Now this is insane. Compensating Omar Khadr?

by 1389 on June 19, 2012

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Mark Harding asks:

Still think that the NDP is not the new Islamic Party of Canada?

Change of government needed to compensate Khadr: NDP

By Mark Dunn, Senior National Reporter

OTTAWA – The NDP conceded Thursday the only way convicted killer and terrorist Omar Khadr would be compensated for his time in a U.S. prison for blowing up a U.S. soldier is likely with a change in government.

The Conservative government has nixed any notion Khadr will become an instant millionaire and feted as a hero upon the war criminal’s return to Canada to serve out the remainder of an eight-year prison sentence.

Toronto NDP MP Craig Scott told a news conference Thursday that there would need to be a change in political will in Ottawa in order for Khadr to win redress and that’s not likely to happen under the Conservatives, he said.

Asked when that could happen, he said “2015,” the date of the next election.

Scott, a former law professor, and other NDP MPs stood alongside Alex Neve of Amnesty International to push the government to address concerns in a report released Friday by the United Nations committee against torture.

Among other things, the UN said Canada was complicit in the human rights violation of Khadr and urged Canada to swiftly sign off on his transfer to Canada – something the government is still mulling.

The NDP and its supporters say Khadr was a child soldier when the 15-year-old tossed a hand grenade in 2002 that killed Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Speer, a combat medic, in Afghanistan during a firefight.

The NDP said it would push to get the Conservative government to bend on the Khadr file before the next national vote. [emphasis added]

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Some comments:

Jim McBurney · Top Commenter · Works at Retired!!! Royal Canadian Navy

The NDP are becoming more outrageous by the day as they troop their zealot suppoters in front of the media. The problem is that when they do these unresposible press conferences where they should look like the fools they are – the MSM fails to report it. There is no mention of this position, at this time, on either the CBC or CTV. The bias is showing once again!

Joel Blass · Centennial College

You have got to be kidding me…….. Compensate a convicted Terrorist for killing a U.S. Soldier? The ultimate “Hug-a-Thug” mentality.. What next for the NDP, Canada adopt Sharia Law and ban women from schools and holding jobs, voting or driving?

Allan Wood · Fanshawe College, London, ON

Well if that’s not a grand reason to not vote for the NDP then one does not exist. Compensate Khadr for admitted murder. Is the NDP completely stupid?

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