The stats are moving in the wrong direction.

John Nolte: Ten Pieces of Bad Economic News the Media’s Covering Up

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As Nolte points out, all but the last piece of bad news just came out this week. These statistics have all been reported in the financial press, but the mainstream media are doing everything they can to keep the public’s attention focused everywhere else.

The real question is: Where does that leave us?

When do you expect to wake up from this never-ending nightmare?

Drinking lady smiley
Why did people drink so much
in the former Soviet Union?

Everybody is waiting for the 2012 election to turn things around. It isn’t that simple. For one thing, if the Dems win even one of the following – the US House of Representatives, the US Senate, or the US Presidency – there will never be a recovery. We must halt this ongoing train wreck while there is still something worth salvaging in these United States. That means we must immediately undo the entire Obama Administration and all its pomps and all its works. We will be unable to repeal or undo much of anything if the Dems can impose gridlock via the House, the Senate, or the Presidency.

Suppose we dodge that bullet, so that the GOP wins the House, the Senate, and the Presidency in November. Many Americans are pinning their hopes on an election victory in 2012 that will clean out all of the tyranny and corruption, much like flushing a giant cosmic toilet. Too bad so many current GOP officeholders and candidates, along with their advisers, are centrists, a/k/a RINOs. In other words, many who pass themselves off as moderates or as mainstream conservatives would have been labeled Marxists or Bolsheviks nine decades ago. If the GOP caves to these RINOs, it will do only a partial job of repealing Obamacare and the other policies that have bankrupted us both economically and morally. That will merely slow our decline, not reverse it.

Best-case scenario?

Let me stop now and try to imagine the best-case scenario that could be remotely plausible under the circumstances. Indulge me here for a moment…

Suppose we actually do reverse most of the policies that have pushed us over the brink of ruin. Suppose Obamacare is repealed completely. Suppose we stop interfering with the rights of the States to take action against illegal aliens, to reject the burden of unfunded mandates, and to purge the deceased and other ineligibles from their voter rolls. Suppose the EPA and the eco-freak activists are reined in so that we can drill for oil, run pipelines, mine coal, build nuke plants – and break our dependence on our Muslim enemies. Suppose we cut all social programs and all taxes back to where they were the last time we had a balanced budget – and then cut spending some more by eliminating government agencies until we run a surplus and can start paying off our national debt. Suppose we get rid of the corporate and other taxes, the employment regulations, and the visa programs, that encourage companies to outsource and offshore American jobs. Suppose we stop spending tax dollars on futile “nation-building” in other parts of the world. Suppose we sharply curb Third World immigration and permanently ban immigration of Muslims, just as we have already banned the immigration of Nazi and Communist totalitarians. Yes, those are wise, indeed vital, policies that will bring about an eventual recovery.

How long does a recovery take?

This isn’t a matter of waiting for a recovery from a simple business-cycle downturn. It’s a matter of rebuilding the American economy and society, almost from scratch! Nobody ever owed fifteen trillion dollars before. Where do we even begin?

A successful free-market economy and a functioning civil society are part of an interactive mechanism, much like a fine watch. If you stomp the mechanism to pieces with a jackboot, it won’t immediately start running again just because you finally decide to take your foot off! Reassembling the pieces and making it function again will take a long time and a lot of effort and expense, assuming it is possible at all. No one will bother to make that effort unless they are SURE that the jackboot won’t come back down again the next time there is an election.

It has taken Russia over two decades to effect a recovery following the breakup of the USSR. Despite the nay-saying in the Russophobic mainstream media, and even in most of the blogosphere, Russia has succeeded in turning itself around because of two things. One is the fact that Russia respects its Christian heritage far more than we do. The other is that Russians already know what Communism is all about, and the vast majority of them want no part of it. Russians who were young enough to have some productive years ahead could work on putting together a free-market economy and rebuilding a civil society, knowing that the totalitarian jackboot won’t slam down on them in the foreseeable future.

Do you have two decades to wait?

The tragedy for many older Americans is that the destruction of our way of life has come at a time when we have few, or no, productive years left. So even if opportunities someday return to what was once the storied “land of opportunity,” many of us will not live to see that day, and many others will be much too old to make any use of them.

Breathing life back into America and its people will take nothing short of a miracle. I suggest we all start praying for one.

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