Australia: Educating Muslim refugees on how to exploit the system?

by Gramfan on March 6, 2012

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From Act for Australia:

We need to welcome genuine refugees and help them make a successful transition to life in Australia, which will only be achieved if they abide by our laws and respect our culture of religious pluralism and egalitarianism.

Most refugees come here for a better life for their families and work hard to adapt and integrate, whilst retaining – without seeking to impose – their particular customs.

Most, but not all!

Sadly, some Muslim refugees abuse our hospitality by seeking to impose Islamic culture and law, which would disadvantage non-Muslims and eventually render them second class citizens.

Examples of this can already be seen, from Monash Council spending $45,000 of taxpayers’ money for ‘modesty’ curtains for female Muslim swimmers to our universities collaborating in pushing Islam into our secular school system to demanding non-Muslims cover up at a public pool to Professor Ihsanoğlu, OIC Secretary General, and “active in addressing “Islamophobia” in the West” speaking at the National Press Club this week.

So when the Baillieu government announced it was introducing a program “to educate refugees on their rights and responsibilities”, we need to know who will be doing the ‘educating’.

We are told:

About 40 public seminars, featuring local police, doctors and councillors, will be held across the state each year …

Finding a job, how to volunteer, Victorian politics and law are among the topics that will be taught…

Multicultural Affairs Minister Nick Kotsiras said it was the first time a Victorian government had organised co-ordinated seminars that saw established members of the community deliver basic information to their new neighbours. He said people escaping their homeland to Victoria were missing out on vital information that many take for granted, leaving them more likely to face hardship.

“They are not after hand-outs, but some assistance on how to prepare a CV, how to go for an interview, how to engage children with the wider community … [Disengagement can lead to] unemployment, depression, family breakdown.”

Ethiopian refugee Munteha Ababusha arrived in Australia two years ago. She said she knew nothing about how democracy worked before attending a session with the Kayyo Oromo Women’s Group…

A picture accompanying The Age report shows a group of Muslim women.

Ideally, they will be taught that women are equal to men, that marital rape, polygamy, female genital mutilation and child marriage are illegal and that their new non-Muslim neighbours must be respected as equals.

Praise for the program from Kotsiras is concerning, given that he sees no problem with our new Islamic Museum introducing sharia by stealth:

“This brings people together and helps build Victoria’s reputation as a thriving, cohesive and cosmopolitan State. It will educate all Victorians on the complexity and diversity of Muslim identities. It will dispel myths and misconceptions, and work towards creating an understanding, compassionate and cohesive society. It is a noble vision; it is a worthy vision.”

How then can he discern what information is appropriate for refugees? Does his concept of “engaging children with the wider community” include financing more Islamic schools which teach hatred of infidels? And which “established members of the community” will deliver the program?

Hopefully it won’t be Diversity Connect, an organization started by ICV’s Yasser Soliman and his wife Manar Chelebi.

According to their website:

Diversity Connect International offers professional development training, event management and consulting on diversity related issues. We provide services to government departments, businesses, NGOs, teams, schools, community groups, as well as individuals.

We offer experts and services to assist you with the challenges that a diverse world can present.

National security, social cohesion and harmony all require quality leaders and leadership. Leadership that facilitates and ensures awareness, justice, inclusion, equal opportunity, ongoing engagement, communication and cooperation.

No one can argue about the desirability of national security, social cohesion and harmony, justice, inclusion and cooperation, but does Diversity Connect uphold all of these, or is it just another smokescreen for promoting Islam? Interestingly, despite its praise of diversity, the only literature available online is about Islam.

As for the Ethiopian refugee who learned how democracy worked by attending the Kaayo Oromo Women’s Group, let’s hope she learns that the right to peaceful protest does not extend to inciting hatred against particular groups of society.

In 2007, the Oromo Community organized a ‘Peace Rally’ in Melbourne “ to create public awareness of the massive human rights abuses that have inflicted upon the Oromo refugees in Somalia at the hands of the Ethiopian Government.“

Funny how ‘Peace Rallies’ invariably end up as hate fests against a section of society who the radical left and Muslims oppose, in this case Christians.

Another hated group are Jews, who are targeted by the racist and anti-Semitic BDS movement, which is supported by the supposedly moderate Islamic Council of Victoria. Yes, the same group which is responsible for many interfaith events, and claim to promote harmony and social cohesion!

BDS thugs are happy to employ blood libels as they spew hatred against Jews and Israel, protesting outside a legitimate Australian business, Max Brenner, with shouts of

“There’s blood in your hot chocolate” and “You’re supporting genocide”.

They were even planning to protest outside a Melbourne synagogue on the Sabbath, but abandoned the idea, presumably because it would expose them as the anti-Semites they are.

As Executive Council of Australian Jewry director Peter Wertheim said,

“It is disgraceful that they were even thinking about harassing and intimidating elderly people, families and children who were doing no more than attending their place of worship. If these people have an issue with Israel, they should take it up directly with Israel and leave private individuals out of it.”

You’d think if the protesters genuinely cared about innocent deaths, they would protest about the killing of Syrians, Nigerians or Coptic Christians, but these real genocides are carried out by Muslims.

Read Raymond Ibrahim to find out more about continuing persecution of Christians:

Jews and Christians aren’t the only victims of Islam; all non-Muslims – or even the wrong type of Muslim – often find themselves at the receiving end of Islamic violence.

Maybe it’s time to ask some hard questions, like “Why are Christians and others persecuted in Muslim lands?” and “How can there be peaceful co-existence when many Muslims believe it is theologically justified to kill unbelievers?”

We could also learn from those who have experienced Islam first hand, like Brigitte Gabriel, a Lebanese Christian, who can attest to the disintegration of freedom and safety once a country comes under Islamic subjugation.

She relates how Lebanon, once a majority Christian nation, was tolerant and welcomed Muslims, who by the 1970’s had taken over Christian cites and towns. Churches were destroyed. Muslims urinated and defecated in churches. Christians were tortured and crucified on crosses.

If this is the reality in Lebanon, why should we assume it will not happen in democratic Australia?

Surely a better program would insist Islamic refugees respect their fellow Australians, abide by our law and not demand special privileges for Muslims.

Now that WOULD lead to social cohesion.

But of course, it’s unlikely to happen, as it would be Islamophobic!

With many thanks to Cassandra

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