Counterjihad Support from Our Protestant Friends

by CzechRebel on July 22, 2012

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By CzechRebel

We feel a bit torn. On one hand, we have had enough of this Protestant “End Times” stuff. On the other hand, I have been a fan of the Messianic Jew, Sid Roth, and his ministry for nearly thirty years. I listened to his show, Messianic Vision, many years ago and heard such interesting stuff. Of course, that was long before I discovered Orthodoxy.

Yet, when we think about it, it is that Hal Lindsey garbage from the 1970s that really gets to us. Lindsey is locked in the Cold War and cannot imagine any evil in the world not coming out of the Soviet Union, which they shamelessly called “Russia.” The Lindsey crowd had to twist the Bible to find Communist Bloc countries coming soon to beat up on Israel. How convenient! Right in the middle of Cold War with the Soviet Union, Lindsey and company find a bad Russia in the Bible!

As Orthodox Christians, we don’t bother much with eschatology. It makes no sense to us to match current newspaper headlines with Biblical prophecy. We have a 2000-year prospective, and we can observe that the vast majority of Biblical prophecies were about events that unfolded a very long time ago.

So, why are we so fascinated with this series of Sid Roth interviews with the former “Palestinian” terrorist, Walid Shoebat? Sid Roth was once a Jew and is now a Protestant, and Walid Shoebat was once a Muslim and now also seems to be a Protestant. (Funny thing is that Shoebat claims it was his Roman Catholic wife who brought him to Christianity.) Be that as it may, Shoebat makes such good points that bolster our counterjihad efforts.

1. According to Shoebat, Allah is NOT the same God that Christians and Jews worship;
2. Shoebat totally refutes the anti-Russia bias of so many Evangelical Protestants;
3. He reminds us that all the nasty countries in the Biblical prophecies are Islamic countries today;
4. He casts series doubt on some other aspects of Western Christianity;
5. He denies that the so-called Palestinians are an actual people who have any right to the Holy Land.

So, it is not just us! There are other Christian (and Jewish) traditions working this counterjihad. So, listen to the series and enjoy.

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