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Modern secular Afghanistan in 1950s – 60s – now a backward Islamic state under Sharia law

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Afghanistan when it was a modern secular country in the 1950s and 1960s. Afghanistan was more modern sixty years ago than it is today.

Women where free and went to university and there was modern commerce, music, television, and international movies. Women were nurses and could work and leave the house.

Today Afghanistan is an Islamic backward country and has been for decades under strict Islamic sharia law.

This is what happens when Islam takes control over secularism. Many blame the USA and the Russians, but they were not in control of Afghanistan for over 30 years. Over 30 years the Taliban and Muslim extremists were in control of the country making it a country that is so backward and has loss all modernity.

Yes, the process of radical Islamization began with Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who deliberately encouraged the former Soviet Union to become entangled in Afghanistan as payback for America’s defeat in Vietnam. And George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama are culpable for allowing shari’a law to be written into the Afghan constitution, and for capitulating once again to the Taliban.

Despite the wish expressed in the final frames of the video, Afghanistan will never be rebuilt until and unless it is completely de-Islamized.

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