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by Sparta on July 28, 2012

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I received the following hand-written note from Republican Representative Allen B. West of Florida:

Thurs. 19 July 2012

Ms. Jatras,

Ma’am, thanks so much for your fax and I clearly understand what was happening in the Balkans – Kosovo. I am also quite read up on the Battle of Kosovo Polja and why there is angst between Muslims and Serbs to this day. I will continue to speak out and challenge!

Steadfast & Loyal, Allen

————————————————— begin FAX ————————————————

FAX Page 1 of 2

TO: Rep. Allen West
FROM: Stella L. Jatras
DATE: 11 July 2012
SUBJECT: The Balkanized States of America, The Washington Times

NO of PAGES: 2

Dear Representative West, please forgive my writing to you again – but your commentary, The Balkanized States of America of July 3 caught my eye.

Just how much do you know of our intervention into Bosnia and Kosovo? I have been following and writing about the events in the Balkan War since its inception.

Please go to go to and/or and type in my name, Stella Jatras. There you will see what earned me a death threat from the UCK (Albanian name for the KLA – Kosovo Liberation Army) Apparently, I was doing something right. Should you read some of my commentaries, and I pray that you do, I would welcome your opinion.

Please read carefully the following words,

“The gigantic campaign to brainwash America by our media against the Serbian people is just incredible, with its daily dose of one-sided information and outright lies.”

– John Ranz, Chairman of Survivors of Buchenwald Concentration Camp, USA “This organized anti-Serb and pro-Muslim propaganda should cause anyone believing in democracy and free speech serious concerns. It recalls Hitler’s propaganda against the allies in World War II. Facts are twisted and, when convenient, disregarded.” – Yohanan Ramati, Director of the Jerusalem Institute for Western Defence

“Pictures of dead or wounded (or raped) Serbs often fill the screens of the world’s television and print media, only to be re-labelled as dead or wounded or raped Croats or Muslims. Many Serbian victims – and the bulk of the victims of the conflict, contrary to popular reports, have been Serbs either from Bosnia and Herzegovina or from Croatia – not only suffer the indignity of defeat in death; they also are used in death as models in the macabre image, manipulation operation of the Croatians and the Muslim Bosnians. If the Vietnam War was lost to the United States by the negative television images of its own reporters, then the Balkan war against the Serbs are being won by Ustashi Croatia and the Muslim Bosnians by an active planned manipulation of international television..” Gregory R. Copley, Editor-in-Chief, Defense & Foreign Affairs Strategic Policy, (London) 31 December 1992.

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And in closing, are you aware that during World War II, the National Serbian forces of General Draza Mihailvoch rescued over 500 downed American pilots at great sacrifice to themselves? One of those downed pilots was Maj. Richard Felman, who through binoculars watched as the Germans killed an entire village of Serbian women and children because they would not tell the Germans where Felman, an American Jew, was being held. My husband, who flew F4s in Vietnam and served seven years in NATO assignments, talked with Maj. Felman two weeks before Maj. Felman passed away. I mention the fact that Maj. Felman was a Jew because the Serbs have been falsely labeled as anti-Semitic.

Representative West, the Serbian people were fighting for their survival the same Islamic jihadists that we are fighting today.

I am very passionate about the fact that we destroyed a Christian people in order to appease the Muslim world – a world that cannot be appeased – I give you 9/11.

I lived in Saudi Arabia for eight years and when we came back in 1992, we tried to warn people of what we were facing and we were called bigots, racists, un-American and un-Christian when we opposed the 1998 Islamic Saudi Academy that was to be built in Loudoun County, Virginia. I believe you once said, “There is no Radical Islam, only Islam.” Hopefully, it is not too late for America to understand just what Islam is.

Respectfully submitted, and thank you for lending me your very busy ear!!!!

And my thanks to your staff. My son, Jim, was the Foreign Policy Advisor for the Senate Republican Policy Committee for 17 years.

God Bless,


P.S. I will try to keep my faxes to you at a minimum.

