Albanian Kosovo authorities cut off water supply to Serb infirmary

by 1389 on July 24, 2012

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Ongoing genocide against the Serbs:

B92 has the story:

GRAČANICA — Kosovo regional water company has cut off water supply to a Čaglavica infirmary which is now unable to treat its patients

Source: Večernje novosti | July 22, 2012 | 15:42

The Gračanica Health Center called on the World Health Organization (WHO) and all other influential international institutions on Saturday to urge the Priština authorities to stop exerting pressure and to allow the Serbian health institutions to do their job.

The Kosovo regional water company cut off the infirmary’s water supply without any warning on Friday. The staff has been unable to treat the patients ever since.

“We are sending the patients home, there are no examinations and necessary therapy because we have no conditions to work,” says nurse Stanka Milić.

She stressed that the Gračanica Health Center had decided to temporarily close the infirmary until the water supply returns to normal.

“This is obviously a well-prepared intention of the Priština authorities to directly jeopardize health care of patients from Čaglavica and everybody south of the Ibar River who use the infirmary’s services with these actions,” reads the Gračanica Health Center’s release.

Health institutions south of the Ibar River have warned that they have been having trouble transporting medicines and other medical supplies due to the fact that the Priština authorities banned the use of the Serbian license plates.

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1 Brij Taneja September 19, 2012 at 2:36 am

This is sad news.

2 CzechRebel September 19, 2012 at 11:45 am

@Brij Taneja

Yes, it is sad news. It is sad news that we have been covering since March of 1999. When we first started, we thought it was a normal war with the Albanian Muslims having the better propaganda machine. As time when on, it became crystal clear that the Serbs–an Orthodox Christian people–were the victims. None of the so called Serbian misdeeds have been verified. Yet, over and over again, the Muslims, billing themselves as “Albanians” or “Kosovars” or other deceptive titles, continue their brutality against the suffering Serbian people.

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