You’ll probably not believe what you’ll hear…until she pulls out the documents:

Anti-Shariah conference at Madison church

Uploaded by YEAR2012INFO on Nov 14, 2011
The U.S. Constitution is under attack…
Please copy this video TODAY and send it to every person and Church in the USA and Canada.

More from Brigitte Gabriel, founder of Act! For America:

Brigitte Gabriel on Obama

Uploaded by megawolf7 on Jul 21, 2009
Brigitte Gabriel, author of the book, They Must Be Stopped, on the Bill Cunningham Show, June 7, 2009

Islamic infiltration of the universities (h/t: Eric Allen Bell):

MSA student supports rounding up Jews to Israel to kill them

Uploaded by Dendoi on May 16, 2010

Nazi-like MSA student states that she supports Hassan Nasrallah’s call to round up Jews to Israel so he won’t hunt them down worldwide. This video was put up by the David Horowitz Freedom Center [DHFC]. I just put it up here for educational purposes; so people can see a sample of how bad Islamic anti-Semitism is.

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