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1 William Dorich July 29, 2012 at 2:51 pm

It is apparent that Rep. Allen West is a man who reads and understands history, rather than the usual knee-jerk reactions we see coming out of the State Department, Washington and the media. Being black he fully understands Muslim racism and anti Christian terrorism is taking place right under the noses of 17,000 Nato troops and that the Serbs are being denied equal rights and equal justice.

If the American public was exposed to the facts that since the 78 days of NATO bombing in 1999, some 513 ancient Serbian Christian churches have been razed and that the American media has gone out of its way to keep American taxpayers ignorant of the details, including the fact that the Serbs were the majority in Kosovo for over 900 years and that they built 1,500 churches and monasteries in an area the size of Rhode Island.

The majority Serb population was destroyed during World War II and over 80,000 Serbs were liquidated and 150,000 were ethnically cleansed to Belgrade by Albanian Nazis. After the war, Tito forbade their return and gave their land to these Nazis who help him form his communist regime. During the period from 1972 to 1991 more than 75,000 Serbs fled Kosovo due to the Albanian oppression, job losses, rape of their daughters and nuns of the Serbian church and thousands of barn burnings in which Albanian police claimed there was no explanation for these burnings… of course not as they were fully aware that their Albanian comrades were using these tactics to force the Serb population to leave. The exodus of the Serbs came to a head with the Serbian bishop of Kosovo was nearly beaten to death on the streets of Kosovo by a gang of Albanian youths. He was 79 years old and he spent 3 months in intensive care nearly dying from his wounds. He became the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

After WWII, the United States, with the help of Whinston Churchill, betray their Serbian allies in two world wars … The United States went on to betray those Serbs a second time in the dismemberment Civil Wars in the past decade. History will prove that this was a disastrous mistake by the U.S. who will eventually rue the day we allowed Holbrooke and Albright to set this ugly foreign policy agenda and lead us into the Muslim occupation of Kosovo where nearly 40% of the Albanian population was not born in Serbia or former Yugoslavia. These illegal alien Albanians cross the border from Albania into Serbia in the same manner that illegal Mexicans cross our borders each night in El Paso, Texas, Tucson, Arizona and San Diego, California.

The Muslim Albanians in Kosovo are getting away with murder, ethnic cleansing and the destruction of Serbian places of worship. Not a single one has been arrested, indicted or brought to justice for these crimes against humanity during the past 8 years of destroying 513 Serbian churches.

With recent reports in the news that the Muslim Brotherhood, now in control of Egypt, want to destroy the Pyramids, it is clear that the Muslim agenda in the Balkans has been put in motion by Hillary Clinton who encouraged her husband to illegally bomb the Serbs. That bombing was in violation of the Geneva Conventions, the Helsinki Final Act, the NATO treaty and the UN Charter. Madeleine Albright, Richard Holbrooke and Gen. Clarke’s agenda was to destroy the relationship the United States has enjoyed with their Serbian allies in two world wars in exchange for pandering to the KLA terrorists and the Muslim agenda.

Does the United States deliberately brainwash and keep its citizens ignorant … of course it does … we don’t teach our children their own American or state history, so expecting the people in the United States to understand Balkan history is beyond the pale and our politicians know they can exploit this ignorance.

The building of Camp Bombsteel in Kosovo is the single largest American military base in the world built since Vietnam… and most Americans are naive as to why. The land used to build this base was usurped from Serbian farmers without a single dollar of payment.

When I discovered through secret sources in 1992 that the Pentagon had made arrangements with Germany to be totally out of their country by 2020 I knew that the Civil Wars in the Balkans were a man made pretext for the US to become involved, why the US aided, armed and abetted the genocide of the Serbs, to usurp their territory and to keep the inter-ethnic violence festering in order to have the pretext to bomb and to build this base so that the United States could still maintain a military presence in Europe and in the warm water ports on the Albanian coastline that have been coveted for centuries by various Balkan enemies.

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