Where Serbophobia leads — By Bill Dorich

by William Dorich on July 13, 2012

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The result of unbridled hatred of the Serbian Orthodox Christians in Kosovo. See the before and after images of the destruction of more than 513 Christian churches in the past 7 years…  as the world media managed to look the other way. Destruction that took place right under the noses of 17,000 NATO troops and Camp Bondsteel, the single largest American military base build in the world since Vietnam.

President Clinton, Madeleine Albright, VP Joseph Biden, Richard Holbrooke and Gen. Wesley Clark perpetrated these crimes against humanity.  They aided and abetted this Genocide including arming the Muslims and Croats including sending 15 retired American generals to train terrorists and Croat Nazis in the name of preserving “human rights.” They accomplished this task by using illegal cluster bombs against Serbian civilians, they targeted over 200 Serbian schools, 11 Serbian churches, 65 bridges, 11 Serbian hospitals, 9 nursing homes, 4 major Serbian cemeteries and over 65 major manufacturing companies that once employed over 400,000 Serbs.

The US bombing accomplished more than $60 billion in infrastructure damage, we even stooped to bombing buses and trains, all against the UN Charter, the NATO Treaty, the Geneva Conventions and the Helsinki Final Act.  In bombing the oil storage facilities along the Danube River we showed a total disregard for Serbia’s neighbors and the ecology of the Balkans as that bombing polluted the Danube River for a thousand miles through 7 countries. Depleted uranium weapons were deliberately used against civilian populations where today the birth defects have risen 3,000% since 1999 and cancer cases have tripled.

We Americans have no conscience or shame when it comes to our own political agenda that has proven more important than any country, race of people, or religion. Welcome to the New World Order where our human rights interests continue to ignore 1.2 million Serbian refugees—twice the combined number of Croat, Muslim and Albanian refugees. An example of who was the most skilled at “ethnic cleansing.”

Bill Dorich

To view the destruction of these Serbian Christian churches copy and paste the link below into your browser. However, keep in mind you are only going to see 18 of the 513 destroyed Serbian churches, many of which were listed as “World Treasures” by UNICEF.


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