elections, some servicemen deployed overseas received their absentee ballots too late to cast their ballots in time to be counted for the election. This is disgraceful.

Early voting allows military personnel who will be away on election day to cast their ballots and to know that their votes will be counted.

“As a Combat Veteran, for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our Military is unconscionable…”

By Congressman Allen West on Friday, August 3, 2012 at 11:15am

As a retired Army officer I am appalled at the Obama administration’s actions to bring a lawsuit against the State of Ohio for the early voting privileges it extends to our Men and Women serving in uniform. To have the Commander in Chief make our US Servicemen and Women the target of a political attack to benefit his reelection actions is reprehensible. The voting privilege extended to these Warriors who represent the best among us should not be a part of the collective vision of this inept President who is more concerned about his reelection than sequestration. As a Combat Veteran,  for this President to unleash his campaign cronies against our Military is unconscionable….how dare this President compare the service, sacrifice, and commitment of those who Guard our liberties not as special and seek to compare them to everyone else. Barack Obama is undeserving of the title Commander-in-Chief.

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