Congressman Ted Poe to visit Serbia, investigate Kosovo organ trafficking

by 1389 on July 24, 2012

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Unedited Google Translate: “Serbia as a Texas”

Vesti, 22 June 2012
Rep. Ted Poe
Congressman Ted Po of November will chair a group of Serbian Caucus in the United States. He says that his first task will be to improve relations between Serbia and USA Today newspaper wrote “Kurir.”

Ted Poe, who will be in the United States to lobby for Serbia, promised to improve relations between the two countries and examining trade in human organs in Kosovo

– We want to improve relations between our two countries. Serbia was our ally since World War I, and my goal is that these relationships are even better.

Support our country.
By Ted is Republican Congressman from Texas, and the leadership of the Serbian caucus groups will come in November, after the presidential elections in the United States. In a recent discussion of the Committee on Foreign Affairs urged Congress to support a serious investigation into Washington on trade in human organs in Kosovo.

♦ How do you intend to do?
– I am in the Committee on Foreign Affairs and enhance relations between the two countries is through the work of that committee. We need to address allegations of organ trafficking in Kosovo.

♦ Do you know of our problem with Kosovo?
– Yes, I was in Serbia two times. I was last year in Kosovo. I am fully familiar with the whole situation in the region and in Serbia.

♦ To perform at the international scene that are in the skin of Serbian politicians?
– It takes more contacts between our countries. More interviews and visits to members of Congress Serbia.

♦ Can we expect to soon visit Serbia?
– Yes, of course. I have a great desire to come. I deeply respect the Serbian people. You know, I’m from Texas and the Serbian people remind me of people from Texas. Are passionate, believe in independence, freedom, reminds me of Texas.

♦ Did you used to be met with some Serbian officials?
– Vuk Jeremic, I know, I spoke with him twice. I was on friendly terms with your ambassador to the United States.

♦ Have you met the new president Tomislav Nikolic?
– Unfortunately, I had a chance to see him, but I’ve heard a lot about him.

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