The Great Reawakening of the West, and a Nuremberg II

by Hesperado on July 20, 2012

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by Hesperado

In the spirit of the principle that, when it comes to the danger of Islam, no news is old news, I had some thoughts on a story from October of 2010 about a “homegrown” Muslim, a young African-American named “Sharif” Mobley, found out to have been not only a violent terrorist surfacing in Yemen, but also to have had jobs working for three different nuclear power plants in his home state, New Jersey.

According to this story:

PSEG Nuclear spokesman Joe Delmar said late Thursday night Mobley worked as a laborer for several contractors at the company’s three nuclear plants on Artificial Island in Lower Alloways Creek. He worked there from 2002 to 2008, carrying supplies and doing maintenance work, Delmar said… Delmar, who noted Mobley satisfied federal background checks as recently as 2008, said he also worked at other plants in the region.

Of course, in a saner world, the mere fact of being a Muslim would disqualify a person from working in, or having access to, any areas where there is potential to harm people — much less a nuclear facility, for Allah’s sake.

When the West finally wakes up to that grim necessity, it will see that there are only two ways to handle this problem that threatens its safety:

1) total internment;

2) total deportation.

And that will be seen by future historians as nothing short of a Great Reawakening, when the West will have finally shaken off and dismantled the ridiculous paradigm of PC MC that shackled its rational thought under the self-imposed restraints of what Hugh Fitzgerald has called “the Great Inhibition” which has nearly paralyzed the West’s critical faculties for over a half century — the inhibition, that is, to speak candidly about Islam, and to criticize it, if not subject it roundly to the condemnation it so richly deserves.

It’s not as if I had to go searching the archives for a story two years ago to arouse these thoughts in me. There have been 1,001 other stories about Muslims, similar if not often far more horrific, before and after that time — right up into this past week when a Muslim saw it was his fanatical duty to Islam to travel to Bulgaria in order to mass-murder innocent people on a public bus.

Since the imperative for militant supremacist expansionism is wired into the blueprint of Islam and is only metastasizing in our time due to a confluence and concatenation of factors favorable to the aggrandizement of Muslim strength, and since it is not reasonable to expect, and to bet our safety upon, the apostasy of the vast majority of Muslims, the West will at some point come to this realization. The only questions are when — and whether it will do so before, or after, a tragically high number of us are mass-murdered in various places by Muslims.

If it only happens after that point, that tragic number should be seen, in retrospect, as having been unacceptable. At that point, a Neo-Nuremberg Trial process should be set up to try and sentence to stiff fines and prison time all those Western PC MC idiots with influence and power who for so many decades did everything they could to hinder the Great Reawakening of the West.

Assuming they had not died of natural causes in the meantime while vacationing in their time-shares in the Cayman Islands.

(God, I hope Brian Williams will be alive then to get his just deserts.)

And for those on trial, the Esdrujula Explanation should be deemed an insufficient defense.

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1 1389 July 21, 2012 at 12:20 am

Thanks for posting this!

What gives me pause is the fact that I have applied for jobs for contracting firms that service various nuclear power generation sites. I was, and still am, eminently qualified for those positions. I have a clean record. I have the required skills. I am an exceedingly diligent worker who is also a stickler for obeying the law, and for following rules in the workplace and elsewhere. I submitted my application for those jobs, both because I needed to make a living, and because I considered myself to be the ideal type of person to be working at a nuke plant.

But instead of hiring someone like me, nuke plant contracting firms go ahead and hire a freakin’ MUSLIM TERRORIST.


2 Hesperado July 21, 2012 at 12:55 am


Next time you apply for a job like this, make sure to wear a veil — you don’t even have to tell them you’re Muslim — just hint at it, and they will fall all over themselves to hire you. (I wish I were exaggerating… 🙄 🙄 )

3 philipzhao July 21, 2012 at 7:00 pm

No wonder the unemployment rate is 0.oo% !

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