Meet Mark Harding: Monday, April 30, 2012 Perth Wellington EDA, Ontario

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You are invited to the Annual General Meeting of the Christian Heritage Party Perth Wellington EDA. (GPS info: Gowanstown Hall fire # is 5983 line 88)

Date: Monday April 30th, 2012
Time: 7:30 p.m. dessert / coffee/tea/ social time
AGM : 8:00 p.m.
Place: Gowanstown Hall 4 km north of Listowel on Hwy 23.
Speaker: Pastor Mark Harding

In Quest of Truth is about discovering the truth about Islam from a Christian’s perspective.

  • Is Islam a religion of peace?
  • Is Islam the same as Christianity or Judaism?
  • Is Islam a moderate religion?

I have had the privilege of studying Islam in Canada for many years by way of evangelism on the streets of Toronto directly to the Islamic community.

My experiences have given me insight on my quest for truth about Islam and what it teaches.

  • Were the teachings of Islam responsible for the severe persecution of Christians in Islamic societies around the world?
  • Were independent terrorists who were being held responsible for misinterpreting Islamic teachings hijacking all Islam?

If it’s against the law according to Islam to blaspheme Muhammad or his god Allah, how then does a Christian explain that Allah of Islam is not the true God of Israel without even suggesting that Muhammad was lying and was obviously a false prophet?

Of course in an Islamic society the penalty is death for blasphemy as we have seen time and time again in the media. But what should a Christian expect in Canada from the Islamic community and the courts?

Here is where my story begins: In “Quest of Truth” will open your eyes to the real teachings of Islam and what happens when you challenge its doctrines in Canada.

Ezra Levant Interviews The Man Sentenced To Islam

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Ezra Levant Interviews The Man Sentenced To Islam – Mark Harding

BlogWrath: Mark Harding: The Last Canadian Standing

July 2nd, 2011

Mark Harding Canada Day 2011

On July 1 Mark Harding, surrounded by supporters from different races and backgrounds, made an appearance in front of The Bay store at Queen and Younge. He was there to protest the spread of Islam in Toronto’s public schools and to make a stand against the attempts to force The Bay to stop selling Israeli products.

I shall admit that until recently I knew little about him. Many thanks to my reader Sharon, who a few months ago told me his story. His long ordeal resembles the suffering of the dissidents in the Soviet Union, making it hard to believe that something like that could happen in Canada.

It is very unlikely that another person in Canada would have the faith and dedication to go through the same prolonged nightmare (thus the title of this article).

Mark was persecuted and convicted for “Islamophobic” hate speech. It is difficult to link him to the standard image of a vile skinhead spitting out hate. He is a Christian Minister and he looks like a Santa Claus on vacation. When you talk to him, he sounds kind and polite and explains his point of view firmly but without raising his voice.

And his point of view got him into trouble – unfortunately, he deals with Islam, one of the most hostile and intolerant religions in the world.

In the 1990’s Mark tried to bring Canada’s attention to the harm that Islam could cause. Those were the years when the political correctness reigned supreme and the media didn’t want to have anything to do with criticizing any religion (except Christianity, of course).

In 1997 he found out that a public school in Toronto (Weston Collegiate Institute) had set aside a special room for Muslim students to pray while the non-Muslims were studying. He expressed his disagreement by creating pamphlets and giving away copies of them near the school.

In the pamphlets he wrote about the dangers of Islam and quoted facts about Muslim atrocities from Canadian mainstream media sources. The protest didn’t end up well – under strong pressure from the Muslim community, Mark Harding was charged with hate speech, he even had to spend two days in jail.

The case went to trial and he was convicted in 1998. He got two years probation and 340 hours of community service. The most humiliating fact about the service was that it consisted in Muslim indoctrination under the guidance of Mohammad Ashraf, general secretary of ISNA. (Such indoctrination was a common practice in Chairman Mao’s China, where educated people had to go through the same process guided by the young idiots from the Red Guards. How is this possible in Canada?)

ISNA stands for Islamic Society of North America, a notoriously corrupt organization with strong ties to the terrorists from the Muslim Brotherhood. Ashraf told Harding that he must follow everything he says, otherwise he would send him back to jail. One of those things was the ban to criticize the warmonger Mohammed, the fake prophet.

He forced Mark to read the book Towards Understanding Islam, a junk treatise, hostile to everybody who doesn’t follow Islam.

The ordeal took its toll on Mark’s health, but despite several heart attacks, he had to continue to fight. He appealed his sentence all the way to the Supreme Court, but in the end the Muslim lobby won – in 2002 he lost his appeal. Mohamed Elmasry, president of the Canadian Islamic Congress (another notorious Muslim organization) was ecstatic that Harding’s “hate literature” was punished.

All that happened quite a few years ago and many things have changed since then.
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