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by Sparta on May 28, 2012

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Dear Friends,
Bawling crybaby
I debated if I should send this out or not, but because of the latest hateful and ugly commentary written by Jeffrey Kuhner, I’ve decided to publish the not-to-nice letter Kuhner sent to me in 2008 – because of all the letters I had published in The Washington Times in response to many of his hateful commentaries. The nice part of all of this is that I really must have gotten under his skin to have prompted him to write such a childish letter!!!


From: Jeffrey Kuhner
To: Stella Jatras
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2008 9:31 PM
Subject: Re: Who is Jeffrey Kuhner, Why Does He Dislike CRo PM?

Ms. Jatras: Oh, I get it: your mother must have dropped you as a baby. If you trust information from Javno, then I have some swamp land in Florida you may be interested in. But then again, that’s the problem with cheap Balkan propagandists such as yourselves: you lie so often and so effortlessly that you have no idea what truth or factual objectivity is. Your penchant for mendacity only hurts your cause, undermining your credibility. Hence, when you do make accurate points–the rise of al Qaeda in Bosnia, the growth of organized crime in Kosovo–no one takes you seriously. As for this silly attempt to paint me as a crypto-fascist, my advice is a simple one: Get a different tape, because the old one is just not selling. Since you enjoy surfing the net so much, why don’t you google Tudjman or Gojko Susak or Ivica Pasalic (or pick your far-right-wing Croatian politician) along with my name and you will see that I was one of the leading critics of the Tudjman regime during the 1990s. But for racist crackpots like you, what difference does it make? All that matters is that Serbia’s genocidal policies of the 1990s be legitimized by demonizing anyone who spoke out against them. You can defend mass murder and ethnic cleansing all you want; it still doesn’t–and never will–make it right. Please don’t bother me with an e-mail response. I will not read it–nor any future correspondence. I have many pro-Serbian and Serbian friends, and we have lively debates about the Balkans. But your kind of puerile nonsense is not even worth commenting on. Get a life–or better yet, get a job. Do something productive with your time. Cheers, Jeff

Jeffrey T. Kuhner
Insight on the News,
Washington, DC

These are just a few of my commentaries in response to Kuhner. See:

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