Espionage — part of the counterjihad effort

by Hesperado on May 18, 2012

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spy v spy

by Hesperado


The “espionage” I refer to in the title is the infiltration of mosques “undercover” — by individuals, often Infidels pretending to be Muslims, who understand Arabic and/or Urdu languages — in order to find out the seamy underside of what really goes on in those mosques when the Muslim congregations and imams think no one is watching them.

Indeed, this “espionage” could be termed Stealth Counterjihad — recalling the “Spy vs. Spy” activities of the Cold War.

For, in more ways than one, we are engaged in a kind of “Cold War”, though a better term might be the “Phony War” that preceded World War 2 — since the only reason this has not become a “Hot War” is because the West persists in its maddeningly naive myopia by which it refuses to see that an intrinsic and necessary part — indeed the very heart — of the global revival of Islam in the 21st century is the war which Muslims are conducting against us.

I.e., it’s a Hot War for Muslims, but a Non-War for most of the West, blithely unaware in its PC MC idiocy, and often even going the extra idiotic mile of actively (though not purposefully) helping Muslims whitewash the menace they are pursuing against us.


At any rate, slowly but surely, the stillicide of the counterjihad continues to plug away (as it has to, given that our dominant mainstream society and its representatives, our public servants in politics, news and academe, continue to be remiss in their responsibility to defend our societies from the dangers of Islam) — and one form of it has been the espionage of the various “undercover mosque” activities conducted by various people.


Recently, for example, Jihad Watch published a report of an “undercover mosque” project in Sweden. The findings of the report? Six out of ten Islamic preachers were found to give illegal advice to Muslim questioners (or to questioners they thought were Muslims) asking questions about polygamy, wife-beating, and spousal rape — illegal, that is, in civilized Western countries like Sweden. Under Islamic sharia law, such crimes (and many others) are not crimes at all, but perfectly legitimate, stemming from either the Koran or the advice of Muhammad himself as supposedly documented in the Islamic hadiths.

This recalls other similar efforts in the last several years:


The most famous and most comprehensive one was conducted in several mosques in England in 2007 and broadcast on English telly, with a follow-up in 2008 (with excellent analysis by David Thompson at the time).

Czech Republic

Another was done in 2009 in one mosque in Prague, of the Czech Republic.


And another was conducted in 2003 in six mosques throughout Italy.


Yet another was this survey done beginning in 2007 by undercover infiltrators fluent in Arabic and Urdu who monitored 100 mosques throughout the U.S.A. — the Mapping Sharia project.


All of these various glimpses into what’s going on in mosques in various Western countries found that the majority of them are promoting, in one way or another, Islamic supremacism and its logical concomitants, intolerance, hatred, truculence and bellicosity against the Unbeliever and his ways and laws. They indicate that such extremism is not a fringe factor in Islam, but is mainstream, normative and endemic — if not pandemic.

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